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Unemployable? Start Working from Home

Unemployable. That’s the word a friend used this morning in describing herself and her situation. And it struck a cord with me. Because I too am “unemployable”. And perhaps you are too. Even if you’ve never used this exact term. And if so, why not start working from home?

You want to contribute to your family’s finances. You want to make a difference in your community. In your church. But perhaps there are life circumstances beyond your control that are preventing you from working a steady job outside the home.

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Working From Home with Children

When my husband of 8 years left, I became a single mom of five overnight. My oldest at the time he left was a month away from turning 6.

I had previously worked outside the home, while in college and even for a short time after my husband and I married. But after the birth of our first daughter, and a year later, our oldest son, we had to make changes. While we’d previously both worked outside the home, raising children was a full time job in and of itself. And we realized that it would be more prudent in terms of our finances for me to stay home with our babies and raise them.

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But years later, when my husband decided he was through with the life we’d built together, it left me having to make a lot of tough decisions out of desperation. Could I go back to a job outside the home? Was it even probable, to attempt affording childcare on top of a mortgage? Could I actually afford to work outside the home? It seemed out of the realm of what was logical with four kids- and one on on the way.

I mean, even if the job paid well, could it pay well enough for me to afford to put at least three babies in daycare?

*Note, at the time I first started working from home, I didn’t even realize blogging was an option. Knowing what I do now, I seriously wish I’d started a blog YEARS ago. So if you’d be interested in going that route, check out SiteGround, and start a blog today. Weeks and months from now you’ll be glad you did.

Start Working From Home So You Can Stay Home With Your Children

In 2014, I began working from home. And because of my lack of know how on the ways of making an income from home, I started out with a network marketing business model- two actually.

And don’t get me wrong. It is completely possible to make a full time income from home with a network marketing opportunity. I actually work for two network marketing companies even now. So if you’re interested in working an at home business in terms of health and wellness, you can check out Plexus or Young Living. Both have been such a blessing to my family in terms of the team, sense of community, and quality products. And yes, a long term work from home business with either is possible.

But back before I was an ambassador for either health and wellness company, I was working in a realm I knew little about. For someone like me who has zero sense of fashion, it was ironic I was working with jewelry and nail wraps.

Network Marketing is a Sustainable Income Model for a Work From Home Business

While I was able to sell hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry and nail designs in both 2014, and 2015, I honestly had zero idea how to actually BUILD a business. Selling products won’t build a business. That’s a short term income supply. I wanted sustainable. But at the time, I had no support.

No one I knew was making a livable income from home. No one. And I had no idea there were resources to help entrepreneurs like myself.

My upline? Non existent. Communication and training? Zero.

Everything I was doing, was a shot in the dark. And while I was making a very small stream of income, it was more like a trickle. If I was honest.

Build a Business and You Will Not Fail at Working from Home

While I had tons of products, and product knowledge, neither of those things will build a business.

A business is built on relationships. And while I had plenty of those, they were almost mutually exclusive of my business. Separate.

I wasn’t recruiting anyone. I was simply selling products. And so, I did the inevitable with that kind of (lack of) business model.

I failed.

Learn From Your Failures- People, Not Products, Build a Business

In 2015, after denying the truth to myself for months, that I was failing, I did. I hit rock bottom.

And it was hard not just because I had failed myself, I had failed my kids who were depending on me. And we found ourselves homeless, dependent on the kindness of others and the charity of the church.

I never want anyone to go through what I did. So if you are in a similar situation, or worse, where you feel like you’re failing, or drowning. Let me help. It’s now my passion to share with each and every person that will listen that there IS a better way. A way to work from home, build a business, and not have to sacrifice yourself or your time with your family. In fact, I offer two groups on Facebook for people ready to learn more about the businesses I work, and it’s free to join. No obligation.

Blessed People Blessing People, Young Living can be found here

Blessed People Blessing People, Plexus can be found here

I Almost Gave Up on Working From Home

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Two days before I lost our apartment, I achieved employment with the public school system. Where I stayed for two years. And while it was a blessing, a much prayed for prayer, it was exactly as I’d imaged it would be. A financial nightmare and a constant time struggle.

Despite full time employment with the schools (as a Special Ed. Parapro, and later Special Ed teacher) childcare was costing me every penny I made, and then some. Every week, despite bringing in an income, I was coming out a little further in debt. Digging an even deeper hole than where I had been.

Within the first month, it became obvious one job wouldn’t be enough to sustain rent and childcare. Never mind any other expenses. So I took on first one, then two, and eventually THREE part time jobs, in addition to working full time at the schools, to try and make ends meet.

And it was awful.

Start Working From Home Today- It Could Save You Heartache in the Future

Just as I had feared, childcare expenses were the bulk of my bills. Working outside the home was costing me, and costing me dearly. Not only was I running ragged, trying to make ends meet, I never got to see or spend time with my children. I left the house every day before it was light out, and returned in the dark around 7pm nearly every evening. Sometimes it was even later.

I was constantly exhausted. Burnt out. And yes, I became depressed that despite doing EVERYTHING everyone else had suggested I do to make a life for me and my children, I was still failing. Something had to change. And soon.

Childcare Was My Biggest Expense, So I Started Working from Home Again

In early 2017, as I filed taxes for the previous year, I realized that childcare expenses for the past year had cost nearly $32,000.


I want that number to sink in. $32,000. Because that was more than my full time salary. In fact, it was all of my full time, one of my part time, and then some income.

I was working outside the home in order to literally work outside the home.

Something had to change. It literally had to, because despite all the hours and all the hard work, we weren’t getting out of debt. And our quality of life was still suffering. So despite what every friend, family member, and vague acquaintance suggested, I decided to return to working from home.

In 2017, I began working from home a second time (although if I’m honest, I never really stopped- a story for another time). And with no other option, I knew I had to make it work. I had to.

And it’s why I continue to work from home today. Because this time, failure was not an option.

Do You Want To Start Working From Home?

I decided to start working from home for many reasons. And the reasons you want to start working from home may be many as well.

Perhaps you want to financially support your family. And more than that, perhaps you want to be there for your family. To raise your kids yourself rather than paying a stranger to do it. Or perhaps you want to get out of debt. Increase your savings. Buy a home and stop renting. Or maybe you’re trying to pay off your student loan debt and you’re looking to start a part time business from home. Either way, working from home is for everyone.

I personally work from home for the financial freedom it allows my family. And the quality of life we get from the amazing products.

But it’s more than that. For me, building a business is about relationships. Building friendships. Improving the health of friends and family, but it’s also about allowing them the same chance my children and I have. Financial freedom. An extra income. And I share about that because so many friends and family need it.

Why Start Working from Home?

You may not have an other worldly child care expense. But maybe you have a child or children you want to stay home and raise.

Or maybe you want to achieve financial freedom. Get out of debt. Or add to family expenses.

Whatever your reason, I’d encourage you to at least look into doing a work from home job like what I do. Start a conversation. It can only help 💖

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To learn more about what I do, you can join one of my Facebook groups for free. And start a conversation. Or, if you’re ready to learn more about a specific opportunity, I’ve included the links below.

Blessed People Blessing People, Plexus and then to Read More About Plexus, Click Here

Blessed People Blessing People, Young Living and to Read More About Young Living, Click Here

Get in touch. Message me. You won’t regret it.

And to learn more about blogging, check out any of these posts on blogging. Or comment below and I’ll be sure and point you in the right direction.

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Work from home as a brand ambassador and become a Plexus Ambassador. Plexus Business Tips and How to Earn Extra Cash from Home. Or become a brand ambassador with Young Living Essential Oils while blogging for money. When working from home with kids, your options are endless. Which will you choose? #Plexus #BestJobsforMoms #PlexusBusiness #YLEO#YoungLivingEssentialOils #WorkingFromHomeWithKids #WorkFromHomeJobsForMoms

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