Quick and Easy Tips on How to Start a Blog Today
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Quick and Easy Tips on How To Start a Blog Today

Have you ever wanted to escape your 9-5? Felt like you wanted to pursue a job on your terms around your priorities and schedule? Want to be able to send your kids to camps in the summer, pay for them to do extracurriculars, and you still be able to attend all of said activities?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then starting a blog is for you. And I’m about to go over some quick and easy tips to help you start your blog today.

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A Day in the Life of a Mommy Blogger


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Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Blogger?

A year and a half ago, almost to the day, I was asking myself the very same question. Did I have what it takes to become a full time, or even part time, blogger? Because blogging is not for everyone.

To which a lot of you are now saying, say what? Tara, don’t you, at The Blessed And Busy Family, make an income blogging? And doesn’t part of that income come about as a result of encouraging others to start a blog?

Best Reasons to Become a Pro Blogger

And while yes, I am a blogger’s blogger, among other things, and yes, I do get a small commission for having others sign up under me with affiliates like Siteground, my absolute favorite web hosting company. But it’s not about a commission. That’s not what blogging is all about. And I’ll tell you right now that if you’re starting a blog for money, and that’s the only reason you’re doing it, you’re going to fail. Because all the hours and sacrifices made to get a blog off the ground and successful are not going to be worth it, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing.

In order to start a blog for money, you need to be passionate about your topic. Passionate about sharing information with others, teaching others, and connecting with others. Because otherwise, you’re going to be miserable.

So no. Blogging is not for everyone. Certainly not for the faint of heart. But if you’re still dead set on making an income from home, I’ll tell you that there are plenty of opportunities out there aside from blogging. You can comment below if you’d like to know more, or email me and I’d be glad to point you towards some other work from home careers.

Why Did I Start Blogging for Money?

Work From Home as a Mommy Blogger

A year and a half ago, I had just failed at my third attempt at being a work from home mom. I’d paid to be a part of yet another MLM, or direct sales company, and while I loved the products, I couldn’t get anyone else to sign under me and join my team. By the way, my blog was part of why my team began to grow, and yes, I do now make an income through working this very same MLM. So it is very possible to work from home sharing your love of quality products.

You can read more about one of my favorite direct sales companies here, but I am a part of two. Both of which I absolutely love. And again, I’ve since learned that a blog has multiple ways of making an income. Boosting sales and getting the word out about quality health and wellness products is just one way.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Top Blogger

You Can Blog for Profit: Learn from Your Past Mistakes

I had failed making money with MLMs, but I had six young kids, three of which were still at home with me all day. And while I loved having them home and getting to spend each day pouring into them and guiding them towards the amazing people they’re constantly becoming, I knew my family needed another income stream.

Raising a family takes a lot of things, like patience, kindness, and faith. But it also takes money. Which we were always seemingly short on.

Daycare costs? There was no way I could afford to put three kids in daycare. I’d been there done that for two years. My story up until that point had involved working between two and four jobs for several years, and I was burnt out. Tired. And yes, at one point, depressed. You can read a bit more on my story here.

But the short of it was that this time around, although I’d failed again and again, I knew that quitting wasn’t an option. Failure? Sure. That’s how you learn. But quitting? That was never in the cards.

What I learned from all those failures, and watching and learning from others, was that it was possible to make an income from home. I just hadn’t found my niche yet.

How to Blog for Profit

It was at this point I stumbled upon the idea of blogging. I’d come across this amazing blogger, Ruth Soukup, who ran Elite Blog Academy and ran a blog about living well, spending less. In essence, she wrote about the good life. And not just about a good life financially. And I began to read more about her blog, and about Ruth, and I thought to myself, wow. If she can do it, perhaps I can too. But after buying into three other attempts to build an income from home, I wasn’t ready to spend a ton of money on blogging. Instead, I started out small and invested in a book.

I purchased Ruth’s How To Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul. And it was then that the lights began to go off. This was my calling.

How to Blog For Profit #affiliate

Ruth was an inspiration. Her blog Living Well, Spending Less? For her, a blog was an answer to prayer. And it was just the beginning. Which, if you haven’t checked out her pages on how to live well on a budget, which include recipes, DIY ideas, and cleaning how tos, among other things, I highly recommend doing so. A lot of practical advice, cute pics, and inspiration.

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And where did Elite Blog Academy come in? Well, she decided that after working her butt off to learn all she could about creating a profitable blog, that was she was going to share it with others. I myself am a member of this elite course for blogger wannabes, and I can attest to the fact that her course, Elite Blog Academy? It’s the real deal. Ruth knows her stuff. So if you or someone you know is planning to blog for profit, this is a must have course, which only opens once a year around the beginning of March. If I were you, I’d jump on the wait list NOW (hint hint, I did the exact same after reading her book).

Tips Gleaned from How to Blog for Profit

How to Blog for Profit was my turning point. This book was choc full of super awesome and super applicable advice for bloggers of any niche.

Some it was very basic. But it was things you can’t take for granted. Remember how I said you need to have a passion for blogging and sharing with others? Some of these tips were simple, but needed to be mentioned.

Simple Tips on How to Start a Blog Today

For beginners? Just be yourself! Sounds simple enough, right? But so many of us honestly get honed in on trying to make an extra buck here and there that pretty soon we’re selling products we don’t even like and our blog is so full of EVERYTHING under the sun that we lose sight of why we started our blog in the first place.

For Ruth, it was about more than starting a blog for profit. For her it was a release, and she built her blog around what she was already passionate about. She built a blog around her passion, which was trying to live within a budget, but she added things she already loved to do under that one umbrella. Things like cooking and cleaning and organization, too. And guess what? It’s a HUGE success. LivingWellSpendingLess was the beginning, and now Ruth runs a podcast, has her own planner, and she is the guru when it comes to blogging. Her students’ success stories are many. And I honestly, I hope to count myself among them one day when I’ve completed it.

Why I Started a Blog

As for me? The Blessed And Busy Family was a way to do exactly what Ruth had done. Share with others what I loved. It wasn’t about taking a blog idea and meshing me and my passions around it. Because my blog was not just a blog for profit. It was about passion and education. And it encompasses so much of what I am and love, so I wanted to share it.

Below are just a few of the topics I’ve built into my blog. Proof that you blog for profit around any niche.

Profitable Blogging Niches

Blogging (like how to start your own blog with Siteground)

Working from Home (it’s not just about blogging- you can work for an MLM like I do)

Essential Oils (like this recipe for Cinnamon Hot Chocolate)

Healthy Living (did you know teas have so many health benefits?)

Faith/Church (follower of Jesus, fan of Andy Stanley and his practical advice)

Saving Money (Ibotta app is a must have)

Product Recommendations (like this iRobot Roomba review where I explain how it makes cleaning a breeze!)

It’s ALL of that (and more!)

Reasons You Need to Become a Blogger and Blog for Profit

What I did (and what Ruth did as well) is we took what we were most passionate about and we turned it into something awesome.

A blog!

Because without those passions fueling our writing and our work, it’s not going to be worth the sacrifice. It’s not going to worth the effort and hours spent doing it.

5 Tips to Blog for Profit and Start a Blog Today

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If I were to break it down into just 5 tips on how to start a blog today and blog for profit, here they are.

  1. Get ahold of this book, How to Blog for Profit by Ruth Soukup
  2. As soon as you get that book in your hands, purchase a domain and host plan via SiteGround. Yes, you can start a blog for free, but not if you plan to blog for profit. Go with a wordpress.org site hosted by SiteGround so you can start monetizing immediately.
  3. Write out 10 solid posts about something you’re passionate about BEFORE you hit publish. Content is king and you want your readers coming back for more. For me, it was working from home, blogging, essential oils, getting paid to get healthy, and product reviews. Several of those topics encompass what I mentioned with more than one stream of income. *As a step 3.5, I would recommend starting with one of the MLMs I mentioned, too, which you can check them out here and here. No, you do not by any means need to be a part of an MLM to start a blog. But. The reason I recommend it as an optional side step is that a blog has MULTIPLE streams of income. These range from affiliates, to product reviews, to sponsored posts, to ads, and being a part of an MLM? It was a no brainer for me because I’m passionate about health and wellness, the two MLMs I’m a part of are too, so I’m going to be using these products anyway. A blog was the perfect way to get the word out without any extra effort.
  4. After you pound out those 10 or more solid pillar posts, get the word out. Hit publish, then start putting it out there on every social media channel you’re a part of. And if you’re not on at least 5, this is your step 4. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are my top picks, and YouTube is my 5th, although I’m not currently on it. If you are on these social media platforms, get connected with an auto scheduler like Tailwind and put every post in, on a loop. Evergreen content, which is great year round. Put it in there and start looping. That or Hootsuite, or Post Planner, or Blog2Social. All ones I use, by the way. You may have the best content on the web, but if you’re not marketing it, no one is going to find it. Market it like your blog depends on it (because it does).
  5. Start an email list asap. This is vital. All the above social media platforms, their algorithms change. They may boot you off for no reason and all your followers gone in a blink. An email list? That’s yours to keep, much like the blog. So start an email list. My recommendation is Drip. If you’re looking for free, go with MailChimp, but if you can spring for a paid service like Drip, believe me, it’ll be worth your time. I’ve heard far too many horror stories from bloggers who started with a free service and regretted it something horrible later. And if you have a pop up like HelloBar (my absolute favorite!) you can have all the emails you collect go straight to Drip (or any other email provider of your choosing).

Learn how to Blog for Profit with these 5 quick and easy tips in Blogging for Beginners

Make Money From Home: Start a Blog

If I’m just about making money from home, there are a million and one ways to do that, without doing a blog.

I could just work an MLM and share quality products. I could do proofreading, or customer service. Any number of things.

But I want to write. I love to write. To blog for profit seems to just make sense then.

And I love what I’m writing about.

I’m PASSIONATE. And this blog allows me to share that passion with others in a way that helps them and me.

By the way, you don’t have to try and copy what other bloggers are doing, but you can learn an awful lot from those who came before you.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, email me or comment below for more info. And I do send tips to my subscription list, too.

You don’t have to immolate behaviors that aren’t inherent to your style. And there’s not one perfect niche. They can all provide a means to blog for profit. So just be yourself. You do you. Find your passsion.

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As our pastor would say, comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You’ll get discouraged.

Just be you. And remember to be awesome.

The income and extras? They’ll come.

Just be patient.

And be…. awesome.

Become a Mommy Blogger and Blog for Profit from Home


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