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Plan for Success this Summer: Go Silver!

I always share about how Plexus has helped my health and how I’m certain it can impact yours for the better as well, and part of that is going silver

But today I wanted to talk about something other than the product- which is the opportunity. So if you’ve ever considered working from home in your spare time, around your schedule and your priorities, and you’re passionate about health and wellness, let’s talk. Let’s talk about going silver.

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I may earn a commission if you make a purchase. Know that I only suggest products that I myself use and love*

You Can Make an Impact Working From Home

I believe that ANYONE who desires to make an impact, can. And that anyone who truly cares for bettering others as well as themselves can succeed working from home in ANY FIELD.

For the longest time, I prayed for an opportunity to bless others. A job that I could do that would enable me to help my friends and family. But for years, I struggled not knowing what that kind of opportunity would look like. I knew that I wanted to help people, but how?

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Thankfully, God had a plan and a friend from high school (who is currently working the business and making a six figure income!) reached out to me about some amazing supplements she’d been on for a couple of years that had helped her get her body back after baby. But more than that, these products had changed her health in other major ways- and the opportunity with it had blessed her and her family financially beyond anything they could have otherwise hoped for. 


You might be thinking that this girl was salesy, that it’s because she’s an extrovert, or that she had all these connections- but no. This was no scam. This was someone I’d known for over a decade. Someone I’d grown up with and gone to school with, who had only recently returned to the states after spending YEARS overseas doing mission work. This girl, my friend, is as down to earth, humble, and God fearing as anyone. 

So how was she able to work this business successfully?

As our pastor at Woodstock City Church would say, “It’s about the you BESIDE YOU!” Meaning, it’s about people. It’s about RELATIONSHIPS.  Which is exactly what this opportunity is about, and because of her passion, she was succeeding. Her desire to help others outweighed any of her inhibitions. Because for her, she immediately realized what a blessing she had and how many of her friends and family could benefit.

Plexus is about helping others get healthy. But more than the amazing products that promote health and healing, it’s about people. It’s about relationships.

People, Not Products

I got involved with Plexus because I was exhausted all the time and at my wit’s end. Something needed to change and I was desperate. I had zero energy, which made me cranky, and with zero energy, I was also struggling to stay on top of all that was on my plate. And if it was a question of whether my body was healing or hurting, I was hurting- and badly.

And what I discovered was more than amazing products that combated bloating, fatigue, and helped fill in the nutritional gaps in my diet. What I also discovered was an opportunity to share health and wellness with friends and family.

The community. This group of men and women that I’ve been blessed to get to know, work with, and connect with has been amazing. And it’s this sense of community that none of us realize we’ve been craving until we find it.

We’ve all heard there is no “i” in team. And it’s true. For me, my team is like my family. A close knit group of us that pray over one another, advise one another, and just support each other on this journey to better health and financial freedom. It really is a team.

So if you’re looking to take advantage of the opportunity that Plexus presents, I’d encourage you to do so. Joining the team, picking out the welcome pack that’s best for you and your nutritional or health needs? Just the beginning.

To take advantage of the opportunity, and start working from home sharing health, wellness, and hope, here’s how.

Go Silver

Silver is the first rank in Plexus. So what is Silver?

-FIRST paid rank in Plexus
-7.7% of ambassadors in the company are silver! 
-$100 rank bonus + $25 per welcome Pack ordered! 
-potential for up to $430 in fast start bonuses! 
-average income $422/month $5,083/year

Silver, my friends, is where the opportunity begins. It’s where you realize that you can actually get paid to share your love for health and wellness. 

Many friends will look at the numbers above and say one of two things.
A) It’s not worth it
B) I’m not motivated by money, so why do I care?

Here’s why it is worth it and why, even if money doesn’t motivate you, this is a big deal.

Make an Impact, It Begins with You

Going back to what I said earlier, think about the you beside you. Think about what you could do with an extra $400 a month. What kind of impact could you make in your budget, your church, your community. Not everyone is motivated by money and the material. But extra money doesn’t have to be spent on you.

Many people who start working a side business like Plexus start for a reason OTHER than the money. Usually it’s for their HEALTH. And so they start it and have no plans to build a business .

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But when you start sharing about what Plexus is doing in your life, in your health, in your sleep schedule, in your energy level, friends are going to be curious. They’ll be asking what is working for you? Because if they’re having trouble sleeping, have no energy, or need help with a myriad of health related issues- then they’re looking for a solution that YOU may have!

So share it!

And as you’re sharing, you’ll naturally be building this business. And in building this business, you’ll be making an income. An income with Plexus means free products- you’ll get your products at no cost! And then anything beyond that can be used however you want.

If you want to give more, give. If you want to go on a vacation, then go. Or if you see a friend in need, with extra income, you’ll be able to give and help that friend knowing that you’ll still be able to pay your bills and put food on the table. 

So in going back to Silver: How do you get there? 

Get Started by Going Silver

To go silver, the first paid rank in Plexus, it’s:

Add 3 friends just the way you joined! Wholesale, for the best price, with a welcome pack! (and if you need help- message me!)

Silver is achieved with 3 qualified Ambassadors or 3 new with welcome packs. And again, if you need help, I’d be more than happy to walk you through it. It’s that simple. 

And it sounds like a lot, but it’s not. Three people, and you’ve got three friends alongside you working on bettering their health and wellness. Three friends who then sign up three of their friends, and all of you are on your way to getting your products free every month.

Because Silver is where it begins. Making great strides in your own health, and then realizing that by sharing you can help others do the same PLUS get a paycheck. 

And Plexus is a generous company that rewards its Ambassadors for their hard work. With retreats, free prizes, and shopping sprees- the works. If you’re motivated to make a difference, and you truly care about people, and fostering relationships, this is the job for you.

Who is ready to start this journey to health and wellness and financial freedom? Message me or comment if you have any questions.  

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