Best of Intentions

Best of Intentions

Trust is so very valuable. As is knowing your own heart. But don’t we all start off with the best of intentions?

“Don’t Ever Assume to Know the Heart of Another.”

I’m not sure where I first heard that quote, but it has resonated with me ever since. When I really ponder the meaning behind it, I often think of Christianity and how faith and true belief is often between a believer and God. Sure, I’ve got tons of friends that I think are in good with God. Their walk seems to be straight. They seem upright in character and behavior. But really, if they’re saved, I don’t know.

Here’s another.

“How funny that we judge others by their actions, but ourselves by our intentions.”

Ouch. Sound familiar?

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If so, perhaps it’s your conscience, and not this quote, resonating with you. And as Andy Stanley would say, no matter what our intentions, it’s our actions that matter.

That’s because if, for example, we hit someone with our car, it doesn’t matter that we meant NOT to hit them. Doesn’t matter that we meant to avoid them, we regret hurting them, or that we’re deeply sorry. The best of intentions in the world do not change the fact that we did hit them. And hurt them. Or worse.

In short, our actions have consequences.

I listen to a lot of Andy Stanley, by the way. And I bring all of this up, our pastor, these memorable quotes, and these short stories/parables, if you will, for a reason.


A motive is an intention. We all have them. Whether someone believes our intention to be pure is a matter of trust. And real trust is earned and built up over time.

When we reach out to someone, our intention may be good. It may be pure. It may simply be to communicate. To inform or catch up. Or, it could be something a bit trickier. Or a bit deeper.

Who is to know, really?

“Never assume to know the heart of another.”


Which brings me back to another important point.



Trust is invaluable. Building and earning trust is hard. Once it’s lost, it’s not easy to get back or repair. But it is so very valuable to relationships, friendships, and yes, even businesses and brands.

The importance of trust cannot be emphasized enough. Which is why your motives, and your intentions, when communicating and reaching out, have to be transparent. They need to be pure. Genuine. Not faked.

People can tell when you’re just blowing smoke. You know when you’re being lied to. Or tricked. Take this scenario for example. We’ve all had this happen in the day and age of social media.

The Trick Pitch

A friend from high school, someone we haven’t heard from in perhaps years, messages us on social media. We’re shocked. Perhaps glad that the lines of communication are back open, but surprised. I’ll be honest, because I’ve had this happen within my own circle.

And so I accept a friend request, accept a voice message, call, or text, or what have you. And next thing you know, I’m receiving a “Hey, Girl!…” Which again, I’m initially glad we’re reconnecting. But then, as I listen through the message, or scroll down through the text, I see that the message’s intent isn’t just to reconnect. It’s to CONNECT. Connect me, with a business venture. More often than not.

And so, I’m left feeling slimy. Betrayed. Yes, here’s that word again, tricked. Because I feel like all the questions about my family, how I’m doing, all those comments about how adorable my kids are, I feel like they were all leading up to one thing.

A pitch. A sale.

A trick.

Which is why I have to say here… be genuine.

Be genuine

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I’m not against recruiting. Not by any means.

In fact, I myself, like so many, many of us am working side hustles. Part time gigs, and full time jobs. Some of them conventional, many of them not.

Everyone is trying to get ahead. Make extra money. And many of us, yes, have found a product or service we love. A job that has provided us time economy, flexibility, and a decent paycheck.

Really and truly, we’re not about a quick sale. We’re about sharing. We’ve found something that works for us, and we’re hoping it’ll work for you, too. But here again, I want to caution you. Let others know your heart. 

Be genuine.

Because if you’re not… then trust is lost. And perhaps something more than that is lost, too.

Tips for Marketing with Sincerity

Here are some tips to make sure you come across as genuine. With the best of intentions. No ulterior motives. No nothing.

  • If you’re wanting to talk to them about your product (and you two are close) be up front. Ask them if you could share this opportunity with them over coffee or over dinner. But DO NOT ask them over for dinner and turn it into a pitch.

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  • It’s not about you. It’s about them. Again, know your heart. If it’s truly about helping others, then tell them. Say something like, “Hey (Melissa). I’ve been praying over my business lately and your name kept coming up. I know these products/supplements I’ve been using have really blessed my family and I would love for them to bless yours, too. If you’d like to know more, I’d love to share with you. Let me know a time we could get together.”

Build relationships build your business

  • Thank them. This goes back to number two. It’s not about you. It’s about THEM. If a friend has joined you at a Super Saturday event, or has come over to hear your presentation, thank them. It can be as simple as out loud saying, “Thank you for coming to support me today, it means a lot.” But I personally love to send actual “Thank You” cards and gifts. This is your business, and gratitude goes a long way. Sometimes the best way to move ahead is to help the woman or man behind or beside you step up, too.

Importance of Gratitude

Be Honest. Be Personable.

  • Sincerest of Hearts equals best of intentions. It may be difficult to put down the walls, but do be open. Be vulnerable. And be transparent about why you think this would bless them. Why you think they need this. Perhaps it’s that you know they could really use the money. Or the product. Perhaps it’s something that could impact their health. In that case, again, be open, share your why, tell them why you started, ask them about THEIR goals (because again, who is this about? Not you. Hint hint.) Let them take center stage. Listen more than you speak. And meet them where they’re at. If it’s a no now, it may not be a no forever. Pray about it. Pray over them, regardless. And just be sincere.


  • And lastly, it could be that you bless another indirectly. Because of your motives. Because of your business. Perhaps that means gifting them something you know they need, no strings attached. Or sending them a free sample. If you truly care about them, whether they take you up on the offer to be a part of your business as a customer or teammate… shouldn’t matter.


Working From Home

If any of these tips have resonated with you, let me know. I welcome feedback, both positive and constructive.

I truly am all about helping others reach their goals. Best of intentions, remember?

Along those same lines,  I would love to share what I do with as many people as possible for the reasons I’ve given above.

  • Time economy
  • A blessing to my family
  • Flexible schedule
  • A paycheck
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Ability to homeschool, or private school, as you so desire
  • Make time for what’s most important



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And yes, I’m working from home. Or Chick-Fil-A on any given day. Not just on my blog, but on other ventures as well. We can talk about that.

The Plexus Opportunity

Also, credit needs to be given where it’s due. This post was actually inspired by my listening to a video by a Plexus Diamond, Carissa Casey. She is all about being genuine, and you can find a YouTube on some new ambassador training from her here. And for those that don’t know, Plexus is a mulit level marketing company focused on health and wellness through supplements that promote gut health (of which I am an ambassador).


If you listen to her training, and you’re inspired to do what she has done (and what I’m doing), shoot me a message. I’d love to chat about the pros of network marketing and tell you personally about how it has impacted my life and my family’s life.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

***Note: FTC Disclosure of Material Connection: In order for me to maintain this website, some of the links in the post above may be affiliate links. If you click on these links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you. Regardless, know that I only post affiliate links to items and services I believe may be of benefit to my readers.***

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