Are You Healing or Hurting? Cue Plexus

Everything you put into your body is either feeding your body or feeding disease. Healing or hurting. Fueling up or freezing up.

Everything you eat counts. It’s either fuel or yuck. There’s no in between. No neutral. It all matters.

But if you’re honest. And if I’m honest. Aren’t we all looking for an easy way? A quick fix, a magic pill, or bullet? What if I told you that there is no quick fix, but there is still a fix? If you’re interested, read on.

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I get a commission if you make a purchase. But know that I only recommend products I myself use and love.*

Cue Plexus: Nutritional Balance as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

We all wish we were one of those super models that claim they can eat anything and never gain weight. But let me tell you, that’s not possible, and not true. Because everything we put in and on our bodies is healing or hurting us.

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We can’t eat whatever we want with no regard to portion size and then just exercise it away. And by the same token we can’t take nutrient dense supplements and just eat whatever food.  

Exercise is healthy and a mandatory part of a healthy lifestyle. And nutrition is a huge part of the staying healthy equation as well. They go hand in hand, both being important. And supplements? They help fill in your nutritional gaps to make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

But not all supplements are created equal.  And when comparing supplements, you need a blood sugar balancer, a phenomenal probiotic, and you’ll also need trace minerals to help maintain balance. 

Food is Fuel: Eat to Live, Don’t Live to Eat

Do you regularly eat healthy, and only occasionally grab a treat? Do you find yourself at the checkout counter at the grocery store, spending upwards of a hundred dollars on fresh fruit and produce, but when hunger strikes, you reach for an easy, available option like a candy bar? Knowing there are healthier options available, one treat won’t really hurt anything, will it? If it’s a healing or hurting, no in between, these kinds of treats aren’t doing us any favors.

So many times we think it’s okay. I mean, everyone’s doing it. We’re all celebrating our kids birthdays with cake. We go out to eat appetizers and deep fried chocolate covered goodness to celebrate accomplishments. We order pizza on Friday nights and serve ice cream for dessert while watching a movie with the family.

But the truth is that all of these simple choices add up. And if we’re treating every weekend like it’s a holiday or special occasion, when really there are 52 weekends every year, we’re not doing ourselves any favors. We think we’re cheating on our diets, but the only person we’re cheating, or hurting, is ourselves.

Fuel Your Body, Heal Your Body

Help your body feel its best.

Get moving, and fuel your body with the kinds of healthy foods and nutrient dense supplements it needs. Because what you put in your body is either healing or hurting it. There is no neutral.

Are you sensitive to sugar? Or do you find yourself suffering from headaches, constipation, frequent tummy aches, or bloating?

Maybe you don’t have any major ‘health issues’ – but you know you don’t feel as good as you could.

Here are 10 signs your body is screaming for you to find balance:

1) You can’t button your favorite jeans due to excess weight gain or bloating. 
2) You can’t control your cravings for sugar, fast food, or other unhealthy fare. 
3) You eat a full meal and still feel hungry though you know you shouldn’t.
4) You crave positive community and accountability. 
5) You don’t want to try ANOTHER diet. 
6) You want real results, not a quick fix. And you are passionate about clean, non-GMO ingredients.
7) You feel overwhelmed by life and stressed on a regular basis.
8) You have to take naps to get through the day OR 
9) You “survive” off several cups of coffee, tea, bottles of soda, energy drinks or handfuls of candy to make it to day’s end.
10) You have been told by your doctor to get moving, but you don’t have the motivation or the endurance to even start.

If any of these sound like you, you need rebalance, restore, and reinvigorate your life with a comprehensive approach to nutrition – and I’ve got just the thing. 

It’s About Nutrition and Science, Not Scams

I’m sure a lot of people hear what I do and wonder how I got sucked into a “pyramid scheme.” I mean, I’ve got two master’s degrees and traded a steady job with the public schools for a work from home position founded on health and wellness (and yes, I also blog!).

But what I want you to know is I didn’t get hustled.

I got healed. And in that healing, I found meaning in giving the gift of healing to others. Healing or hurting, remember?

I went from dragging through my day, surviving on three cups of coffee, and feeling exhausted every single day to being able to play with my kids again. I gained natural energy that sustains me through my days with six kids. And I’ve become more productive in my work, more focused, because I’m no longer constantly tired and cranky.

In fact, I didn’t realize how bad it was until the exhausted every day feeling was gone. I thought it was normal. And it’s NOT! 

When it came to the question of healing or hurting, I was hurting!

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I have always had a passion for helping others and seeing them succeed. And working with Plexus gives me that opportunity. The opportunity to share that through healing your gut, these products can actually help PREVENT illness and PROMOTE healing- because the miracle isn’t even the products themselves- it’s your own body. And when your body is given the tools it needs to heal itself and get balanced, incredible things begin to happen! It’s about getting healthy from the inside out and yes, a lot of times healthy weight loss is a side effect of getting your balance restored- which is why Plexus is clinically proven to help you lose weight.*

Clinically Proven to Aid in Healthy Weight Loss

Which numbers in the top 10 signs list can you relate to?

Because I’m here to say I want to help and I can help.

If you mentally saw yourself in that list please know, I’ll walk with you every step of the way. Message me, comment below, shoot me an email, we’ll make it happen. If you’re looking for support, accountability, and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you need this.

I have six kids, and for the longest, I felt stuck. I was moody, always tired. And it made me cranky and less productive. My whole family was suffering because I was suffering, but I didn’t even recognize it until everything started getting better while on Plexus.

Now that I’m on Plexus, I’m more in tune to how certain foods, smells, fragrances, and hygiene items I’m putting in and on my body make me feel. Sometimes too much sugar? It makes me sick. And if I skip my Lean? I don’t feel as good. And it’s because the health puzzle has many pieces. Exercise is one. Nutrition another. And the nutrient dense supplements to fill in the gaps? Just one more piece. Healing or hurting? Supplements can promote healing. Balance.

Start Small and Just Get Moving

Exercise is important. Our bodies are made to move. But again, if you’re just exercising and not focusing on your nutrition, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The foods we’re eating need to be full of nutrients. Things your body can actually use. Not fluff, sugar, and artificial junk.

So it’s also important to be aware what you’re putting in your body. Are you fueling health or feeding disease? 

If the idea of making a total overhaul to your favorite snack foods is overwhelming, then start small.

Make small changes. And take it one day at a time.

Do you love snacks? I personally love grazing. And I know on days I’m working from home, I’m in and out of the kitchen constantly. To avoid the temptation to eat junk, I don’t buy junk. And if you’re the same, cut out sugar. Don’t buy the sugar.

Don’t get something that’s a simple sugar, a simple carb, that your body is going to burn up quickly and crash on. Snack cakes, candy bars, ice cream, and anything fat free (believe it or not) just say no. A lot of products that are low fat or no fat, if they’re processed, have added sugar or artificial ingredients to take the place of the fat. Healing or hurting? Always consider. There is no neutral.

Simple is Best, Supplement the Rest

Get veggies and fruits. Stock up on ready to eat apples, grapes, clementines, things that need little prep and are easy to grab on the go. Because more often than not, we eat on the go and stop at a fast food restaurant out of convenience in the midst of a busy schedule. 

Also, in staying in tune to how your body’s feeling, try drinking water before you reach for a snack.

A lot of times we mistake hunger and thirst. So drink a glass of water first. If that kills the craving, stick with the water. And if you need a flavor, add some essential oils like peppermint, lemon, lavender, or grapefruit to spice things up. And if you’re wanting a quick 5 calorie energy burst with watermelon flavor, try Plexus Slim in a glass of H2O. It helps balance blood sugar, so win win. 

Break the Unhealthy Cycle One Day at a Time

You think it’s just one treat. One donut. One Starbucks.

But honestly those small things keep our bodies in a cycle. A cycle of having to struggle to do what they were made to do, which is heal themselves and perform efficiently. 

When you consider how one slice of cake will make you feel versus how good you’ll feel knowing you’re feeding your body what it needs, there’s no contest. 

Lots of pieces to your health puzzle. Watch what you put in and on your body. Exercise. 

And supplements are great because there are so many things in our daily diets that we’re lacking. So fill in those gaps. 

Make Yourself a Priority

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Make your health a priority. Start making yourself a priority. Are you healing or hurting? Make the change.

Need accountability? Message me. I’d much rather see you get healed and healthy than the alternative because this journey will be such a blessing to not just you and your health, but to your family as well. Because as a mom with energy thanks to Plexus, I’m a happier, healthier version of me. And you will be too.

Something fun too to mention. My company is actually doing what’s called a Slimdown, and we’ve got two weeks left in our current round. It’s something my team does from time to time to help all of us get on the same page, and we offer prizes and fun incentives for those of us who stay on track, drink our water, check in- all that. 

So if you want to join, we’ve got two weeks left of this round of Slimdown. We’d love to have you.

Other than that, drink your water. Get moving.

Help your bodies out!

And if you need more incentive to start treating your body right? Check out my post on what’s going down (and coming up!) in one of my health and wellness companies. Hint, hint, you don’t want to miss this opportunity- so join us here!


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