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Welcome to The Blessed and Busy Family!

Welcome To The Blessed And Busy Family


We’re so glad you’re here!

I’m Tara, a work from home mom to six beautiful children, and I know the struggles moms face in balancing work with family. I really do.

If you’re anything like me, you love God and your family more than anything in this world, and you want to be there for them every day. You want to raise your kids to be kind and courteous. You want to own a nice, clean home in a safe neighborhood.

But sometimes, you’re faced with tough choices. The choice to stay home and raise your kids, or contribute to your family financially. You want to do both, be a good mom and provider, but the cost of living seems to keep going up. And staying at home with your kids? Near impossible when you consider the cost of housing, groceries, and other necessities.

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The Blessed And Busy Family

Our Lives Changed Forever

In 2014, I became a single mom overnight and was left with trying to support my family and myself. And I was failing.

Although I had several college degrees, I’d spent the past six years as a stay at home mom. And despite applying to literally hundreds of positions I felt I was qualified for, no one would hire me.

After a year of trying and failing to make a livable income from two at home businesses in network marketing, I found myself with two maxed out credit cards, more debt than I’d ever wanted, and in danger of losing everything.

I began to believe what EVERY friend and family member had been telling me all along. That in order to support my family by myself, I would have to work OUTSIDE the home. And pay for childcare.

I knew they were wrong. That there had to be another way. A way to stay at home and raise my babies while making a livable income. But I knew no one who had succeeded at a work from home position, I had no guidance on how to make my businesses work, and I was out of options.

I took a job with a local school system, and attempted to give up my dream of working from and home and raising my family. It was then that I started to live a new, even harder, normal.

Work From Home Mom

Our New Struggle- I Mean, Normal

For years, I worked between 2 and 4 jobs, most outside the home, trying to support all of us. But I was still failing miserably. In 2015, I was forced to choose between entering Ministry based housing for single moms or being homeless. It was a humbling experience, but we moved into Ministry based housing for a time, and from there we were accepted into Section 8, where times got even harder.

Despite the Section 8 community having kind and caring staff, there were issues. Issues like drugs, gangs, and fights. Lack of finances to have repairs done in a timely manner.

Problems in “Paradise”

Around Thanksgiving of 2016, our fridge went out and our Thanksgiving dinner, which had been donated to us by a local charity, ruined. Despite continued emails on my part to maintenance, it was still several weeks before the necessary repairs were done. During which time, our food stamps and WIC money went to buy mostly non-perishable items, as we had no way to keep them cool.

Around the same time that winter, our washer also went out. And I was forced to use the laundromat several miles away to do 7 people’s worth of laundry a couple of times a week that way for over a month.

To have housing was a blessing. But times were still tough. And I began to fall into despair.

John 16:33

My daily routine included waking before dawn, leaving the house by 6:30 am, and I would work two or more jobs every day. I would leave one and go to another, before picking everyone up from after-school care and daycare. Then we would return home around 7 pm, sometimes later, where I would help everyone with homework, dinner, and baths.

After my kids were in bed, I would work between one and two more jobs from home, again attempting to make it with network marketing. And I would fall in bed exhausted around 11 pm each night, only to do it all again the next day.

I was burned out. Constantly tired. And I felt like I never got to see and spend quality time with my kids.

I was so desperate to make ends meet, that I was doing anything and everything to make a dollar, and yet we were still coming out in the negatives each month.

The Turning Point

In 2016, while filing taxes, I discovered that the cost of childcare for all my children that year had exceeded what I was making at my full time primary job with the schools. When I realized our childcare costs were at almost $32,000 for the year, I was sickened.


I could have put a sizable down payment on a house for that much. I could have bought a new minivan in CASH for that much, and had some left over. But instead, I was literally paying others to watch my children, to do what I was made to do, in order to work outside the home.

I was doing what all my friends and family had told me I had to do to get ahead. And yet, we weren’t.

It was then that I made up my mind, that no matter what it took, I was going to leave the school system. I was going to leave all of my outside the home jobs and find SOME WAY to work from home to support my family. But how?

The Power of Prayer

At that point, I did the only thing I could do in that position.

I got down on my knees and prayed. I prayed long and hard over the life I desired for my family and asked God to lead me towards some other way. A better way.

Jeremiah 29:11


It was then that I discovered blogging.

Friends, there is a better way. A way to provide for your family while also raising your family. A way to give presents with the money you’ve earned while also being present.

Blessed And Busy Working From Home

Through blogging, I’m able to make money to contribute to my family’s future, but I’m also here for my kids, every single day. It has been a blessing, but a journey. And I’m willing to share how I’ve done it. Because I never want another mother, or another family, to have to go through what I have.

If you’ve ever considered working from home or starting a blog, you can and you should. For my family, it has been a way out. And I’ve never looked back.

Why Join The Blessed And Busy Family

But enough of about me and blogging. The Blessed And Busy Family is more than a “Blogger’s Blog”.

It’s a blog of resources.

If you love reading about

  • Parenting, Education, and Homeschooling (see Family)
  • Church Messages, Bible Verses, and Inspirational Stories of Faith (Church and Faith)
  • or yes, Work From Home Opportunities (Blogging is by far the best!)

as well as a mix of recipes dealing with

  • Essential Oils from Young Living, including how to make DIY gifts, and healthy recipes,

Then you’re sure to find something you’ll like at The Blessed And Busy Family.

In short, we’re a Jesus following family, pursuing our own little piece of purpose, health, and happiness. And we’d love to have you join us!About The Blessed And Busy Family


Love and Blessings, always!

The Blessed And Busy Family

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