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Your Reason For Everything: Your Why

I’ve tried my hand at several work from home opportunities. Some have panned out. Some I’ve thrown out.

But I’ll never stop trying. Which is good. I’m always learning.

In my three plus years of attempting to earn an income from said house, I’ve been a part of four MLMs (think direct sales).

I’ve done Origami Owl. O2. Jewelry. And we’re still going strong.

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I’ve done Jamberry Nails. Which I loved, but I made ZERO sales from. ZERO. But not because of the product, the product is great. Just a lack of marketing on my part, more than likely.

I’ve done BeachBody coaching, which is fitness video streaming. DVDs. Working out with the famous celebrity trainers turned celebrity themselves. Shaking it while drinking a Shake O. And that’s me, btw, finally being able to see my abs after doing a couple of rounds with Beachbody and drinking the Shakeology. It actually DOES work- I’m living proof 🙂

And my current attempt is Young Living. Essential Oils. This one I can feel is going to be a winner, too.

So I’ve had a good run of it.

Having said that, I’ve been through bits and pieces of various trainings, mostly from the most current two, Beachbody and Young Living. I’ve read the personal development books, bought some that are sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I’ve watched several of the video trainings. Downloaded the tips and tricks sheets. Even done a couple of events. Become a product of the product- you get the idea.

And what I’ve learned from being a part of these MLMs is this:

One, what I mentioned just now. Become a product of the product. If you use the product and get great results, others will want to follow your example and do the same. As with my experience doing Beachbody, I got great results when I committed to their program. That included drinking a lot more water than I was used to, creating and adhering to a meal plan, drinking the Shake, and of course, doing the work outs. Consistently.

Through the groups, I had accountability. It was great.

Two, personal development. It’s not just about using that company’s products. It’s about a lifestyle change. Much like diet and exercise lead to increased fitness and better health, reading, meditating, praying, and being intentional in how you spend your free time is just as important if not more so in terms of your spiritual, emotional, and mental health. Fitness is about more than just being able to run laps or lift weights. It’s a state of mind. A way of living. So work on you, to become better.

Three, share. Don’t sell. No one likes to be pressured into buying something, and that goes for cars, homes, and any other product or service. Instead, and this ties into being a product of the product, be able to SHARE with others how this product or service is helping you. How is it helping others? Are you able to live more generously? Kick your nine-to-five? Live outside the cubicle? What? Share with others what about this product was compelling to you. How has it changed you- and how will it change them- for the better.

And four, and this is probably the most important. Find your “why”. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you making the sacrifice, to eat healthier or exercise, when you’re already so busy and exhausted? Why are you using essential oils to clean your home instead of picking up a can of Zoom for $1 at the local grocer? Why aren’t you dousing your loved ones in Lysol come flu season, but instead filling up your diffuser with the scent of cloves and oranges? It’s about more than your product and your love for the company- it’s gotta be a result of your love for something else.

Your why.

Are you doing it for the financial freedom that a side hustle provides? Are you doing it to earn extra cash to pay off debt? Payments towards a new home or car? Engagement ring or wedding maybe? Perhaps a baby’s on the way and you’re ready to settle down.

Or is it about quality of time as well as quantity. Work harder now so you later can live and work SMARTER. Spend more time with family. Go to your kids baseball and soccer games. Spend Sundays at church instead of working on lesson plans or at the office.

Whatever your why, stick to it. Write it down- where you’ll see it regularly. Stick it to a mirror. On a post it note in your car. Put it on a note in your wallet. Have it be the welcome screen on your phone. Anything.

But write it down, and think of it often.

Because in any business, MLM or otherwise, times are going to be hard. The hours, especially initially are going to be long.

You’re going to make sacrifices. Lose sleep. You’re going to have to work your TAIL off to get better off than you were.

Make those changes and cuts NOW so that later you can live as you want to live.

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But it’s going to be tough. Which is why you need a compelling why.

My why, is my kids. My family, as I mentioned. Being able to spend time with them beyond the evening, beyond the weekend. To be able to provide for them without government assistance. To be able to be debt free. To be able to leave my kids a legacy, not a loan.


It’s why I’m putting in the long hours now. Working during nap times and past bedtimes. Trying my hand at everything I’m able. Because those dreams aren’t going to fuel themselves. I am.

And for those that are Christ followers, let me say this.

Believe in God. And never doubt the power of prayer.

PRAY over your business. Give it to God. Tell Him where you want it to go, how you imagine it going.

I cannot stress enough the power that praying over your business will have. And not just in your business, but in other aspects of your life.

Your finances. Your dreams. Give them to God..

Hand them to Him first, before you put it on a significant other or anyone else.

Then. Put in the work. And let Him do the rest.

God Bless my friends. And best of luck!



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