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Young Living Essential Oil Angelica

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Angelica essential oil by Young Living, the world leader in essential oils. It’s an oil with a soothing aroma, that can potentially have a calming effect when diffused into the air or when diluted with a carrier oil and applied topically.

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Like so many other oils available through Young Living, its purposes are many. But despite its many uses and benefits, there seems to be some mystery surrounding Angelica. My intent in writing this first, of what will soon be a series on essential oils, is to educate. To get the word out about not just Angelica, but as many essential oils as possible. Because education is key. And ignorance can no longer be considered bliss.

But before I dive into dissolving the mystery surrounding Angelica, let’s start at the beginning. Why Young Living Essential Oils.

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Why Young Living Essential Oils?

As the world leader of essential oils, Young Living provides only the purest oils possible. Their Seed to Seal promise is proof of that.

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With over 20 years of production in essential oils, Young Living has become a household staple. A brand known for its purpose and purity. And the vision behind Gary Young, the founder of Young Living? To bring Young Living essential oils into every home in the world.

The purpose? Simple. Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance. You can feel confident you’re using only the highest quality products because of how they are sourced, the science behind the formulas that bring you only the most authentic, aromatic blends, and the company standards. Sustainably sourced botanicals, producing pure essential oils that are ethically and legally made.

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Young Living has indeed set a high standard for distilling essential oils. So you can feel good about the products you’re putting on your table when it comes to Young Living, and the products you’re bringing into your home. Whether it be for cleaning purposes, like Thieves Household Cleaner, or personal care items for your kids, like the Kidscents line of products, these are high quality ingredients infused with only the purest essential oils.

My Young Living Experience

I started using Young Living essential oils about two years ago when a friend from elementary school got me interested in the importance of living a toxin free lifestyle. And since then, I can’t tell you what a blessing they have been to my family. We’ve never looked back.

Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner #affiliate

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From the Thieves Household cleaner that I use for absolutely everything, that replaced every chemical cleaner under my sink. To the Peppermint Essential Oil that I use to combat nausea, the Lavender Essential oil I use to make DIY gifts for my friends and family, and so much more. We literally use oils in my home every single day.

Young Living Desert Mist Starter Kit #affiliate

Young Living’s product line has everything you could ever need. From personal care products, Savvy Minerals make up, their essential oil infused supplements, pet products- Young Living carries something for virtually everyone in your home and family.

Young Living Savvy Minerals #affiliate

Their Seedlings line is specifically formulated for the youngest members of your household, their KidScents line is for children, and then all the other oils? Everyone else. Even your fur babies with their dental chews and more!

Seedlings Baby Wipes #affiliate

How to Use Angelica Essential Oil

When it comes to using essential oils, there are three main ways to use oils. Aromatically, topically, and internally. And in regards to safety, let me state that first, Angelica is NOT part of Young Living’s Vitality Line. While they do have some other really cool oils you can ingest, like Lemon Vitality, Lavender Vitality, and Basil Vitality, just to name a few, Angelica is NOT an edible oil.

Discover Young Living's Vitality Line of Essential Oils #affiliate

While Young Living’s Vitality line is specifically formulated to be edible and ingested, Angelica is not part of that line. Plus, let me say here, that Young Living is the only essential oil brand I would ever consider putting in my family’s food due to the controversy surrounding ingestion of essential oils.

But again, Angelica essential oil is NOT part of their Vitality line. So do not eat it. Do not take Angelica internally.

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So if you can’t eat it, how can you use Angelica?

Use Angelica Aromatically or Topically

You can use Angelica essential oil aromatically and topically, when diluted. And I’ve put a short graphic about essential oil safety below with some tips.

While most oils are find to be used by the general population, the potency can cause some irritation if used incorrectly. For example, when using an oil for the first time, it’s always best to dilute. Dilute with a carrier oil like coconut oil, or Young Living’s own V-6 blend. This way the essential oil isn’t irritating or overpowering.

Essential Oil Safety #affiliate

Never put an essential oil near your eyes. Much like any other substance that gets in your eye, it will sting.

In the case you do get an oil in your eye, remember that oil and water don’t mix. Instead, use a carrier oil to alleviate the discomfort.

Also, don’t use near a mucous membrane, or in the ears.

So in regards to Angelica essential oil, you can dilute it with a few drops of a carrier oil, and place on your skin topically to breathe it its aroma. A good place would be the inside of your wrist or the bottoms of your feet towards night time, since it’s said to have a soothing aroma.

Using Angelica Aromatically

Angelica essential oil can be used aromatically in a diffuser (like the Raindrop pictured below). A diffuser is simply a device that you fill with water, add a few drops of oil in, and voila. It automatically puts the oil into the air via a fine mist.

And some diffusers can even act as a humidifier. Great for cold weather when you’re trying to keep your family well.

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Raindrop Diffuser #affiliate

Don’t have a diffuser? You can also rub 2-3 drops of Angelica between your palms and inhale its relaxing aroma to get the benefits of this “Oil of Angels” aromatically. Or, you can fill a bowl with hot water, add a few drops of Angelica, cover your head and the bowl with a towel and breathe deeply.

Either way is beneficial if you’re looking to use Angelica aromatically.

Benefits of Angelica Essential Oil

So why use Angelica essential oil? Well, it smells great. And more than that, Angelica is said to have aromatic qualities that promote relaxation. The calming aroma is in part why it’s been labeled the “Oil of Angels.”

Angelica Essential Oil by Young Living #affiliate

It is considered UV sensitive, so bear in mind you should avoid direct sunlight after applying it to your skin.

As Angelica is an essential oil single, it means that it is 100% Angelica. It’s not a blend. Angelica archangelica root oil.

And as such, you have the option of using this oil by itself, or combining it with another. I personally have yet to experiment with any Angelica oil but if you have, I’d love to hear about it. So comment below if you have!


How Can I Buy Angelica Essential Oil

Interested in buying Angelica, or perhaps starting with some more popular essential oils by Young Living? I’d love to have you start living a toxin free lifestyle alongside me and my family!

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This link will bring you to a Young Living site where you can view all their products. And truly, they have a lot to offer. Targeted nutrition, Antioxidant rich Ningxia, and so much oil infused goodness in every product.

I personally recommend starting with a Premium Starter Kit as it’s such an excellent deal on at least 11 of Young Living’s most popular oils. Well worth the money, several times over, and it comes with a diffuser.

My favorite kit right now is actually the desert mist PSK as the desert mist doubles as a humidifier.

Young Living Desert Mist Starter Kit #affiliate

If you have already purchased some Angelica essential oil, I’d love to hear about how you use it so comment below or send me an email. And if you have any other questions on essential oils, send them my way, too.

Education is key. And oils are just a better, easier way to live toxin free.

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