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The Written Word is Timeless

We all have our favorite traditions when it comes to the holidays.  Not many people want their “tradition” to be rushing to buy the newest thing or stressing over the perfectly cooked turkey or yelling at the child who places a greasy hand print on your Pinterest perfect table setting.  We all yearn for a slow, picturesque Christmas filled with quality time with the ones we love.  And in a day and age, when time is money and money is time, where getting the next best thing is what we seem to be striving for, slowing down to find traditions can be counter intuitive if not counter cultural.  Christmas doesn’t have to be the only occasion in which we can relish in the things that cause us to slow down and seek to bless others rather than ourselves.  I believe this is why hand written cards and letters can mean so much.

Handwritten Notes are Timeless

While new technology such as texting and emailing (in which we can instantaneously converse with someone halfway around the world!) is amazing and takes convenience to a whole new level, there is something meaningful and poignant about opening a letter that someone took minutes or even hours to write. To lick the envelope. To place a stamp. Lift the flag. To put it carefully inside the mailbox for a human hand to take and touch.  It all becomes a bit of magic for both the sender and the recipient.

And thankfully, the written word is timeless, moving across the generations effortlessly.  Not only can the written word be seen and read by people across the world… it inspires, it excites, it touches, it loves, it saddens, it glorifies.

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It has the power to change hearts.  And make the mundane, not so mundane.

One of my favorite traditions is sending and receiving Christmas cards.  The one season every year where everyone sends “snail mail.”  I love to look at the designs, the hand written notes, the beautiful pictures, and think of the people who took time out of their busy schedules to carefully etch my name and address on the envelope.  I love sitting down to a stack of freshly printed cards, addressing each envelope, thanking the Lord for each person who has meant so much to me and my family.

Thanking the Lord for another year of health, blessings, and the eternal love of the Savior.  For truly, “the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” //psalm 16

About the Author

Allie Thelen is creator and owner of Thistle & Palm, LLC where she makes custom calligraphy pieces and hand lettered envelopes.  She lives in Marietta, GA and is married with 4 children.

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