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To Book or To Blog: Doing Work From Home

Blogging and Working From Home

As a work from home mom, I’ve been plugging away for the better half of a year now trying to earn an income from the comfort of home.

The comfort of my loved like crazy, occasionally chaotic, home.

And it’s been a journey. With so many work from options out there, made possible with the ever expanding reach of technology, in the past couple of months it’s really been about hunkering down and finding my niche.

Some of the ways I’ve tried (with varying degrees of success):


Web Hosting
Book or Blog


Facebook Online Yard Sales and Resales

Affiliate Marketing

Freelance Writing


Blogging (obviously)

Book Reviews

Ibotta/Extreme Couponing/Krazy Coupon Lady anyone?

Working From Home

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Work From Home Revolution

Art (Hey all you “starving artist wannabes- there’s a market!)

Foap (pictures!/photography)


Pinterest VA

MLMs (direct marketing- think Young Living essential oils, or Plexus which focuses on health and wellness products)


You get the picture.

There are so many ways to make a paycheck from home. And this only scratches the SURFACE.

Web Hosting

While the above are only a handful that I have personally attempted and done at least a LITTLE research on, (some more than others- a LOT more) early on, I was getting burned out.

And in a BAD way.

Like, want to give up and just succumb to the voice in my head that keeps telling me to get a “real” job.

That kind of bad.

But I didn’t.

Still haven’t.

The problem was, I was just doing TOO much.

WAY too much.

I was exhausted.

The work life family balance pendulum had swung too far into the work a holic area.

And so, our move across state lines couldn’t have come at a better time.

As stressful as it was.

Because in moving, I had to refocus. Back off on work, and focus on adjusting with my family.

And now, I’m back in the swing of things. But I still have to back off sometimes and reprioritize my, uh, priorities.

Because there are some things that matter more to me than anything else in this world. And that’s never going to change.

My faith in God.

And my family.

The rest? It’s just details.

I don’t want to just make a living. I want to make a LIFE. Doing what I love. And I want to model that following of passion directing of energy for my kids.

I don’t them to EVER feel like they have to go to a job they hate because they’ve run out of options. Or resources. Or support.

Web Hosting

I’m working my butt off right now FOR THEM.

But I’ve got to be careful. Because I’m passionate about being financially free and building that work from home empire.

But I don’t want to lose sight of what’s most important.

Or rather who.

For me, that means Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

And my family.

My husband. And kids.

And my church. Our family.

So. Coming full circle.

I had too many irons in the fire. Which isn’t always a bad thing, not when you’re first staring out. But months into this, I started to hone in on what I was really passionate about.

Web Hosting

And that, at the end of the day, was writing.

So now, I’ve put most of my efforts into writing. My blog. And an inspirational book (coming in 2019- fingers crossed, prayers answered). 🙂

I’m still doing MOST of the above, like etsy, and teespring, and art/drawing. But only for fun.

I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket so to speak.

And I am still doing free lance, for hire. So there’s always that.

For all you entrepreneurs out there, my advice would be this.

Find your niche.

Remember what you were passionate about.

BEFORE it became all about the money. And the flexibility. And any of the other perks that come from working from home.

Guardrails by Andy Stanley

Think back to what you love doing. And make that your passion.

But also, always bear in mind your “why”. For what are you working.

Or as was my case, for who.

Blessings, my friends. Always

Love Or Money

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