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Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Where the other person constantly feels the need to criticize and tear you down? Hear me out when I say, a work from home opportunity can be your way out.

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Toxic Relationships, Abuse, and Control

Perhaps it was more of a control issue with your significant other. And when they couldn’t control you, they lashed out and denied you basic needs. Like affection, time with family, or even access to transportation or money for groceries. And you felt TRAPPED.

Part of the reason I’m so passionate to share what I’ve learned with others when it comes to work from home opportunities is I have been in those kinds of relationships. Toxic, abusive, controlling relationships where the other person had the upper hand. Where, because I was a stay at home mom with no money, I was stuck.

And while no one deserves that kind of treatment, I KNOW of friends and family who have been there. Who are STILL there. They’re trapped. Trapped within their own homes and lives, and sometimes even their closest friends are unaware of how bad and how deep the abuse is.

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Which is why if you’re in a similar situation, working from home is one way of betting yourself- and your life. You can earn an income from home and get the help- or freedom- you need.

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Losing Hope, But Not Faith

After being trapped for months or even years, with no windows of opportunity to extract ourselves from these kinds of situations, at some point, it’s natural for our hope to falter. We begin to believe that it will never get better. It’s a hard, dark place to be. And I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to pray for change. To pray that God will deliver you. That He will change the other person.

But I also know God’s timing is not ours. And I’ve experienced years of prayers that I felt were unanswered because instead of getting better or easier, the control became worse. The incidents of unchecked anger more frequent. I know first hand that as painful as it is, sometimes it is not within God’s plan for the other person to change.

We can only change ourselves.

Which is why working from home is truly an answer to prayer for so many. Because if you’ve been praying God will send you a way out, perhaps this is it. 

Work From Home and It Opens Doors

None of the job opportunities I currently work, aside from my hourly work as a virtual assistant are promises of guaranteed pay. But I do know that the more I work my business, the more of an income I have. It’s called performance based. And I can do it from anywhere. And as I’ve worked more and more from home, the increase in pay has opened doors.

Because when you can afford to get your own car, you can finally leave.

When you can afford to pay your own rent, you have another option.

And when you are financially dependent on no one, but yourself, and there’s money in the bank, you are free.

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Working From Home Means Freedom

When you are finally self sufficient, and dependent on no one else for money, you have more doors open. And you can help yourself get out of those toxic, horrible, confining relationships.

And once you’re free, then you can help others find that same FREEDOM.

We see the world not as it is, but as we are, and we are all broken. And you Sweet Friend CANNOT fix another broken person. They have to do that themselves.

But what you can do, is facilitate change. And you can only do that if you yourself are free.

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Money in and of itself will not free you. I believe only God can do that. But when God provides a way out, be it in a work from home opportunity like blogging or network marketing or freelance, take it.

(Here’s a post on how Plexus specifically was just such a blessing to me)

God has provided You a Boat- a Way Out

There’s a story I often reference about a man who was told to evacuate the area due to flooding. But rather than leave his home, as the flood waters rose, he climbed higher and higher.

He was confident that God would save him. Confident that God would provide a way out.

Eventually the flood waters rose so high that he found himself on the roof. At which point a helicopter meant for rescue flew by and asked if he needed assistance. “No,” the man replied. “God will save me.” So the helicopter left.

The story goes that others came to help, and at one point it was a boat, and still the man, confident in his faith, said no to the offer of rescue. But the tale ends in that the man drowned.

When he gets to heaven he asks God, “But why didn’t you save me?” To which God replies, I tried. And you said no to the helicopter and boat.

God has sent you a boat. Whether you recognize it as that or not, it’s still there. Don’t let the flood waters become so high that you drown awaiting a rescue more to your liking. And before anyone tells me I’m being harsh, let me remind you that I’ve been there. Which is why I’m passionate about helping others get out of there, too.

Here’s your boat.

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Working From Anywhere Means Freedom

Interested in working from ANYWHERE?
Breaking free of the 9-5, to BYOB (Be Your Own Boss ;-)), and be able to travel and work from anywhere?
Then you can! You, Sweet Friend, have what it takes to launch their own business. And I can help.
I’m a busy mama of many hats, but I work from home, encouraging and helping others to do the same. Som eof my meany work from home opportunities are as follows:
I’m a blogger
Brand Ambassador (with Plexus andYoung Living both of which you can join by clicking these links)
I’m a freelancer
I’m a virtual assistant
And if I can be ALL OF THESE THINGS working less hours than one part time job, YOU CAN BE TOO!

Again, to earn an income from home and get the help- or freedom- you need may be possible through working from home.

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Low Start Up Costs, Excellent Support, and Flexibility

The best reasons to work from home are that it’s a low start up cost, excellent support group and team- you’re never alone. And the flexibility to make your own hours and work from anywhere? Unparalleled. 
The kinds of businesses I work can be launched for under $300- in most cases FAR LESS than that. Normally you can launch one of the above business opportunities for less than the cost of a tank of gas for your car!
If you can afford to drink at Starbucks twice a week, or eat out just TWICE a week, you can afford to launch your own business! 
Are 8 cups of coffee worth a new business opportunity? Are 8 fast food meals from Burger King, Chick Fil A, and Wendys worth having the freedom to travel and prioritize YOUR family over work?
And no, you do NOT have to quit your full time job. These are all things you can do in your spare time.

I Don’t Have Time to Launch my Own Business

When I mention launching your own business to work from home, just about everyone initially tells me they don’t have time.
For a busy mom of six who once worked FOUR JOBS to make ends meet, this just doesn’t hold water.
Great example- anyone claiming they don’t have time, is probably scrolling Facebook. Or watching YouTube within the past 24 hours. That my friends is time that could be better spent working a business.
You do have time. To cut out Netflix binges, to wake an extra hour early, to stay up until 10pm working a business instead of watching the latest episodes of Orange is the New Black. I work from home and I don’t have any “extra” time that anyone else doesn’t. I have six kids remember?

I’ve Been There! It’s Why I Share These Work From Home Opportunities

We all get the same 24 hours. And I’ve been there.
I’ve been the girl who left the house by 6:30 every morning to drop kids at two different schools before heading to my first job. I’d leave there after working full time and go straight to another job. And then another.
I’ve been the girl who commuted an hour and a half each morning and did a crazy 4 hours or more in the car each day. Over four hours each day, wasted, driving. When all was told at day’s end getting everyone where they needed to be had cost me way too many valuable hours that I could have spent with my kids- or doing something else.
I’ve worked as many as FOUR JOBS trying to make ends meet. And still had two maxed out credit cards, a daycare bill that was more than what I made at my primary job, and I was arriving home every evening around 7pm. I’d arrive home late every evening only to do bedtime routines and dinner with my kids, then start another job after they went to bed.
I’d stay up until after 11pm nearly every night getting in more work for all those extra jobs- but this was also around the time I stumbled upon work from home opportunities. It was then, in the wee hours that I began launching a business because I began to have an inkling that there was a better way. A smarter way, to be spending my time.

Work From Home is an Opportunity for Everyone

Working all those jobs and doing the hours long commute? It wasn’t fun. It was exhausting. And my kids weren’t seeing the best version of me because I was burnt out.

And despite all that hard work, I was still not making ends meet. Sweet Friend, if you’re there, this is for you.
There’s a better way. There really is.
And I’m passionate about helping as many others as possible get started.
Blessings are best shared. God has sent you a boat. Here’s the boat.
So comment below, check out some of my other posts on working from home, or shoot me an email or message on social media. There’s a better way. A smarter way. Work from home and start making your priorities a priority.

If You Want to Learn More About Working From Home

I’ve included links below for your information, but if you’d like to launch your business, message me first so I can walk you through it. Truly though, you won’t regret the freedom that comes from starting your own work from home business. I’ll be here for you every step of the way <3

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