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When Time is of the Essence

Time is of the Essence

None of us are promised tomorrow. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. And I’ve seen far too many loved ones leave this world to take what time I have left for granted.

Guard Your Heart

The older I get the, the more people I’m blessed to have met and interacted with. My friends and family are gifts. People in general are like gifts, coming and going during different seasons. And each comes as a blessing, or a lesson.

But on that same thread, the more people who enter my life, the more that leave… prematurely.

I have a former family member who was killed in an 18 wheeler accident in Atlanta, while en route to work via car pool. Another friend who used to come over for dinner was killed in Afghanistan on deployment. A lucky shot between the plates in his body armor. And just like that, he was gone.

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I can only count on one hand the number of people who have been active participants in my life who have died of “old age”. Which means that, chances are, the majority of those still standing will not go quietly into that dark night.

It’s unfortunate, often unexpected, and more than that, it’s sad.

Season of Sadness

Guard Your Heart

It’s painful to have had so many friends and family go to heaven before me.

I’m sad for me, and sad for them.

I’m sad for the family and friends they leave behind. Everyone is missed by someone.

As their final chapter comes to a close, all those to-do lists are left undone, those obligations- which feel more like opportunities, are left unmet.

Bucket lists are left unfulfilled. Goals that will never be checked off, poof.

I bring it up, not to simply wallow in misery, but to hopefully bring about a clearer perspective on the time you, and I, have left.

If you knew your hour glass had only a very definite amount of sand left….

What would you do different?


Relationships are What are Most Important

When we get to the end and are laying on our death bed, although I’ve thankfully yet to be there, I imagine that it won’t be the “things” in my life I mourn lost time over.

I imagine it will be the people, the relationships, that I’ll miss the most.

Relationships with children

Friends. Family. Familiar faces.


Consider someone you’ve had a disagreement with. An argument. A fight.

Perhaps they crossed a boundary, or perhaps it was you that damaged the relationship.

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How would you feel knowing that time was up, and you may never see them again. Never to spend time with them again.

Would the problem, argument, or issue, that seemed worth it at the time to create such a deep divide over, perhaps one that spanned years….

Is it really worth all that time lost?

When you argue over who was right, would it be worth it if you knew they would soon be gone, and no apology was coming, no amends were to be made.

Importance of Forgiveness

I’m not saying to allow others to push you around.

Don’t be a door mat.

Don’t allow others to harm you, disrespect, or hate on you. No one should have to live in fear, or harm. So please don’t misunderstand.

I realize we all have good reasons for putting up walls, or walking away, at least for a time, from relationships we once treasured. Setting boundaries, setting guardrails, is biblical.

What I am saying is do not allow pride, or the thought that tomorrow will surely come, as reason to put off making amends.

Because tomorrow may not come.

And only God knows if it will.


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