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Once you try Plexus, you’ll be hooked! It has been a game changer for so many people, and once you realize what a difference Plexus is making in your own health, keeping it to yourself and not sharing? It’s almost kind of selfish. So we encourage you to share! Yes, share. You’ll want to share Plexus with your friends and family because the best people to get healthy alongside are those you love the most. And if they want to join at an incredible price, have them view all the options in the welcome packs that are discounted at an incredible 60% off retail. Wow!

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You Want to Share Plexus, Now What?

You’ve witnessed the health benefits of Plexus. Now you want to share that same hope with your friends, family, and perhaps even others. Let me say “Thank You” right now, for saying yes (or maybe ‘sure’) to jumping in and taking charge of your health and happiness!

Whether you were a skeptic willing to try Plexus out of curiosity, or to perhaps prove the friend that shared it with you wrong, I’m glad your reservations were put to an end. If you joined to see if this is right for you, it is. And now you have an opportunity to share Plexus with your friends and support them in their journey. Regardless for your reason for taking the leap, I’m glad you’re here! 

Sharing Plexus doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You just have to be genuine. 

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A lot of friends have come to me after starting the products and mentioned they love what Plexus is doing in their own health and life, but they’re hesitant to share Plexus because of fear. They’re afraid of what others will think. They’re afraid of coming off as salesy.

First, let me say that friends and family need to hear your heart. You need to be authentic. You need to be genuine.

Plexus is not about a quick sale, this is about a life change for the better. 

Some people join because they’re combating auto immune disorders. Others can’t seem to shake the baby weight. Still others are looking for energy, a sense of community, and an extra source of income.

Whatever the reason, someone cared enough to reach out to them and share Plexus. Because it wasn’t about them. And they got over that fear. Because they realized what was at stake and that they had something that might help. There are friends within your circle right now, I can guarantee, that are struggling with symptoms of PCOS, who are overweight, exhausted, looking for something more. They are needing someone to share Plexus with them. Perhaps that person is you.

Sharing is Caring with Plexus

You can share Plexus in a variety of ways, from phone calls, texts, or one on one meet ups for coffee. But never underestimate social media.

Social media is a great way to reach friends and family who have busy lives and varied schedules. And my team has an amazing testimonial page on Facebook called Real People · Real Stories. It’s a place where our friends and family share their real life testimonials, and if you’re ever curious about if someone with a certain symptom has found relief in Plexus, search that term in our group and tag a friend. Remember, these are all real people whose lives changed because they took a leap of faith in their health and wellness journey. So get ready to be inspired and possibly grab some tissues as you start watching.

Another place to go is my Blessed People, Blessing People Plexus page on Facebook. Ask to join, then once approved, invited your friends. Or you can find me on Pinterest where I have several boards dedicated to gut health and plexus. I also have boards with tips on sharing your business there, too.

With Real People, Real stories, the best thing to do is use the search feature, and write anything your friend may be struggling with. Do they need more energy? Search energy. Struggling with weight loss, thyroid, sleep, lupus, etc? Really anything you can think of, type it in and see what comes up. 

Testimonies and Sharing Plexus in Groups and Events

After you’ve chosen some stories from our testimonies page that stand out to you, share it. It can be a post on your wall, or a direct message to the friend or family member you think needs to see it.

But another way you can utilize social media in sharing plexus is events. In order to create an event, it’s best to make one a week or two out from the actual date and invite as many friends as possible. You never know who may be struggling and in need of extra energy, sleep, or secretly wants to drop weight. So share Plexus with as many friends as possible.

Don’t be discouraged if they say no. A no now may not be a no later. Some friends just need time.

To create a Facebook event, you want to set the tone. Let your friends and family know via direct messages that this is a no pressure environment meant to be educational but fun at the same time. 

Facebook Events are meant to educate people on the Plexus products and their advantages. While sharing may lead to a sale during the event, it may not, and that’s okay. Your friends that attend will know more after the event than they did before, so that’s what matters.

For those that already know a bit about Plexus, and this is just the icing on the cake, make sure a link like this one is clear and available. Sharing is caring, and friends don’t let friends pay full price, after all. New Plexus Ambassadors can get incredible deals on top Plexus products for as much as 60% off retail in a welcome pack priced at $99 or $199!So share that info with everyone in your event. Don’t be shy. You’d hate for someone to pay full price now and find out about the amazing discount later.

Setting the Tone for a Share Plexus Event

Here are some ideas to set a relaxed tone for a Share Plexus event on Facebook. 

Let your friends know they can feel free to get comfy in their pj’s, grab a drink, and settle in for some fun over more or less the next hour!

Have some give aways going on. You could, for example, make 15 posts with images and info attached to each. And set a task to be completed for maybe 10 of them. Tell your friends to grab a pen and paper and number it 1-15, for example. If there are 15 posts total, they’ll want to check them off as they go- hence the pen and paper.

Create a video welcoming everyone to the event around the time it’s about to start. You could do it ahead of time and post at the start, or do a Facebook Live, either is fine. 

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Then, as the event starts, begin posting. 

Remind your friends to keep refreshing the page often to make sure you get notified of each new post. This is especially relevant if you seem to be missing posts as you’re going through the numbers. 

Make clear which posts to comment on in order to entered for the prizes. And then start posting, 1-15 (or more or less). 

Other Ways to Share Plexus

Message people after the event, even the ones that didn’t make it. It’s never too late to begin a health and wellness journey.

And one of the things my team has going on that keeps everyone excited to continue that journey is challenges. Challenges are another way to share Plexus.

Our challenges last a week or more, depending. And they’re meant to prioritize our health and understand how we can make small choices every day to live healthier and happier! For example, many people wan to sample Plexus before buying a full welcome pack for $99. Sampling in combination with a challenge is a great way to get people excited and seeing results.

Samples actually ship free. And a 7 day pack of Slim, for example, is a great challenge to have. 

Every day, you take one packet, for a solid week. You can make it fun with prizes, a short term group, or just messages and texts. Remember, accountability in partners helps. We’re more likely to succeed if we do something together so do the challenge alongside your friend. 

At the end of the 7 days, request feedback, and it’s always a good idea to encourage before and after photos. Some friends may feel 7 days isn’t enough for a change, but trust me. It is.

If you’re like to get started with Plexus and join my team, I’d be happy to have you start with a $99 or $199 Welcome Pack! There’s a ton of options, for sure and all of them good. Whether you’re looking for meal replacements, energy, or hoping to jumpstart a healthy gut, feel free to view the varieties available. And to share Plexus is to care. So if you have any questions or comments, message me or comment below. I’m always glad to help.

And comment below your favorite way to share Plexus.

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