10 Super Successful Boss Babes to Follow If You Want to Become a Professional Blogger

10 Super Successful Professional Bloggers To Follow If You Want to Work From Home

As a blogger mom and entrepreneur, I realize I don’t have all the answers. If I want to learn how to be a successful blogger, it’s the same as any other occupation. I need education.

And inspiration.

To motivate me, and my fellow work from home moms, I’ve compiled a list of the top bloggers I personally follow in my circles. These girls have made it big and through their trial and error, they’ve come out on the other side a success.

If you’re looking to be a full time blogger and work from home, I’d suggest looking over what these girls are doing right and take note.

Here’s my list of top bloggers to watch in 2019.

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10 Incredible Bloggers to Follow If You Want to work from home and earn money as a stay at home mom

Top Bloggers 2019

1. Elna Cain of TwinsMommy.com, ElnaCain.com, InnovativeInk.ca, and more!

This mommy of twins is a full time blogger and writer. She actually owns FOUR blogs currently, and each is niche specific. Plus she is a freelance writer, coach, blogger, and thanks to her part time blogging to she makes a FULL TIME INCOME.

She was able to achieve this within SIX MONTHS so she’s a blogger worth following, mentioning, and learning from. She’s also a B2B writer for hire, if you know someone in the market. And her post Blog Business Plan for Mom Bloggers is one of my favorites- chock full of useful info.

10 Incredible Bloggers to Follow If You Want to Work From Home

2. Jennifer Maker Marx of JenniferMaker.com

Jennifer is a star pupil and graduate of the infamous Elite Blog Academy run by LivingWellSpendingLess‘s Ruth Soukup (more on her later).

Jennifer runs a blog on DIY crafts, starting a blog, and has her own YouTube show worth watching. She has posts on how to make glitter tumblers, create the perfect paper bow, and more. If you love making crafts, or watching others perfect the art, I’d highly advise checking her out.

What I love about Jennifer too is that she’s an open book. She regularly sends out income reports to her email list and explains in depth how she makes money blogging and where her income goes as far as expenses. Be sure and keep an eye out because I’m certain that as great as she is now, she’s only to get better as 2019 goes on.

10 incredible Bloggers You Should Follow If You Want to be Successful as a Work From Home Mom

3. Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess.com, creator of the Elite Blog Academy and the podcast Do It Scared

Ruth is a pioneer in the world of blogging. Not only is she an accomplished author, blogger, and the creator of the blogging school Elite Blog Academy (of which I’m currently enrolled and loving!) she has her own podcast called Do It Scared. Last year, she also released a book by the same name, Do It Scared, and she also created the LWSL Planner (a MUST HAVE for everyone desiring organization- blogger or not).

Elite Blog Academy, by the way, only opens its doors for less than a week each year in early March. If you have a dream of starting a blog the right way and saving yourself time and heartache later, I would highly recommend joining the Elite Blog Academy waitlist and joining Ruth’s email list as well.

In addition to blogging, Ruth posts delicious recipes, tips on living a frugal lifestyle, and how to live the good life- which is far from just about material things.

10 Incredible Bloggers to Follow If You Want to Work From Home and earn extra cash

4. McKinzie of MomsMakeCents.com

McKinzie isn’t just on the typical blog site and Pinterest platform- though she is most definitely a valuable contributor to both. She also runs a Teachable course on all things concerning Pinterest and Growing Your Blog. If you’re looking for a Pin to Profit course, check out her Teachable offerings, then swing back by the blog to read about the blogging resources she uses and how you too can not just make money from home, but become a super money saver, too.

10 Incredible Bloggers to follow if you want to work from home and earn extra cash

5. Rosemarie Groner of TheBusyBudgeter

Rosemarie Groner is another finance superstar in the world of bloggers, sharing opening on how to save money- but also make it. (Hence, blogging!)

I first read about Rosemarie in her testimony concerning her experience with Elite Blog Academy– she’s another graduate that made it big!

She also runs a shop by a similar name as the blog The Busy Budgeter Shop, where she lists resources she has personal experience with that can help transform not just your finances, but your life. Check it out!

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Professional Blogger

6. Grace Moser of ChasingFoxes

Interested in blogging or PINNING for a living? Then check out the inspirational Grace Moser of Chasing Foxes.

Grace and her husband Silas are like so many of us- living paycheck to paycheck, trudging to jobs we hate that left us with little left over at the end of the day. Or at least they were. Until Grace took up blogging and silenced the nay sayers who kept telling her and her husband that she should get “a real job.” Sound familiar?

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If you’ve been interested in blogging full time, but feel like no one is in your corner- not even best friends or family- perhaps you should take a page from Grace’s book. Because success is possible- if you’re willing to work for it.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Professional Blogger

7. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Making Sense of Cents

Want to read about an under 30 year old making 6 figures A MONTH from her blog? Then check out Michelle’s story from Making Sense of Cents!

Talk about a personal finance blog that went viral in a big way. This millionaire blogger writes about saving money, making it, and yes, she also helps out her fellow bloggers. Her Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course has a track record of teaching countless others her “secrets” to making it big.

So if you were looking to be inspired by the lack of an income ceiling provided by blogging- look no further. Michelle is that and more, for sure.

Learn From These Professional Bloggers

8. Kristin Larsen of Believe In A Budget

Author and fellow blogger Kristin Larsen of Believe in a Budget is, yes, another finance blogger. But don’t let that stop you from checking her out. A finance blogger and author that was able to walk away from her day job three years ago to pursue writing from home? You’d better believe she’s an author worth following.

Her secret side hustle just launched on Amazon by the way- her product line, Harpeth Trading! Talk about an entrepreneurial spirit. Go girl!

And in addition to blogging, and helping others start their own, Kristin also write about other side hustles you can do- from the comfort of your home. Check out how to work these side hustles, or her post on secrets from successful bloggers here.

Again, Kristin is a blogger (and entrepreneur) worth following- and learning from. Whew!

Be Your Own Boss Because I Want You To Be Able to Buy Designer Coffee

9. Gemma of Seaside Sundays

I started following Gemma of SeasideSundays after I found her post on Pinterest about affiliate marketing. Not only did she have me sold on how much I was losing out on by NOT posting to Pinterest, she gave me some new insight on how to gain affiliate marketing and make an income EVEN WITHOUT A BLOG!

In addition to teaching others how to make money from home, Gemma blogs about saving money, parenting, and infertility. This mama is one to watch if you want to make fabulous Pins- and drive sales with them.

Top Bloggers Turned Pinterest Pros Learn From Them

10. Carly Mommy on Purpose and Blogging Like You Mean It

Looking for Pinterest, Blogging, or SEO tips? Carly can help! Affiliate Marketing, Pinterest Strategies, her Blogging Like You Mean It Site has it!

Her courses speak for themselves, and her blog about parenting and working from home was where it all started.

As she puts it, Mommy Like You Mean It and Create Your Best Life.

Make a Plan and Start Blogging Today

There you have it. My top 10 choices for bloggers to follow in 2019. It’s an amazing line up.

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest following these girls. Many are on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You should consider subscribing to their newsletters (and my own) too.

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Top Bloggers to Watch in 2019

Looking for tips on working from home, how to start a blog, or how to make it as a successful blogger? Then learn from the bloggers above. They’ve been where you are. They’re our community- and networking is so very very important in this field. Hands down.

Comment below as to which of these bloggers you’re most likely to follow in 2019. And let me know if you have any other bloggers you’d like to see added to a future top bloggers list later this year.

And if you’re interested in starting your own blog, read my post here on what to include in every single post as well as check out why you really do need to start a blog– no matter where else you’re at in life, career, and other. And when you do decide to start a blog, do so with SiteGround! I can’t recommend them enough- it’s who I use for my site and domain.

What's Your Reason For Wanting to Work From Home

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you click these links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you.*


  • Kristin Larsen

    Thanks for including my blog Believe In A Budget in this fun list of amazing bloggers! Good luck with your blog this year 🙂

    • BlessedAndBusyFamily

      Not a problem, Kristin! You are truly an inspiration as a blogger. And thank you so much for reading! It means a lot 🙂 Blessings, always Tara

    • BlessedAndBusyFamily

      McKinzie, definitely well earned. You’re truly an inspiration as a blogger. Thank you for all you do! 🙂 And keep it up. 2019 is going to be AMAZING <3 I just know it!

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