10 incredible Bloggers You Should Follow If You Want to be Successful as a Work From Home Mom

10 Incredible Bloggers to Follow If You Want to Be Successful as a Work From Home Mom

Life’s too short to make all the mistakes yourself. So learn from others’ mistakes.

The same holds true when it comes to success. Life’s too short, and your time’s too valuable, to waste time with trial and error. Instead, learn from the pros in your field. In this case, bloggers. And if you thought you had to blog about a certain topic to become successful, think again. These 10 bloggers are in niches of all types.

10 Incredible Bloggers to Follow If You Want to be Successful as a work from home mom

This list contains 10 top bloggers that consistently have between 2 and 10 MILLION views on Pinterest every month (as of January 2019).

So if you’re interested in becoming a professional blogger making six figures, my advice would be to do whatever these pros are doing. And to start, subscribe to EACH of their email lists. Many of them are more than happy to share what they’ve learned with others. Because they realize what I’ve known for some time – blessings are best shared.

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Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 1

Grace Moser of ChasingFoxes with 10+ million monthly views on Pinterest (you can find her boards here)

Grace currently has 102 boards and more than 270 THOUSAND followers on this social media platform. So she must be doing A LOT of things right. She’s also a phenomenon in that she has chosen an all encompassing niche- despite the common theme among bloggers that you need only one (or only a couple). She’s a lifestyle blogger!

In looking over Grace’s ChasingFoxes blog, she has more than a few common themes she writes on. Included in those topics are Travel, How to Blog, Food & Drink, a Style Guide, Money, and more!

10 Incredible Bloggers to follow if you want to work from home and earn extra cash

Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 2

Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess, with 10+ million monthly views on Pinterest (found here).

Ruth is an entrepreneur to inspire all others. She runs the LWSL blog, created her own line of LWSL planners, and runs a 7 figure business with the help of her husband and team! Yes, she is incredible! And the topics she writes on, while normally centered around a frugal, minimalist life, also include yummy recipes (like this super easy one for mini cheesecakes), creating a beautifully organized home, and more.

She is also a bestselling author of a book by the same name as her blog, Living Well, Spending Less, among other titles, and created the podcast Do It Scared (with a book by the same name, found here). So yes, she’s definitely a blogger worth following, for her blogging tips as much as her tips for all else, too.

10 Incredible Bloggers to Follow If You Want to Work From Home

Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 3

Michelle of MakingSenseOfCents with over 3 million monthly views on Pinterest (check her out here)

Michelle is another phenomenon, breaking not just glass ceilings but trends. Her blog focuses on ALL of these topics, including career advice, college, pay off debt, real estate help, product reviews, travel, and MORE! Can we say a Jane of all trades? Wow.

So if you’ve been on the fence about blogging above and beyond a single niche, do as Michelle has and go for it.

I know I personally have been debating on starting a second blog just to encompass all my interests, but having seen via Michelle that that’s unnecessary, why rock the boat? I’ll just go for it on TheBlessedAndBusyFamily!

10 Incredible Bloggers to Follow If You Want to Work From Home and earn extra cash

Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 4

Lauren of Bless’erHouse with over 10 million monthly views (found here).

Looking to remodel your home? Make beautiful, functional space within the home of your dreams? Then Bless’er House is for you!

Home improvement, room reveals, budget decor, and organization is the name of the game here. Bless’er House and the term home design go hand in hand, so if you’re looking for pretty decor, paint swatches, or how to make the most of the room you have, visit Lauren at Bless’er House.

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10 Incredible Bloggers to Follow If You Want to work from home and earn money as a stay at home mom

Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 5

Abby Lawson of Just A Girl and Her Blog had just over 7 million monthly views, last time I checked. Find her here.

Think organizing, blogging, and cute printables. She’s all about efficiency, making an income from home, and simplifying your life. And the resources she shares are worth reading and printing. Plus, sign up for her newsletter to get access to some amazing FREE printables- an entire library of them, in fact. Isn’t that worth an email- and more? I sure think so.


Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 6

Tasha at DesignerTrapped (aka Kaleidoscope Living) with over 10 million views. Pinterest account found here.

10 million views for a lawyer turned blogger and designer is nothing short of amazing. She’s also mom to twins! How’s that for inspirational?

Kaleidoscope Living is DIY everything. From decadent recipes like these white chocolate macadamia cookies, to DIY Christmas ornaments, Cricut projects and printables. If it’s pretty and adds value and happiness to life, she’s writing about it.

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Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 7

Janel at NellieBellie is at 4 million Pinterest views this month. Check out her boards here!

Janel features a variety of wholesome recipes like this Irish Coffeecleaning hacks, and crafts. Her family and home are her top priorities, and she shows how to take care of both- even fur babies, with recipes like these dog treats. Awww.


Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 8

Stacey over at TheSoccerMomBlog had over 10 million monthly viewers recently. Look at her boards!

You know she’s a fun, dedicated mom when some of her blogs are dedicated to slime and edible slime. I love it!

She also write a LOT about parenting and fun activities to do with your children, like seasonal crafts and recipes. She truly is a mommy blogger, one I’m going to be reading a lot more from in the years to come.

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Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 9

Taryn at JoyFilledEats had over 8 million views this past month! And yes, most of her Pinterest centers around yummy recipes!

Whether you’re looking for keto, low carb, gluten free, or something just plain decadent like these chocolate cupcakes, Taryn is proving a foodie can make it in the world of blogging and Pinterest. Be sure and check out some of her recipes like these Eggless, Chocolate Chip Cookies (bonus- they’re keto and low carb!).


Top Blogger Turned Pinterest Pro 10

Jennifer Maker, with a blog of the same name, JenniferMakerhad over 4 million views this month on Pinterest. And with her YouTube channel trending, I’m sure that number will only continue to go up.

Jennifer is a DIY crafter at heart, a Cricut wizard, and yes, she helps other bloggers learn the trade.

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A star student of the infamous Elite Blog Academy, rumor has it we’ll be seeing more of her this spring when EBA opens in March- so get on the waitlist.

Bloggers Turned Pinterest Professionals

What did you think of this round up of top bloggers turned Pinterest pro? Inspirational? I hope so! Because you know what all of these top bloggers have in common with you? They were once exactly where you are! Considering starting a blog- or having just started one, they were trying to figure out how to monetize it.

Inspired by these bloggers to start a blog of your own and start making an income from home? Check out my post here on how to start your own blog with SiteGround– the only web host I trust for my blog.

If you think you have what it takes to take your blog to the next level with Pinterest, check out my tips here. It’s an ultimate guide to everything pinners need to know.

And you can find my Pinterest account, with 140 thousand monthly views and climbing, here.


Comment below on your new favorite bloggers and which ones above you’ll be following on Pinterest. <3 And subscribe to our newsletter to get tips from me, Tara @ TheBlessedAndBusyFamily, on how to become a professional blogger. Tips I won’t share anywhere else.

Talk to you soon! Comment below.


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