• A Day in the Life of a Mommy Blogger

    Blogging For Beginners: Why Start a Blog for Money

    Right now, I’m tired.  It’s nearing midnight. And as with most nights recently, I’m still up. But my why, my reason for blogging, has me up. My why, my motivation to keep going no matter how long the nights or how much the work and how slow the progress, has always been my kids. The thought of being self sufficient and being able to provide for them without outside aide is what drives me. The thought of being able to afford extracurriculars, swim lessons, and summer camps. To buy organic lunches for school, or even afford to home school and buy our own curriculum. And the ability to work and…

  • Miracle Morning

    Early to Rise… or Fail?

    Miracle Morning The Miracle Morning. It’s on my Audible list currently, just waiting to be listened to. I recently asked several of my friends for recommendations for my next Audible book. I was looking for something inspirational. Perhaps geared toward my not so inner entrepreneurial spirit. And I’m always looking for faith based readings, too. Currently on my list are Go Pro, Living Well Spending Less, Reclaiming Irresistible, and Girl, Wash Your Face. All of them make my favorites list for books, and all were based on recommendations, by the way. And while I love having paperback copies of my favorite books so I can re-read and highlight in them.…

  • Guardrails Money
    Church and Faith

    Guardrails: Money Matters Continued

    Guardrails Money Matters Is your spending getting out of control? Do you have too much debt? Too large a car loan, too much house payment. Too much educational debt, perhaps? Or maybe it’s not your fault. Someone lied to you, left you, laid you off.   What happens, regardless of whether we call ourselves Christians or not, when we meet financial troubles? Or I should say, what ought we to do? We should pray. The Power of Prayer Whether we created it, or someone else created it, when we find ourselves in a financial bind, we invite God into our finances. We need a loan! I want mercy at work! I…

  • Plexus

    Best of Intentions

    Best of Intentions Trust is so very valuable. As is knowing your own heart. But don’t we all start off with the best of intentions? “Don’t Ever Assume to Know the Heart of Another.” I’m not sure where I first heard that quote, but it has resonated with me ever since. When I really ponder the meaning behind it, I often think of Christianity and how faith and true belief is often between a believer and God. Sure, I’ve got tons of friends that I think are in good with God. Their walk seems to be straight. They seem upright in character and behavior. But really, if they’re saved, I…

  • Blogging for Money

    Blogging Basics and How to Start a Blog for Money

    As a blogger, I often get asked how it is that I can get paid to blog. That’s a good question. A question worth answering. Because blogging for money and creating a blog for profit are all very possible. But before I dive in too deep into vanity metrics and traffic, I want to tell you how you can start a blog for money. *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission. You can read my full privacy and disclosure policy here.* How Do You Make Money Blogging? Well, if I had a book, a…

  • Kinetic Sand
    Crafts for Kids,  Family

    DIY Kinetic Sand

    Edible Kinetic Sand I’ve been trying various Pinterest inspired ideas lately. Partly out of curiosity to see if they really are as good as they sound (cool beans, thus far, most are). But it’s also partly to entertain, while simultaneously educating, my kids. I think back to when I was in elementary school. Preschool. And all that jazz. And I think about all the fun I had. Playing dress up. Going on dinosaur digs. Dancing around the classroom with the chairs pushed against the walls while we had a Cinderella’s ball and watched the movie. Good times. But times have DRASTICALLY changed, I will say that. Nowadays, it’s all about…

  • Church and Faith

    No Sugar November

    No Sugar Living a no sugar lifestyle, I’m quickly discovering, is near impossible.  And don’t get me wrong. I’m trying. In fact, my goal was to have a No Sugar November. So in preparation, I started a smaller goal of 14 days no added sugar. Almost a week ago, I decided to get a jump start on one of my annual New Year’s resolutions. My resolutions to eat healthier, get healthier, and get organized. I decided that for two weeks, just two weeks, that I’d eat zero processed sugar. Zero chips. Nothing unnatural or processed. This would also in turn FORCE me to eat more fruits and veggies by default. It…

  • Family

    Too Much Sugar During the Holidays

    Too Much Sugar Last night, we attended a trunk or treat at a local church. And it was AMAZING. Halloween candy for DAYS. My kids had a blast. They got to spend quality time with me and my husband and one set of grandparents. They played a lot of games, won some prizes, and ran around to burn off some energy beneath the sanctuary. And in the process, they scored enough Halloween treats to last them into the New Year.  This was sort of a mixed blessing, considering my children don’t normally get a ton of sweets. As parents, my husband and I do a pretty fair game of limiting…

  • Essential Oil Recipes,  Family

    Lavender Hot Chocolate

    Lavender Hot Chocolate The weather today is a bit chillier than the day before. Which I love. Finally, after months of heat, we in the South are entering that blessed season called fall. Autumn. Leaves are changing. Temperatures are dropping. And it’s a hot beverage and soup kind of day. I absolutely love hot chocolate. Who doesn’t? Although my husband would choose hot cider over chocolate any day, I don’t hold it against him. I actually found an excellent recipe for cider and posted it some months earlier which you can see here.   Sometimes I’m in the mood for plain hot chocolate. But today, I was in the mood…

  • Essential Oil Recipes,  Family

    Healthy Thin Mint Shake

    Healthy Thin Mint Shake We all love chocolate. Or at least, I do. But I’ll be the first to admit, it’s far too easy to over indulge. This thin mint shake, though? ZERO Guilt because it’s nutrition with ZERO yuck. When you’re on a health food diet / clean eating kick / healthy lifestyle change, like yours truly, you have to limit treats. I get that. You have goals. Luckily, this shake is only tastes like it’s sinful and full of sugar, but it’s truly an example of chocolaty nutrition at its best! It uses Young Living’s Pure Protein Complete- Chocolate. And that gives it the decadent chocolate flavor.  …