• A Day in the Life of a Mommy Blogger

    Blogging For Beginners: Why Start a Blog for Money

    Right now, I’m tired.  It’s nearing midnight. And as with most nights recently, I’m still up. But my why, my reason for blogging, has me up. My why, my motivation to keep going no matter how long the nights or how much the work and how slow the progress, has always been my kids. The thought of being self sufficient and being able to provide for them without outside aide is what drives me. The thought of being able to afford extracurriculars, swim lessons, and summer camps. To buy organic lunches for school, or even afford to home school and buy our own curriculum. And the ability to work and…

  • New Rules for Sex, Love, and Dating
    Church and Faith

    Becoming a Whole, Healthy Person

    “The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps.” Words of Solomon. And part of the introduction of a series by Andy Stanley, the pastor of North Point, in his Love, Sex, and Dating sermon.  Andy offers tips for single people, and for those who are already married. It’s a worthwhile watch, listen, or read for anyone wanting to become better at serious relationships. He continues after the words of Solomon saying words are meaningless. Commitments are meaningless. Both are meaningless, without preparation. Without a plan. Your past will determine where your future goes. Not your promises. Promises are just empty words, even if you do have…

  • Blogging Income Reports

    Income Reports

    Income reports. They can be inspiring or daunting. And for a beginner blogger, they’re often more of the latter. Because, let’s be honest. No one is clicking on the Pin that says, “How I made $52 my first month blogging” or “My first month of blogging-a magical $2.50”.  No. If we’re honest, and if I’m honest, I normally click on the ones that say something outrageous. Like the blogger that made six figures in a MONTH. Not a year. Or the blogger who made $50,000 on Black Friday. I mean, wow. Because those aren’t just inspiring, they’re what I’m aiming for. Again, using honesty, I would love to break records…

  • New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating
    Church and Faith

    Gentleman’s Club

    What does the Bible say on how women are to be treated? Has it changed over time? How did the early church treat women? Was it with reverence and respect, or were the treated as lesser people? Objects, commodities, as if they were truly valued less. As Equals In the United States today, women have more rights as equals and partners alongside men than perhaps anywhere else in the world. But the way we treat women today, as equals, as people, has in part to do with an idea introduced by Jesus. Jesus brought a standard into this world about women that we should gladly accept today. The idea that…

  • New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating
    Church and Faith

    The Right Person Myth

    Are you a single person, looking for the one? Are a you married person whose marriage is failing? Do you believe that if you could only find, date, or marry the right person, that everything will be fine? You’re not alone. But you may perhaps have been raised to believe a myth. The Right Person myth. What follows is a summary of what Andy Stanley, the pastor of the North Point Ministries, based out of Alpharetta, GA has to say about finding the right person. And for the full book and message, check it out here, here, and here.  But let’s break down what Andy Stanley says concerning the new…

  • Write the Perfect Blog Post

    Writing the Perfect Blog Post

    How do you make a great blog? How do you write a killer post? What exactly is most important in gaining followers, building an audience, and driving traffic to your blog? Two words. Killer content. I’ve been blogging for over a year and a half. In that time, I’ve had highs, lows, made mistakes, and learned a lot. Today, I’m going to share what I’ve learned in regard to blog posts. What I absolutely must include in every single post to make sure my blog content stays relevant to my readers, ranks high, and continues to build trust, drive traffic, and increase my realm of influence. SEO Strategy One of…

  • Pin Worthy Posts

    10 Sites to Find Visually Stunning, Gorgeous FREE Stock Photos PLUS A Step by Step Guide to Using Canva

    Pinterest. A visual search engine that was practically made for bloggers and entrepreneurs. It’s a site full of gorgeous images of the perfect home office, the most delicious healthy recipes, and boards upon boards of blogging inspiration, and so much more. With currently over 250 million people a month using Pinterest, it’s an excellent way to get your blog out there.  It’s a marketing strategy I myself have in place (and you can check out my Pinterest account here). Plus, what did I just say that came to mind with Pinterest, specifically? Gorgeous pictures. Pinterest is about beautiful pictures. *Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning, if you click…

  • What Are You Pursuing
    Church and Faith

    What Are You Pursuing?

    Life has much to offer. Good food, big homes, nice cars, expensive clothes. Here in the U.S., we often take for granted that anything our heart desires, at least in terms of the tangible, is within reach. And yet, we are almost all in danger when it comes to what our heart wants and what we already have. A lot of us have fallen victim in the pursuit of money. Surrounded by Blessings Most of us have nice jobs. We have access to healthcare. Access to grocery stores teeming with every kind of food imaginable. We’re blessed with shelter in the form of two story homes with wall to wall…

  • Best Christmas Gifts for Boys
    Family,  Holidays

    Minecraft Christmas

    Are you stumped about what to get your kids for Christmas this year? Looking for some Christmas gift ideas for boys? As a mother of four boys, me drop a hint for Christmas. My boys are all about Minecraft. Minecraft is the new big thing. So when I asked them weeks ago to make a Christmas list, it appeared from glancing at their wish lists that it was destined to be a Minecraft Christmas.   Minecraft In case you don’t have time to watch your kids play, Minecraft is a pretty neat game. You can do creative mode and build anything you can imagine. It’s similar to building with Legos,…

  • Best Books

    Best Books of 2018

    I’ve always been an avid reader. Some of the best books I’ve had the pleasure of reading through the years have been ones I’ve acquired from the library and Goodwill. But lately I’ve been using Audible to listen to my books since I’m a busy mom of six. Audible makes a great addition to those long car rides, by the way. I’d highly recommend it. I just added this beauty this morning. I actually already own the paperback version of Ruth Soukup’s Living Well Spending Less, but it’s so good that I’m reading it a THIRD time on Audible. This time I’ll be listening and typing notes for myself whereas…