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    I Don’t Want Your Apology

    As a teen, and young adult, I listened to a lot of music that today, as a parent, I wouldn’t let my kids listen to. With all the arguments, disagreements, and discussions out there now about shielding our children, I still feel that way. We are in an age where media, be it videos, NetFlix, PureFlix, Redbox, Disney Channel, our magazines, YouTube, it all has an impact on us, and our feelings, beliefs, and emotions, and music is not exempt from that level of coercion and power. If in doubt, think to what kinds of music and songs you listen to when you’re sad. Do you reach for an uplifting…

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    Guardrails: Guard Your Heart

    Guard Your Heart In the final installation in the Guardrail series, Andy talks about the heart, and the importance of guarding it. Of all the guardrails we place in our lives, be it in our marriage, friendships, finances, or academic, none of those compare to the ones we place around our heart. Guardrails, as mentioned previously, are placed in our lives within the safety zone. They’re there to light up our conscience BEFORE it’s too late. They make us feel uneasy if we start edging toward a line. They’re personal standards we hold ourselves to, but we have no right to impose those on others. They’re personal. So where I…