• Plexus, the makers of Slim, bring you a better gut, better mood, better you in a bottle. Vitalbiome.

    Plexus XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome

    Yesterday, I spoke on the foundation of a healthy gut and how Plexus Triplex can help. I explained how if your gut is out of whack, it impacts your health in many areas including your respiratory system, immune system, your skin, and even your mental health, and physical well being. And I also spoke on how if you’re new to Plexus, the Plexus Triplex is the foundation. It’s the best place to start for laying the foundation for a healthy gut- and new ambassadors can grab it for a special introductory price of only $99. Now, let’s talk about Plexus Xfactor Plus and Vitalbiome. *Note: This post contains affiliate links.…

  • Plexus Triplex. BioCleanse, ProBio5, and Plexus Slim. A winning combination towards a healthier, happier you. Happy gut = Happy girl!

    Plexus Triplex, Your Go-To

    Ever heard of the Plexus TriPlex? Because this is your go-to for gut health. The Plexus Triplex is a 3 product combo available through your favorite Plexus ambassador and it is a game changer. Once you try it, you’re going to love it.  It’s a combination of blood sugar balancing Slim, a powerful probiotic called ProBio5, and a gentle “cleanse” to help rid your body of toxins called BioCleanse. And together, these three help you achieve optimal gut health, or balance. *Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.* Plexus Triplex…