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    Want to Become a Plexus Ambassador and Better Person? Learn How to be Confident as Both!

    Does Plexus really work? Are Plexus products worth the price? How can I join Plexus and what’s the Plexus 60 Day Money Back Guarantee? These are typical questions you’ll get when friends find out you’re a Plexus ambassador and you want them to join Plexus. What they don’t realize is that Plexus is more than a work from home opportunity (although it is that!) It’s about getting paid to get healthy. Plexus is about balancing your blood sugar. Improving your gut health. And Plexus, the Health and Happiness Company, above all, is about becoming a healthier, happier version of you. If you’re ready to become better from the inside out…

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    Plexus: Get Paid to Get Healthy

    Want to get paid to get healthy? We all do! Want to work from home? Yes, please! Want to do both at the same time?! Cue Plexus. Because yes, getting healthy while earning a paycheck is possible. *Note: This post may contain affiliate links meaning if you click on a link, I may receive a small compensation at NO COST to you. Bear in mind, I only recommend products I myself use or believe in.* Get Paid to Get Healthy as a Plexus Ambassador If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I want to eat clean, have more energy, possibly lose weight, and decrease inflammation” then Plexus is probably for…

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    Healthy Thin Mint Shake

    Healthy Thin Mint Shake We all love chocolate. Or at least, I do. But I’ll be the first to admit, it’s far too easy to over indulge. This thin mint shake, though? ZERO Guilt because it’s nutrition with ZERO yuck. When you’re on a health food diet / clean eating kick / healthy lifestyle change, like yours truly, you have to limit treats. I get that. You have goals. Luckily, this shake is only tastes like it’s sinful and full of sugar, but it’s truly an example of chocolaty nutrition at its best! It uses Young Living’s Pure Protein Complete- Chocolate. And that gives it the decadent chocolate flavor.  …

  • Shower Melts
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    DIY Shower Melts

    Shower Melts Shower melts are a great way to end your day whenever find yourself craving a little “me” time after a long day at work. Perfect for the responsible adult who wants a way to wind down naturally, without the aid of medicine or alcohol, so they opt instead for a steamy shower, followed by some comforting apple cider or a calming lavender spritzer. If this sounds like you, then these quick and easy, DIY shower melts are a dream! Combine with a cup of Chai made with a combination of oils like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, and you’ve got the makings of a wonderful evening in! Essential Oils in Every Day…

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    Relaxing Lavender Bath

    Lavender. One of my all time favorite essential oils that Young Living actually carries it in two forms: regular and vitality. And for the purpose of this relaxing lavender bath recipe, either or can be used. Young Living Vitality Young Living‘s entire vitality line, the bottles made easily distinguishable by their white labels, can be used for dietary purposes- as well as placed in a diffuser to be misted gently into the air. And lavender is known to be soothing. Calming. It can also add just a subtle hint of flavor- though just the right amount, when used correctly. Those of you that tried my Orange Zest and Lavender Muffins…