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    Too Much Sugar During the Holidays

    Too Much Sugar Last night, we attended a trunk or treat at a local church. And it was AMAZING. Halloween candy for DAYS. My kids had a blast. They got to spend quality time with me and my husband and one set of grandparents. They played a lot of games, won some prizes, and ran around to burn off some energy beneath the sanctuary. And in the process, they scored enough Halloween treats to last them into the New Year.  This was sort of a mixed blessing, considering my children don’t normally get a ton of sweets. As parents, my husband and I do a pretty fair game of limiting…

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    Guardrails: Guard Your Heart

    Guard Your Heart In the final installation in the Guardrail series, Andy talks about the heart, and the importance of guarding it. Of all the guardrails we place in our lives, be it in our marriage, friendships, finances, or academic, none of those compare to the ones we place around our heart. Guardrails, as mentioned previously, are placed in our lives within the safety zone. They’re there to light up our conscience BEFORE it’s too late. They make us feel uneasy if we start edging toward a line. They’re personal standards we hold ourselves to, but we have no right to impose those on others. They’re personal. So where I…

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    Guardrails: Money Matters

    Money Matters Do you ever wonder, what you would want…. If you didn’t know what everyone else had? Do you ever wonder how much money you would give to others… If you weren’t comparing what you were giving with how much the person beside you were giving? Awareness can breed discontent. And comparison is the thief of contentment.   If I know what you have, I want it. Greed. If I know what I could have, but can’t, I’m unhappy. Coveting. Comparison is the Thief of Joy In this age of social media, instant gratification is just a click away on the most popular shopping sites. I can see not…