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    DIY Kinetic Sand

    Edible Kinetic Sand I’ve been trying various Pinterest inspired ideas lately. Partly out of curiosity to see if they really are as good as they sound (cool beans, thus far, most are). But it’s also partly to entertain, while simultaneously educating, my kids. I think back to when I was in elementary school. Preschool. And all that jazz. And I think about all the fun I had. Playing dress up. Going on dinosaur digs. Dancing around the classroom with the chairs pushed against the walls while we had a Cinderella’s ball and watched the movie. Good times. But times have DRASTICALLY changed, I will say that. Nowadays, it’s all about…

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    Incredible Edible Silly Putty Frosting

    The theme this week is edible arts and crafts, obviously. So I’ve been experimenting with various mediums in the kitchen with my kids and this edible silly putty made with cake frosting is awesome. Part of it is simply they need to take a more active role in what lands in front of them at the table. Read into this: My kids need to learn to cook. But in their defense, they may be a little young. And today were just looking for some fun, indoor activities. So edible art it was. While I’m a fan of Jiffy because they’re “just add water,” instant biscuit mixes aside, we’ve been trying…