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    What Are You Pursuing?

    Life has much to offer. Good food, big homes, nice cars, expensive clothes. Here in the U.S., we often take for granted that anything our heart desires, at least in terms of the tangible, is within reach. And yet, we are almost all in danger when it comes to what our heart wants and what we already have. A lot of us have fallen victim in the pursuit of money. Surrounded by Blessings Most of us have nice jobs. We have access to healthcare. Access to grocery stores teeming with every kind of food imaginable. We’re blessed with shelter in the form of two story homes with wall to wall…

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    Guardrails: Money Matters

    Money Matters Do you ever wonder, what you would want…. If you didn’t know what everyone else had? Do you ever wonder how much money you would give to others… If you weren’t comparing what you were giving with how much the person beside you were giving? Awareness can breed discontent. And comparison is the thief of contentment.   If I know what you have, I want it. Greed. If I know what I could have, but can’t, I’m unhappy. Coveting. Comparison is the Thief of Joy In this age of social media, instant gratification is just a click away on the most popular shopping sites. I can see not…