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    Becoming a Whole, Healthy Person

    “The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps.” Words of Solomon. And part of the introduction of a series by Andy Stanley, the pastor of North Point, in his Love, Sex, and Dating sermon.  Andy offers tips for single people, and for those who are already married. It’s a worthwhile watch, listen, or read for anyone wanting to become better at serious relationships. He continues after the words of Solomon saying words are meaningless. Commitments are meaningless. Both are meaningless, without preparation. Without a plan. Your past will determine where your future goes. Not your promises. Promises are just empty words, even if you do have…

  • New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating
    Church and Faith

    Gentleman’s Club

    What does the Bible say on how women are to be treated? Has it changed over time? How did the early church treat women? Was it with reverence and respect, or were the treated as lesser people? Objects, commodities, as if they were truly valued less. As Equals In the United States today, women have more rights as equals and partners alongside men than perhaps anywhere else in the world. But the way we treat women today, as equals, as people, has in part to do with an idea introduced by Jesus. Jesus brought a standard into this world about women that we should gladly accept today. The idea that…

  • New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating
    Church and Faith

    The Right Person Myth

    Are you a single person, looking for the one? Are a you married person whose marriage is failing? Do you believe that if you could only find, date, or marry the right person, that everything will be fine? You’re not alone. But you may perhaps have been raised to believe a myth. The Right Person myth. What follows is a summary of what Andy Stanley, the pastor of the North Point Ministries, based out of Alpharetta, GA has to say about finding the right person. And for the full book and message, check it out here, here, and here.  But let’s break down what Andy Stanley says concerning the new…

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    Best Books of 2018

    I’ve always been an avid reader. Some of the best books I’ve had the pleasure of reading through the years have been ones I’ve acquired from the library and Goodwill. But lately I’ve been using Audible to listen to my books since I’m a busy mom of six. Audible makes a great addition to those long car rides, by the way. I’d highly recommend it. I just added this beauty this morning. I actually already own the paperback version of Ruth Soukup’s Living Well Spending Less, but it’s so good that I’m reading it a THIRD time on Audible. This time I’ll be listening and typing notes for myself whereas…

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    Guardrails: Money Matters Continued

    Guardrails Money Matters Is your spending getting out of control? Do you have too much debt? Too large a car loan, too much house payment. Too much educational debt, perhaps? Or maybe it’s not your fault. Someone lied to you, left you, laid you off.   What happens, regardless of whether we call ourselves Christians or not, when we meet financial troubles? Or I should say, what ought we to do? We should pray. The Power of Prayer Whether we created it, or someone else created it, when we find ourselves in a financial bind, we invite God into our finances. We need a loan! I want mercy at work! I…

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    Best of Intentions

    Best of Intentions Trust is so very valuable. As is knowing your own heart. But don’t we all start off with the best of intentions? “Don’t Ever Assume to Know the Heart of Another.” I’m not sure where I first heard that quote, but it has resonated with me ever since. When I really ponder the meaning behind it, I often think of Christianity and how faith and true belief is often between a believer and God. Sure, I’ve got tons of friends that I think are in good with God. Their walk seems to be straight. They seem upright in character and behavior. But really, if they’re saved, I…

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    Give Save Live

    When it comes to money, what’s your philosophy? Where do you spend the most? Do you have at least 6 months of living expenses tucked away in savings? And, be honest with yourself for just a moment… do you even have a savings? Regardless of where you’re at with your money, your spending, and your income, I would invite you to consider joining the movement “Give, Save, Live.” Importance of Budgeting When it comes to budgeting, I could do with more accountability. A better system could stand to be in place, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve been through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, I’ve heard of the envelope system,…

  • Guardrails Heart of the Matter
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    Guardrails: Guard Your Heart

    Guard Your Heart In the final installation in the Guardrail series, Andy talks about the heart, and the importance of guarding it. Of all the guardrails we place in our lives, be it in our marriage, friendships, finances, or academic, none of those compare to the ones we place around our heart. Guardrails, as mentioned previously, are placed in our lives within the safety zone. They’re there to light up our conscience BEFORE it’s too late. They make us feel uneasy if we start edging toward a line. They’re personal standards we hold ourselves to, but we have no right to impose those on others. They’re personal. So where I…

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    Guardrails: Money Matters

    Money Matters Do you ever wonder, what you would want…. If you didn’t know what everyone else had? Do you ever wonder how much money you would give to others… If you weren’t comparing what you were giving with how much the person beside you were giving? Awareness can breed discontent. And comparison is the thief of contentment.   If I know what you have, I want it. Greed. If I know what I could have, but can’t, I’m unhappy. Coveting. Comparison is the Thief of Joy In this age of social media, instant gratification is just a click away on the most popular shopping sites. I can see not…

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    Guardrails, part 3. Nobody Needs One… Until They Do.

    ***(Guardrails is a series from North Point Ministries and its pastor, Andy Stanley. The following is a summary of the original message, in my own words, injected with opinion and paraphrasing. The original message in its entirety can be seen here at: http://woodstockcity.org/messages/guardrails-2017/ )*** Following Jesus will make your life better And ultimately make you better                                                                                  At Life <3 Guardrails on the road are meant to minimize damage. If not for guardrails,…