The Reasons to Start a Blog are Many

Why Start A Blog

Why start a blog? I’ll get right into it. It’s one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made. And that’s saying a lot considering I’ve worked several different careers the past decade and a half. Not to mention, I shelled out more than was prudent on degrees I’ve never used.

So take it from someone who knows. Blogging is the way of the future. Working from home is the future. And getting paid for performance, not the amount of hours you’ve clocked? Every job is moving in that direction whether you realize.

Blogging and Working From Home

Why Start a Blog

Why start a blog though? There are more than a few jobs you can do as a stay at home mom. I’ve done several of them myself.

You could set up a shop on Etsy. Get paid to pin on Pinterest as a virtual assistant. Get paid to work out and get healthy with Beachbody as a Coach. Make money getting healthy taking vitamins and probiotics with Plexus (which I’m an ambassador for, currently). You could sell any product you could think of in direct sales, network marketing, from Essential Oils to jewelry or nail wraps.

Web Hosting

And again, I’ve done all of the above.

So why write? Why start a blog? Good question. And here are several reasons.

Share Your Story and Connect

Share Your Story

As Dr. Suess says, there’s no one Earth who is you’er than you. So share it. Be it. Own it.

We all have a story to tell that is unlike any other. We’re all unique, with different strengths, different taste in movies and food.

Embrace your differences. And further more, share them!

Every person is like a good book, and you’re walking in on the middle of the story. In blogging, that story is laid out for the world to see. And your story matters because it creates camaraderie.

Our pastor once emphasized that God comforts us not just for our sake. But for the sake of others. You see, we’ve all gone through hard times. Be it a loss of a loved one, cancer diagnosis, loss of a job, financial setback, traumatic birth, or what have you. And when we share our story, we connect with others. We help them. And then they can share, and that helps both of us.

It lets us know that we’re not alone.

As incredible and perhaps painful as it may be to believe, you’re not alone. And while your story is unique, your circumstances may not be.

Which is one of the many reasons I started my blog. To share my story and connect with others like me.

Start a Blog that Drives Traffic from Day One

You’re Not Alone

For example, I’m a mom of six. I spent years as a single mom that worked four jobs (and even now, I work multiples).

I’ve been a mom that learned how to be completely dependent on God for survival. And I’ve been humbled beyond anything I’ve ever expected, because God always provides.

I’ve been so poor at times that I’ve been on food stamps, WIC, and been fully (as I mentioned) dependent on God and the church in terms of even being here.

I’ve been suicidal. Been divorced.

I’ve had two C-sections.

And I’ve faced medical diagnoses that were (thank God!) wrong, but scary. And I believe the only reason the outcomes weren’t what was predicted only because of the power of prayer.

That, my friends, all of it, were hard times. Very hard times.

Web Hosting

But in my weakest hours, God came through. And because of my trials, I can share with others. Connect with others. And hopefully, help inspire them to live a life of faith.

My blog has been a way to share my story, albeit in pieces. And it has helped me find community and form friendships that I otherwise would not have had.

It’s helped me make an income from home, while staying home with my babies, and that in and of itself, has been invaluable. My kids have been my reason, my why, for as long as I can remember. You can check out my post on that here.

So what else?

Working From Home with Kids

Blogging Paves the Way for a Brighter Future

Blogging isn’t just a means of venting or journaling. It’s a way of generating income around your life, your priorities, your schedule.

An income is absolutely necessary in this day and age. And we’re moving towards more and more technology and less face to face, brick and mortar establishment careers.

The future is technology. And if you can type, you can work from home. You can write.

You can blog.

Start a blog, and you’ve opened the door to more possibilities as far as income than you know. The blog itself is just the beginning.

In starting a blog, you can write or you can record. As in, vlogging. Video blogging. If you’re a slow typer or auto correct is a necessary friend, perhaps a video series is more your style. People love videos. YouTube continues to grow and it’s expected to only get bigger in the next couple of years.

Jump on that train now and start sharing your story with an audience. Become a video blogger and create content in your niche. Whether it’s DIY crafts or cooking up healthy recipes, there’s a market for that. Take advantage.

Pave the Way for a Brighter Future


Affiliates and Ads

Another way bloggers make money? Ads, sure. The little pictures of products that appear to the side, bottom, or in between paragraphs on a page, yeah. We’re all familiar.

But affiliates? That’s another story.

You can truly make a living off affiliate links as a blogger.

But you have to know what you’re doing.

For example, I’m an affiliate for various sites like Amazon, Target, and Share A Sale (to name a few). And as such, I provide a disclosure letting my readers know, *Hey, my posts may contain affiliate links. As such, if you click on these links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you.*


And I sprinkle links to items I talk about within my blog posts when I feel like they could be of value to my readers. But.

Web Hosting

That doesn’t generate a livable income. Not the sprinkling.

What does work in terms of affiliates is dedicating posts to a product or product line.

For example, with the New Year having just begun, a lot of us are buying planners. As an affiliate for the LWSL Planner (LivingWellSpendingLess) it would be beneficial for me to write a post dedicated to how useful this specific planner is. Although it’s marketed by an author and fellow blogger, Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess, it’s not just a blogger’s planner, by the way. It’s an all around life planner. (See what I did there? Sprinkling, remember?)

Or, since my children were gifted several sets of Legos for Christmas (the toy that you never outgrow) I could do a post dedicated to the many Minecraft sets they received.

By the way, I’ve already got the pictures downloaded of all the amazing Minecraft Legos. So look for that post in the near future- hint hint.

Affiliates and Ads on Your Blog


Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts

Can’t think of anything specific to post to your blog, but itching to write for another niche you love? Sponsored posts or guest posts may be just the blogger income you’re looking for. Get paid to write posts for a blog other than your own.

Guest posts don’t always pay immediately or directly, although they can. But they are a way to get your name out there as a blogger and drive more traffic (and consequently pageviews and sales) to your blog.

A sponsored post is a post similar to an affiliate post dedicated to a specific product or brand. And yes, as is implied, there’s compensation for your time and writing.

Web Hosting


Own Domain, Will Sell

Not that you will ever want to sell your blog (okay, you might). But here’s the thing. If you own your site, your domain (like I do at you can if you so desire. You have that option. But only if you’re blogging on your own site. Not or another.

I personally use SiteGround, and through them I bought my domain, my blog. TheBlessedAndBusyFamily

And if one day I up and decided I was done with this blog, or blogging altogether, because I own it, I could potentially sell it to an interested buyer.

So there’s that. It’s an investment.

And it’s also an investment in another way.

By the way, if you’re interested in one day selling, and even if you’re not, check out my Ultimate Blogging Checklist post on items to include in every blog post. It’ll help you gain followers, fans, and improve your traffic. All important things when growing your blog.


You Are An Author

Start a blog and you’re halfway on your way to creating a book. Becoming an author. Because all a blog really is is a series of stories. Your stories. And it’s not uncommon for a blogger to turn around and become a published author, be it ebook or paperback. Really.

And a book? It’s timeless. Timeless income. And more importantly, passive income. That’s income that you write and put out there and then it has the potential to generate income for years to come.

Now that’s magical.

Create an Ebook from Your Blog



I’ve listed off several ways you can generate a financial income with blogging. And that, my friends, is amazing and truly worthwhile. We all need money to live. But something you’re bound to realize is that all the money in the world isn’t important as a few other things.


And family.

And I’m talking about time. Time with them.

Time economy, the time to spend with your Lord, children, parents, and spouse? That’s what’s more important than a paycheck.

Yes, we all need and want a paycheck, to be able to afford good food and a home. But more than that, we want money to spend on our loved ones. But a job that gives us a lot of money but no time to spend it on those we love, well that’s a waste. More than money then, we truly desire time.

Blogging affords you time because it’s a job that can be done from anywhere. Start a blog today and tomorrow you can continue it from Starbucks. Or the beach.

Web Hosting

Traveling out of town? Take your laptop or use theirs.

Going on vacation? You can if you start a blog and monetize it. Sure!

With a blog, you’re not tied down to a normal 9-5. You can travel, you can vacation, you can live out of an RV. There’s no one geographical location and job tying you down, so why not spend time with the ones you love most? Because with blogging, you can.

believe you'll succeed


As you can clearly see, if you start a blog, the avenues of income are several and the benefits are many. It not only provides time economy and a source of passive income, but it helps you, helps others, and it’s all around just a great way to get your thoughts on paper. Or on screen.

What was your favorite reason listed for why you should start a blog? Time economy? Sense of community and sharing? Or do you have your own reason unlisted? Share it below and leave us a comment telling us. We’d love to hear from you!


*As mentioned above, this post may contain affiliate links. If you click on these links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you.*


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