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Someone Is Going to Earn It. Why Not You?

Whenever you hear about or see a contest going on, and you hear about this great prize you can EARN, I want you to ask yourself one thing. Why Not me? Because if it’s something to be EARNED through hard work and merit, that’s exactly what you need to ask yourself. Every. Single. Time.

Notice I said earned. A prize to earn. We’re not talking the lottery. And we’re not talking about chance. We’re talking about choice. Because when there’s something to be earned, if you work hard, why not you? That’s called a winning mindset. And it stresses the importance of an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset. 

A winning mindset.  As in, you want this. And you can do this!

Let’s break it down.

The Formula for Success is a Winning Mindset

The formula for success? Make a plan.

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Recently, one of the companies I work for sent out the incentive that for the next three months, those of us at Ruby rank or below can EARN a retreat. Really! And this is something doable for EVERYONE that joins us. Read more on how to do that here- because you want in on this!

We can EARN a vacation when, not if, we work hard enough. It all starts here. It starts with you deciding you’re going to do this. When you do the work, you’ll be rewarded. You’ll earn a free vacation. And if you want to join us and EARN a FREE vacation, all expenses paid, message me and I’ll help you make a plan so you too can get in on this.

Notice I keep saying earn. Not win. Because winning, it’s true, but earning it is what you’re doing. You put in the work and you’ll receive a free vacation. It’s not the lottery where you buy so many tickets and it’s a CHANCE of winning a prize. This is a merit based system where you’re rewarded for your hard work. So make a plan. 

How Do You Plan for Success?

If you plan for success, what does that entail? Well, if you continue doing what you’ve been doing and it’s getting you nowhere, you’ve got to change up your game. Don’t you want this? Of course you do!

So up your skills! Increase the energy! Be enthusiastic, learn from those who have gone before you. You’re not trying to recreate the wheel. Learn from those who are wiser and more experienced. Listen. Learn. Watch. And then implement. You’ve got this. And if you need some inspiration on how to get started or why I got started, read my post here on why you should work from home as a brand ambassador.

Write Down Your Goals

Goals. Write out your goals. Type them. Print out your goals. And then print out the rewards. Your prizes.

In the case of the one company I work for, we’re talking Leaders Retreat 2019. So let’s break it down. How can you work from home, improving your health, and earning rewards? Join us! Then set some goals.

What do you need to get there? How many ambassadors do you need to enroll? How many customers? Break it down. And pick your prize! Choose what you’re earning. And when I say pick your prize, pick what you really, really want.

Think big. Shoot for the moon. And don’t be conservative.

Do you think you’re going to do the minimum and aim low to avoid disappointment? No!

Dream and dream big!

Think to yourself, what sounds amazing to you?!

Then set some goals. Write them down!

How many customers do you plan to get? How many credits do you plan to get per customer?

And how many Level 1 ambassadors will you sign with $199? Aim for THREE! EVERY MONTH! That’s the bare minimum. 

But if you’re looking to build your business- and who doesn’t want to do that? Aim for FOUR and MORE. You can do it.

That’s four friends. Four. Very possible.

Then, start looking at your own PV (Personal Volume). How much are you planning to spend each month? Is it $150? Is it $1,050? Write it down. 

Hitting Silver is the First Rank- Make It Happen

Why Silver? Why do you want to not just make silver, but stay at silver every month?

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Silver is MAGICAL.

Your friends that go silver? They’ll be more likely to stick with their health and wellness journey. YOU will be more likely to stick with your health and wellness journey. Why? Because if you can show them that you CAN make a pay check while improving your own health and wellness? You’re going to get fired up! You’re going to GO PLACES! Commit!

So aim for silver. Stay silver. And encourage as many of your Ambassadors as possible to do the same.

Success Starts with Strength

Now. Think about your strengths.

Are you strong at getting customers? Are you strong at getting Ambassadors? Do you like inspiring others? Find your strengths. And whatever you strength is, go back to your goals that you wrote down, and bump up your goals. Play to your strengths.

You want to lock in leaders retreat sooner rather than later.

Level 1. Who are you going to help win? Who are you going to help earn this? Friends and family, friends and family. Your warm market. Best place to start, because if you’re going to get rich, do it beside the people you love. Start with them. 

Rank Advancement Earns You Big

Rank advancement. If you’re in between ranks, push. Are you pushing for that next rank advancement? If not, you should be.

You can get a lot of credits for your next rank. And if you follow your plan, you’ll be working towards your next promotion. This is all about what is possible when working from home, improving your health, and being rewarded for your hard work. And if I can do it, so can you.

On top of all those things that our company helps us win, helps us earn, which includes a higher paycheck each month, bonuses, vacations, and fun little items in the mix, there’s also strength in a team.

There is no “i” in teamwork, which is why I left this part for last. But if you’re a brand ambassador, your team is like your family. When you’re having a hard time, your team is still behind you. So pour into them. Inspire them. And if life gets in the way, the unexpected happens, your team still has your  back.

The reason I left this part for last though is I want you to work with what you can control. Your team? You can’t control. They can help, but you can’t just float along and hope that they will carry you. With hard work comes rewards. So take into account what you have within your control, but this last part? Just icing on the cake you’ve made, that you’ve earned.

There is No “i” in Team

With your team, with their work, you have the opportunity to add even more credits!

More credits means you earn that retreat. You earn those prizes. So be a leader and inspire. And if you want to learn more about this opportunity to earn prizes while working from home and improving your health, check it out here.Questions, comments, want to join? Message me.

You promote. You’re the role model. The pace of the team is the pace of the leader.

Friends are going to earn this! And remember, ask yourself, Why not you?!

Level 2 and Level 3 promotions! You get credits. This is the icing on the cake!

But don’t bank on these. These are outside of your control, this part is on your team. But inspire them, lead them, and they will do great.

Do what you can do can first. Think, what relies on YOU? Inspire.

Keep Your Goals in Mind and Earn It

Keep that goal in mind. You’re going to earn it, earn that retreat. All that hard work is going to pay off. Put down each month where you need to be. And evaluate. 

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Look at that credit amount. Break it down. How many customers, how many Ambassadors? See people’s names. These are friends, these are family. They are people. Businesses are built on relationships, not products. I can show you how.

And as you’re breaking down your goals, don’t get deflated. Don’t lose enthusiasm if you slip up and miss a goal one month. YOU can do this. I’ll be there to help. So if you want this, check it out, message me, or comment below. Because this truly is an opportunity. An opportunity to earn better health, earn rewards for hard work, and be your own boss. 

Someone Is Going to Earn This, Why Not You?

Someone is going to earn this! Why not you? No matter how your team is doing right now, no matter where you are right now, if you break down your goals and keep an abundance mindset. A winning mindset. Rewards for your hard work? You CAN earn it.

You’ve got this within you. You can do this!

Share your goals with friends. Go public with it. Share! You need a team- you’ll have that, but you’ll also want accountability and support. With my team, you’ll have that too. So if you want to join us, get healthy, earn prizes, read up on it, and take a leap of faith, do so. You can earn it! Be rewarded.

Prizes to Be Announced

On June 20, the prizes are going to be announced. The destination is going to be announced. Take pictures, set goals. It is attainable! Why not you? Why not now?

Good luck and blessings!

You got this.

And to join my team, message me, comment below, and read up on this amazing opportunity to work from home while improving your health and the health of your friends and family.

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