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Social Media Success Tips for Network Marketing

Your phone is the gateway to working from wherever you are. Gone are the days where you need a laptop and at home computers? Obsolete. So if you’re ready to learn how you can make an income from home, from Starbucks, or from anywhere else, let’s get started. I’m going to share some sure fire ways to have social media success in any business- but especially network marketing.

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Social Media Success

Do you have a phone in your hand? Or an iphone ready beside you? Because if you’re anything like me, your phone goes everywhere you go. And if it goes everywhere with you, it means your business can too.

Thanks to the many opportunities out there that are available to those wanting to work from home, I have the ability to make my income anywhere, at anytime. And that kind of freedom is incredible.

Sharing Health and Wellness

Are you working in your business or on your business? Because success is completely possible in every network marketing company I currently work for. For more on my specific recommendations for network marketing, check out:

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Young Living Essential Oils



Glancing at these sites and their products, you’ll readily see that all 3 deal with health and wellness products. So when you’re sharing about these products and you work with these companies, you truly are providing something to your friends and family that they need. Better health. Health on the go. Convenience. And affordability.

A lot of people see that last word and when they think of network marketing opportunities they think right the opposite. But it’s just not true. Network marketing in the health and wellness arena is completely affordable because all of the companies I work for? Their products WORK. And that means for many, many people, myself included, these products are game changing. 

And the financial opportunity they present? Priceless.

I get paid to buy my health and wellness products. Do you? And if you don’t, then you need to sign up with one of these companies. And then you need to start sharing about how they have changed your life with these social media success tips.

Why I Share

I’m always willing and ready to help 2, 3, or 10 more friends grab this same opportunity that’s changed my life. Because network marketing pays based on merit. If you work hard and you work smart, you’ll earn. And that’s far better than working hourly- which I did for years.

I share these opportunities on social media success forums, in my Facebook groups, on my Pinterest, and Instagram and Twitter because I want to get the word out that these are for real. If you think network marketing is a scam, well none of my companies are that. I wouldn’t work for them if they were because I have integrity. And I wouldn’t share them if they were because I wouldn’t want my friends and family roped in if I’d made a mistake.

I share because the products work. The community and team is incredible. I have mentors in each company that are willing to help me achieve higher and better. And at least two of these companies are faith based- which matters to me.

I don’t compromise my morals. I’m not compromising quality or myself in working for them. I’m sharing products that help me stay healthy and active. And the business side allows me to stay home with my kids and spend every holiday, weekend, and evening home with them. And I share because I want the same for all of my friends and family. I share, because I care.

Sweetening the Deal

More than once I’ve sweetened the deal for those closest to me. Starting a conversation, that’s free. Getting more information or hearing my story on why I started, that’s free. As it should be.

But I also work for companies that routinely offer FREE or up to 50% off start up costs! Meaning you can start your own business for under $100. That’s incredible!

You can’t do that with any franchise. Not where they’ll set you up with a site. And not where they’ll give you a team and shareable graphics for social media. Not where you’ll have an entire team working with and for you, for your success. Only in network marketing can you find that.

And again, with social media success tips I’ve gleaned, I’m able to make an income while getting healthy. Working from my phone. Working from anywhere. Making my own hours- which I LOVE.

And I’ve worked for a total of 5 network marketing companies, and I can only sing praises for the 3 I’m currently with.

Young Living, ItWorks, and Plexus for the community, the products, and the inspiration. 

Social Media Success: How Does It Work?

Are you interested in learning how to earn an extra monthly income from your phone by playing on social media? I’m talking, are you willing to learn how to earn unlimited weekly bonuses? Are you wanting to earn shopping sprees, vacations, and free products? Because if so, I’ll mentor you. I’m willing to teach you what I know and guide you through your entire journey because I want to help you be successful.

More often than not, I’m telling you. I have free or discounted enrollment codes to join. That means membership for a YEAR is free- or very nearly free. And I offer them because if I knew my life would change the way it has by saying yes? I’d have willingly pay thousands- but you shouldn’t have to. And thanks to these generous companies, you never will.

FOMO- Just Say No

Web Hosting

Are you afraid of missing out? Don’t let this pass you by!

I’m ready if you are! And I’m willing to walk you through the entire process on how you can work from you phone, have social media success, and start earning an income. So here are some tips for those of you wanting to make the jump but in your head, you’re like “I literally just joined! What do I do now?” Here’s how to get started the RIGHT WAY with network marketing on social media.

Beginners Guide to Earning an Income From Home

First, let everyone you know know that you’ve started this journey! Call them, text them, or if it seems too personal, go on social media and make a status to grab peoples attention. Post with or without a selfie, with or without the product, but let the world know that you’ve started this journey and that you’re excited! And to stay tuned!

Believe me, everyone loves a happy ending. A success story. So take before and after pics. Post about how excited you are to try a new product or sip on a new shake. Post descriptive messages so the reader- your friends- will know what it’s like. Why you like it, how it tastes, how much you’re glad you started. 

Get them in on the excitement and start building it. Because the next step?

Training is Essential

You’re going to be learning a new skill- believe it or not. And if that surprises you, it shouldn’t. But it can be fun, and it will be worth it. So complete ALL of the training! And then some.

A lot of companies I work for have apps specifically designed to help you run your business. Not to mention a back office. And training units within our facebook groups.

That seems like a lot because it is. A LOT of valuable information that will help you start your business right! So take advantage of ALL of it.

Next, do not underestimate the power of learning from those who have gone before you. There is a wealth of information on YouTube from top ambassadors who are crushing it in their business. Get into the habit of watching a tip a day from some of the top stars or gems in your chosen company and make personal development a daily to do.

Personal Development

Social media success and the success of your business is dependent on you. Yes, you. Not your upline- although they can be fabulous. And if you join my team, I can guarantee I will share tips and tricks with you, everything I know because I truly care about your success as an entrepreneur. I have groups dedicated to my team and dedicated to the companies I work for, so when you join, I’ll reach out and connect you.

Personal development. I mentioned this needs to be a daily task. Because if you’re not at your best and constantly working to become better, I can assure you the people above you are.

Start reading. And if you need a top 10 list, contact me. There are HUNDREDS of excellent books out there. And if you don’t like reading or you don’t have time, then multitask with Audible

Audible is absolutely amazing. You can get 2 free books a month with your membership and listen to them as you go about your daily life. It truly has made all the difference for me in fitting in personal development into my busy schedule. I love Audible.

You can listen in your car, on the way to work, while you’re working out, or washing dishes. Take it with you via your phone, too, just download the app. It truly does pay for itself 10x over if you use it. So use it!

Prospecting the Traditional Way

Prospecting and recruiting. Most of us hate this task. But, traditionally, it has to happen.

There are other ways of reaching out and connecting with recruits- which I’ve alluded to in my post about Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is an online method of attracting potential recruits WITHOUT cold calls, and without awkward conversations. It is amazing when utilized, and there’s actually a way to get paid for doing it EVEN IF people don’t join your company. But, it’s only for those who are serious about network marketing AND for those who are at least willing to START OUT doing the traditional way. 

For me, I would recommend recruiting with your warm market FIRST, but then, after you’ve gotten a taste of the good life and you’re ready to put your all into network marketing and break free of the 9-5, invest in Attraction Marketing. It is fabulous. But first.

Your warm market prospects. These are people you know, love, and trust, and who feel the same about you.

Make a list of all the people you can think of that may be interested in either joining your team OR who would benefit in your products! Trust me, when you think about being a blessing to others and how this kind of opportunity will benefit THEM, it will make your life so much easier and your job all the more worth while. It helps so much.

Web Hosting

And this list? It’s all your friends, family, coworkers, your children’s teachers, daycare assistants, everyone that would benefit. Really, it’s everyone you know. And realizing that? Seeing that list with all the names of your loved ones sitting there staring you in the face? It’s a game changer. Because in making that list, it’s going to hit you what an opportunity this truly is. It’s a life changer in so many ways. 

So good. You’ve realized that. And it’s going to light a fire under you. Because you, my dear, have something of value. That can ADD value to the life of everyone you know. Either as an opportunity or the product. Which is why I specifically joined health and wellness companies that operate with integrity. Boom!

Companies Worth Joining

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I joined health and wellness companies for a variety of reasons. But of the 5 network marketing companies I’ve been a part of, I can only sing the praises of these 3. And it’s because of the products they offer, and the opportunities they present. 

Company A) Toxin Free Living Products for You, Your Home, Your Family and Your Pets

Company B) Gut Health, Energy, Balance, and Weight Loss

Company C) Weight Loss, Skinny Wraps, and Keto Coffee– aka, Fuel for your Brain and Body

And I love all of these companies for various reasons. Two are faith based. I’m enamored with the supportive, success driven team atmospheres, and I love the products because they all WORK.

But you know what? If these opportunities weren’t paying my bills and weren’t providing me opportunities for advancement as well as a way to get MY products for FREE? I should leave. I should. And I’d advise you to, too. Because network marketing as it’s typically done is draining. And to read more on how to change the game with Attraction Marketing, here’s my post on that

Setting Goals to Build Your Business

Setting goals. You’ve to do it. You’ve got to have a plan to succeed. So after you’ve done your training, taken notes, and learned a lot- or better yet, WHILE you’re doing that, set your second goal of dinging your first 4 loyal customers in your first 30 days. I say second goal because the first was to make a post about starting this journey. And don’t just do one and done. Keep going. Be inspired. And be inspiring. You want people in on the goodness, the opportunity, the health and wellness journey. You want them here with you.

So after posting and training, or while you’re doing all that, pull up that inspirational list of who all would benefit from this. The opportunity and the products- because that’s everyone. And start messaging.

Web Hosting

Social media success means being on social media sharing. 

Message all the people you just put on that list. Start the conversation, or a conversation. One of many, because a team? It’s ongoing. Just like learning, you’re always building. Becoming better.

Start telling your friends about this great new adventure and journey you’ve just started. You’re going all in with an all natural health and wellness company, and you know they’d be interested in supporting you, so ask them to join you! Do this one thing, and you’ll get your first 4 customers in this first month. Because your friends and family are people that want to help and support you!

Social Media Success Tip: Grow!

Your friends and family on social media. You may have a hundred, you may have a few hundred or a thousand. Your next step though? Clean up your social media. 

From now on, this is your brand. You are your brand. And your social media profiles? They represent you and your company. They represent your values, your personality. So clean it up. Nothing inappropriate or off color or offensive. Think, professional. Same thing would go for if you were wanting a job outside the home. Clean it up, buttercup.

Then, you’re ready to start growing. Growing your audience is all a part of your social media success strategy.

Race yourself to add 500 new people on social media, every month- or sooner! The more the better. I think Facebook currently taps out at 5,000, so your goal? Get to 5,000. Doesn’t have to be all at once. Quality over quantity in fact.  And do it where it’s not completely random. Think on this.

If you’re friends with someone you love and trust, look at their friends. Who do you have in common between you? Think church, think youth group, think college. Expand your network because it’s crucial to expanding your business.

Add 500 every month. Start this month. The reason is is that the more friends the more people you’re impacting. The more people you’re in front of and being able to help. Some people will get it immediately, the need for this. Others, it may take time, no matter how close to you they are. Warm up to them, don’t give up on them. They just have to take time to see that they NEED what you have. This opportunity. And a health and wellness journey to bettering themselves. 

Remember: The reason I joined 3 network marketing groups? They all offer something a little different- but all of them offer something of value. 

Rejection hurts, and I know it’s disheartening for those of us who truly want to help others with our products. We truly care about others getting healthy- at least I do. So a variety is good because everyone is looking for something different. My companies?

Company A) Chemical Free Living

Company B) Gut Health

Company C) Weight Loss and Keto Coffee

There’s something for everyone because everyone wants to be healthy. So think about which opportunity matches your friend or family member’s goals. And then offer.

Facebook Tips

Start posting! Just do it. Because if you’re not posting, your business is closed! You can’t grow if no one knows you exist.

Get in the habit of posting 6 or so times a day. 3 at a minimum, at least initially.

It’s not all about the products either. It’s really all about people and relationships. But. Post a product post, then a lifestyle post of value. Always offer up value. This is about trust and building a brand of which YOU, a person, are a part of.

Be genuine. Be authentic. Let your friends know your heart. If you truly want to help them, they’ll hear that. So offer value and don’t be shy.


This may sound counter intuitive, but this is a business. Work it like a business, and you’ll get paid as a business. So get in the habit of every day working a little.

Web Hosting

Yes, we’re all about breaking free of the 9-5, but this is still a job and there’ still work to be done. Hard work and putting in some every day is actually biblical- minus the Sabbath.

So get in the habit of dedicating at least 1-2 hours a day to your business. This is crucial to your social media success and your business success. Consistency pays off.

So what is a power hour? It’s an hour you dedicate to social media. To your business.

Interact on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. It’s your choice (I personally like Facebook). Interact by liking, reacting and commenting on your friends’ posts. And there’s several ways to do that. Gifs, actually comments, emojis, something. Be encouraging, be supportive, and be kind.

Post a status yourself, and it can be a question, a survey, or something general. Then get in the habit of messaging everyone who likes and comments on your posts. Build those relationships and offer value! Message, comment, interact, and add EVERY DAY. Power hours!

Growing Your Business with Social Media Success Tips

Your business and your success should never stop if you’re doing these things. Keep learning.

Always be on the look out for supportive groups on Facebook and learn from YouTube videos of those who are higher up than you are. Learn from them. Listen to them. Be coachable. And if you’d love to join one of my teams, I’m offering to mentor you myself and share with you everything I know. I want you to be successful. I want this to be a game changer for you. There are NO quick sales, NO one and done’s in my business. 

These are your friends and family and we’re a team! Successful together, so let’s rise!

And again. My companies that I recommend? Figure out what you’re passionate about, and join. I’ll be with you all the way.

Web Hosting

Company A) Chemical Free Living for Your Home, Friends, and Family

Company B) Gut Health and Weight Loss

Company C) Weight Loss and Keto Coffee

Find me on social media, comment below, or email me at if you have any questions.

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