Shower Melts
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DIY Shower Melts

Shower Melts

Shower melts are a great way to end your day whenever find yourself craving a little “me” time after a long day at work. Perfect for the responsible adult who wants a way to wind down naturally, without the aid of medicine or alcohol, so they opt instead for a steamy shower, followed by some comforting apple cider or a calming lavender spritzer.

If this sounds like you, then these quick and easy, DIY shower melts are a dream!

DIY Shower Melts

Combine with a cup of Chai made with a combination of oils like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, and you’ve got the makings of a wonderful evening in!

Essential Oils in Every Day Life

I’ve been playing around with several essential oil combinations these past few weeks from my premium starter kit but if I’m honest with myself, I almost wish I had started with one of the more product specific kids, like the Ningxia Red or the Savvy Minerals for all the fashionistas out there. As it is, I’ve had several oils to choose from in making these wonderful shower melts, and have made quite the variety already! DIY Shower Melts Young Living

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While my kids have really enjoyed the lavender ones that match the scent of their shampoo and conditioner, I made some Panaway ones for my husband and myself. I found some really cute heart shaped molds via Amazon, too, although the kids have a silicon ginger bread man style mold that we’ve been using for theirs.

Shower Melts

I assure you, if I can pull off making these shower melts in under 15 minutes, you can too, they are just that easy! With only 3 ingredients, they’re not only an excellent self care item to make at home, they would also make awesome gifts- just be save a few for yourself to enjoy after all this “hard work”! Seriously- the hardest part about this project was simply trying to decide which oil I wanted to use first.

I narrowed it down to just PanAway for this particular recipe,  as I find the peppermint to be perfect no matter where my day took me, but as I mentioned above, you can use just about any of the oils that came in the premium starter kit, whether you want the smell of cloves and lemon, like in Thieves, or Stress Away– a mix of vanilla and lime.

DIY Shower Melts Recipe

To make 12 of these melts, you need the following:

2 cups Baking Soda

1/2 cup water

25 drops (more or less) of your favorite essential oil- I used PanAway!

Simply mix the baking soda and water until smooth, stirring frequently (you may need to add more water, depending on the size of your molds, and how thick or runny the solution is. You’re ultimately aiming for the consistency of a sand castle, or kinetic sand. This should take mere minutes.

After you’ve got the sand consistency going, add in the oil. Remember, the more drops you add, the stronger the scent that will be released in the shower. So if you have a subtle oil, like lavender, and you want to really have that lavender scent envelope you after a long day, add more than the 25- it’s all about your preference. Same goes for a stronger scent like PanAway. The peppermint isn’t as subtle as the lavender, so if you find you’d like less, add less.

After adding your desired amount of oil, simply spoon the mixture into the molds, making sure to pack it down around the edges.

Then? Just let them air dry- approximately 24 hours.

Once they are completely dry, the silicon molds allow for easy access as they will just pop right out.

Store in a cute, air tight container on the vanity, and voila! Reach for one any time you desire to add a little something extra to your evening routine.


Bath Bombs

Ready Made Bath Bombs

For those of you who are crunched for time, we at The Blessed And Busy Family understand. Thankfully, Young Living, our essential oil company of choice, also offers many pre-made options to relax in the bath- including these AMAZING Stress Away and Lavender Bath Bombs! Pick one up today, and let us know your thoughts!

We hope you liked this super simple recipe! And for those of you interested in purchasing essential oils so you can do it yourself at home, feel free to check out this link:

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