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She’s Coming for YOU, 2018!

Hey Guys!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, part of my vision for The Blessed And Busy Family has always been to give kudos where they’re due.

And when it comes to my friend Kim McCloskey, of Kim McCloskey Fitness, and Team Fit with Faith, kudos are due by the truck load!

This girl is an inspiration in so many ways!

Not only is she a mom of two beautiful kiddos, and married to her fellow church volunteer, she’s also been busting her tail for two years now to grow a business from home!

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See, in addition to being a certified hot yoga instructor, and fitness enthusiast, Kim also works from home as a Coach with Team BeachBody!

You can check out more about that at her site, www.kimfitwithfaith.com or reach out to her about joining her team at kimfitwithfaith@gmail.com!



While I wanted to take this opportunity to shine some light on both Kim and her business,  I also wanted you all to hear in HER words, why finding balance in regards to life, work, and family is not just possible, but also vitally important!

And so, with her permission, I’ve copied a couple of exerts from her Facebook page, Facebook.com/KimFitWithFaith

Check it out, and see for yourself what all God has done for, and through her! <3


The “most wonderful time of the year” is also the busiest, most chaotic and often hard times of year for many people.

Between shopping, parties, grief, traveling, volunteering and everything in between, we all have a lot on our plates. It’s the easiest time of year to get lost in the shuffle, to let the hustle and bustle take over to the point that we don’t even enjoy the season.
In my new accountability group starting December 11th I will be help YOU find balance amidst the chaos, create a morning routine to calm yourself and begin the day with stillness, stick to a yoga or cardio workout routine that can travel wherever you do, and eat your holiday favorites in moderation so you don’t pack on weight that will leave you feeling even worse for the holidays!
This is the hardest time of year to stay on track so accountability is more important now than ever! Whether you’re doing your own workouts and just want the group support, need a convenient superfoods meal on the go to help you stay on track despite travel and an extra busy schedule, or need workouts that can be done more conveniently than getting to the gym, I would love to help you! Email Kimfitwithfaith@gmail.com with subject line “21 Days of FitMas” for info!
This year, give yourself the gift of health in mind, body and spirit so you can truly ENJOY the most magical time of the year! 🎄

Sometimes we all feel like life is burying us and we wonder what the heck God is doing or if he fell asleep on the job. This is such a good reminder to shift our perspective!
Anxiety, financial distress, challenging kiddos, the loss of a loved one, health issues…. these things aren’t happening TO us, they are happening FOR us. The challenging conditions and circumstances we encounter help us GROW! 🌱
God plants us where he wants us to help us become more like HIM and discover HIS purposes for our lives. Don’t just GO through it, GROW through it. 🌱

There’s a girl inside of me who has always known she was meant to shine, to inspire, to do big things with her life. But she was so scared to leave her mom, to try new things, to fail. Her mom was always encouraging her, calming her fears, pointing her to Jesus, until one day in 2003 when cancer took her life and she wasn’t able to do that anymore.
That day, my world came crashing down and I thought I would never be happy again. Life was so hard for so long. My mom died in my senior year of high school, when I should’ve been applying to colleges. But I decided to stay home with my dad and commute to the closest college. I didn’t want to spread my wings and fly when my wings had just been clipped. All I wanted to do was stay close to the nest, to cling to any scrap of my former life I could.
But that didn’t work. Things continued to change. Life went on. I struggled to find myself, my purpose, in a world without the woman who brought me into it. If I’m honest, I’m still struggling without her encouragement, guidance, compassion and understanding. I still don’t really know what I was put here to do. I still doubt the greatness inside of me daily. I still feel like that little girl, needing her mom to cling to, to encourage her and reassure her before she spreads her wings to fly.
But that’s the role GOD wants to fill in my life. He is aching to hold me, encourage me, believe in me and cheer me on, I just never let him. I’m too busy looking for people here on Earth to do it, when the one who created the Earth and created ME is right here by my side.
When Jesus gave his life to pay for our sins, he did not do it just so we could go to heaven. He did it so we could experience newness of life NOW, to feel the relief of a fresh start. “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly.”John 10:10
Today, I am laying my hurts, my fears, my anxiety, my agenda and my dreams at his feet. To fill me with HIS love and HIS purpose. After 31 years of questioning and doubting, TODAY I begin again!

Kinda surreal to take that in and realize it’s actually true. A girl full of fear, self-doubt and heartache over a husband who was never around who prayed big, took a leap of faith and worked hard to change things! 👊🏻

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now…. a house, another baby, a husband home on weekends and holidays. I am so grateful for answered prayers and the one who answers them.

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