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Scented Pine Cones

When it starts getting cooler, I start fantasizing about seasonal scents. In autumn, the smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon. In winter, peppermint, cedarwood, and blue spruce. I start dreaming of having these scents in my home, and potpourri doesn’t always cut it. Slicing oranges, pulling out a couple of cinnamon sticks, boiling the water. Who has time for all that on a regular basis? Not I.

And so, I normally turn to essential oils. They’re quick and easy to use, I just pop the top and drip a drop or two into the diffuser.

Diffuser Blends v. Potpourri

Diffuser blends are so magical in that with adding just a drop or two more of one particular scent, it can change the blend entirely. Take these Autumn Blends, for instance. For an oatmeal cookie, you’d need 5 drops Stress Away, 3 drops Cinnamon Bark, and 1 drop Nutmeg. By adding Orange though, it would change this considerably. Or if you took out the Stress Away entirely and replaced it with the orange. Easy Peasy. And so fragrant.

Being a Young Living distributor, I recently bought my SECOND premium starter kit. Okay, to be fair, the hubby bought it for me as a birthday gift because he loves me <3 But to also be fair, I’d already used ALL of the first starter kit, in its entirety.

I received a YL magazine with my recent order called Essential Oils, too (go figure).

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In this particular edition, featuring, among other things, “Delightfully Delicious Desserts”, it had a lot of DIY projects and gift ideas to make good use of your starter kit oils (and others).

One of the DIY crafts mentioned was Scented Pine Cones.

But where are all the Pine Cones?



Being from Georgia originally, pine cones are everywhere. But in a previous post, I mentioned how my kids and I were going to make bird feeders recently, yet in our current home location, no pine trees were to be found, and so we improvised with kumquats (yes, we really did).





For this particular craft though, Scented Pine Cones, pine cones are absolutely essential, but trust me, the end product is worth it.

DIY Scented Pine Cones

You’ll need:

Several pine cones

Paper grocery bag (no, plastic will NOT do)

Essential oil of choice (I chose Peppermint)


Make sure your cones are fairly clean of any debris (and creepy crawlies) then lay them on a foil or parchment lined cookie sheet.

Bake them in the oven at 200 for about half an hour.

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Remove them from the oven and allow to cool completely before transferring to the paper grocery sack.

Then sprinkle 30 drops of your favorite oil, or oils, into the pile of cones, and close tightly.

Leave them unattended for about 1-2 weeks, and in this case, patience is truly a virtue, as the longer you allow them to set, the stronger and better the smell 🙂

What oil will you be using, or have you used previously, on this project?

Comment your favorite blends to share with others!

Enjoy <3



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