Plexus, the makers of Slim, bring you a better gut, better mood, better you in a bottle. Vitalbiome.

Plexus XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome

Yesterday, I spoke on the foundation of a healthy gut and how Plexus Triplex can help. I explained how if your gut is out of whack, it impacts your health in many areas including your respiratory system, immune system, your skin, and even your mental health, and physical well being. And I also spoke on how if you’re new to Plexus, the Plexus Triplex is the foundation. It’s the best place to start for laying the foundation for a healthy gut- and new ambassadors can grab it for a special introductory price of only $99. Now, let’s talk about Plexus Xfactor Plus and Vitalbiome.

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Plexus XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome

If you consider Plexus Triplex as the foundation, then it would make sense that Plexus XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome would be the ground floor!

That’s because after seeing success with the Plexus Triplex that consists of Plexus Slim, BioCleanse, and ProBio5, people are quick to add two more products to their regimen. And those two products are Plexus XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome. 

Once I share the benefits of adding these two to your daily supplement routine, with or without Plexus Triplex, you’re sure to fall in love with them! 

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Before I share the benefits of XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome together, let’s talk about Vitalbiome by itself!

So what makes Vitalbiome so incredible? 
For starters, vitalbiome is a wonderful probiotic. But while ProBio5 is a general probiotic as well, let’s discuss their differences. 

  • Vitalbiome is made of 8 clinically-documented strains of good bacteria, proven to help improve your health and mood! 
  • Vitalbiome helps reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and frustration/anger (hence why many of our users consider it our “happy pill”) 
  • It reduces gastrointestinal distress like gas, bloating, and discomfort)
  • It helps rebalance your gut but adding in those good kinds of bacteria
  • And, it helps stabilize your stress hormones and promotes relaxation. Wow!

Vitalbiome also helps PREVENT bad pathogens from adhering to the lining in our guts and colonizing. A bad pathogen is considered something that can make us sick. And believe it or not, we’re all exposed to pathogens daily —everything from our tap water, food, cleaning supplies, and hygiene items contain pathogens.

Which explains why upping our good bacteria through a supplement like Vitalbiome is so important. 

XFactor Plus

Now for XFactor Plus.

XFactor Plus is your mega powerhouse multivitamin, and it’s ideal for both men and women! And for those interested in joining Plexus as an ambassador, XFactor Plus is available in a combo with both Plexus Slim (a drink clinically proven to aid in weight loss) and Vitalbiome for only $99!

It is currently the ONLY fully methylated multivitamin on that market. And it’s formulated with aloe.

Adding aloe to this multi allows your body to absorb nutrients more easily. Up to 300% more easily than other vitamins, in fact! 

So what exactly is in XFactor Plus? Well, it delivers over 50 naturally occurring trace minerals and 19 essential vitamins. And the benefits to that kind of powerhouse nutrition is:

  • XFactor Plus helps supports healthy immune function
  • it supports healthy bone and muscle function
  • supports healthy blood pressure levels
  • protects against free radical damage such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, etc.
  • it boosts energy levels
  • increases metabolism
  • promotes mental clarity
  • helps promote concentration
  • improves mood
  • and supports healthy collagen levels  in your hair, skin, and nails

XFactor Plus Continued

Xfactor Plus great for so many reasons. But it’s especially excellent for women going through menopause. This is because XFactor Plus can help:

  • reduce hot flashes
  • help support bone density
  •  the black currant in XFactor Plus helps with vision (specifically night vision) AND decreases inflammation
  • helps treat osteoarthritis
  • helps you build muscle
  • strengthens cognitive ability
  • helps with muscle coordination
  • and, it can increase estrogen in post-menopausal women

Plexus XFactor Plus and VitalBiome Benefits

As you can see, Plexus XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome are incredible. Both with the Plexus Triplex combo or alone. 

With so many great reasons to start taking a multivitamin and powerful probiotic, which one do you think you’ll start first? If you’re interested in becoming a Plexus Ambassador, you can read my post on why I think it’s a great way to transform not only your family’s health, but your finances as well. Or, you can always check out my site on how to enroll as a Plexus Ambassador and score over 60% off one of our combos in a Welcome Pack.

Healthy Gut. Happy You. With Plexus XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome.

Health and Happiness. Health and Wellness. Start Plexus Today. With Plexus XFactor Plus and Vitalbiome.


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