Learn how to become a Plexus Ambassador so you too can be a Plexus Slim before and after success story! Get weight loss tips and weight loss motivation from a Plexus Ambassador. #Plexus #PlexusSlim #HealthyHolisticLiving #WeightLossTips #ReachYourGoals #BestWorkFromHomeJobsForMoms
Plexus,  Working From Home

Plexus: Get Paid to Get Healthy

Want to get paid to get healthy? We all do! Want to work from home? Yes, please! Want to do both at the same time?! Cue Plexus. Because yes, getting healthy while earning a paycheck is possible.

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links meaning if you click on a link, I may receive a small compensation at NO COST to you. Bear in mind, I only recommend products I myself use or believe in.*

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Get Paid to Get Healthy as a Plexus Ambassador

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I want to eat clean, have more energy, possibly lose weight, and decrease inflammation” then Plexus is probably for you! The infamous pink drink, Plexus Slim, is the signature drink of the healthy and skinny.

Plexus, the Health and Happiness company is always looking for ambassadors.

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And while I’m often heard singing the praises about blogging and how blogging can afford you the lifestyle you desire as it has so many others, there’s more than one way to earn an income from home. Starting a blog is just one of many ways you can earn an income from home. Network marketing through a health and wellness company like Plexus is another way to earn extra cash.

Become a Brand Ambassador with Plexus

I’ve been a part of a total of five MLM, or multi level marketing, companies in just as many years. Crazy right? But here’s the thing. I’m still with only two of them. And I’ve been with these two for a while. Not because I’m getting rich peddling their products, but because I actually use the products and LOVE them.

Can you imagine getting paid for sharing your favorite vitamins? Favorite probiotics? Your favorite caffeine free energy drink that actually stabilizes blood sugar instead of having it plummet? That’s Plexus!

I’ve fallen in love with Plexus’s line of healthy supplements and I’m all about sharing that love with every single person I know. It’s because Plexus has made a difference in my life, and I’d love to see it do the same for my loved ones.

Plus, not only does Plexus offer great products, they offer an amazing compensation plan!

Become a Plexus Ambassador and Share the Love

What am I selling, or more precisely, what am I sharing? Because in network marketing we’re all about sharing and education. Educating others about a different, better way, to live life and make an income. A healthier way.

With Plexus, I’m not about making a quick buck. And by the way, if you’re looking to make a quick sale and say goodbye to the person you’ve just sold to? You’ll FAIL as a brand ambassador. Because it’s not about a quick sale. It’s about relationships.

A brand ambassador thrives on relationships. Growing their business alongside their loved ones. The business is all about relationships. It’s about building a mansion from the ground up- not a stick building.

What I mean is, it takes time. And it takes people. We’ll succeed together or fail together. But one thing is certain. You’re not going to get better if you simply stay where you are.

The Plexus Opportunity

With Plexus, you have an opportunity. The opportunity to get healthier and earn a paycheck while doing it. Sharing.

You don’t have to be an extrovert to share, but you do have to love people more than you fear interacting with them.

For an introvert like me, that means I do a lot of sharing via social media. I post pictures of me and my kids drinking our pink drinks, taking our daily  multivitamins, and I plug friends and family that express interest in getting healthy into our inspirational stories groups. In these groups, real people like you and me share how Plexus has changed their lives for the better.

Exhausted moms who wanted to contribute to their family’s finances but didn’t want to sacrifice time raising their babies? They’re there.

Moms who were living off coffee and still dragging through their day (that was me) are finding relief in these products! That could be you!

Friends with PCOS, TBIs, who are overweight, emotional, depressed, and feeling lost or stuck in their current lives? They have found an outlet with Plexus and are sharing their story with others and creating bonds! That kind of story is a feel good story- and it could be yours!

Plexus is often thought of as a weight loss company, but that’s only because as people get healthier, that’s often a by product. A side effect of getting healthy is dropping to a healthier weight. For some who are underweight, it does right the opposite. Because Plexus is about achieving balance in your gut. And gut health matters.

Plexus and Gut Health Facts

More and more research is being done on the effect gut health has on the rest of the body.

A carb laden diet is not the answer. Sugar is not the answer. In fact, sugary cereals and sweet breads are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of why so many people’s guts are leaking and hurting.

Google gut health or leaky gut and you’ll see page after page of research on the effects a Western diet is having on all of America’s health and waistline.

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A healthy gut is tied to a strong immune system. It’s tied to better sleep, better digestion, and improved mood, for starters.

And cutting out foods, limiting unfiltered tap water, and avoiding an excess of antibiotics, which wipe out good bacteria, may not be enough.

In order to get healthy and reverse the effects of a leaky gut, we have to heal the gut.

Probiotics, like those found in Plexus, can help. As can their microbiome focused pink drink.

Is Plexus for You?

If your one goal in life is to become rich while looking out for number one, sorry. Plexus is not for you. We’re selective about the kinds of ambassadors and types of people we take on.

If you’re out for numero uno, we don’t want you. But, if you do have a heart for helping others get healthy and possibly earn a paycheck while doing it, we’d love to have you!

See, Plexus is looking for people people. People who genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of others. People who want to look better and feel better, and help their friends and family do so, too.

And yes, there’s compensation involved. And while Plexus if far from a get-rich-quick-scheme, there is money to be made for those that have a heart for this business.

The great thing about network marketing too is, that if you’re going to get rich, why not get rich alongside friends and family? Get your family and friends  involved. Have them join you on your health and wellness journey.

While Plexus makes no promises about income, there’s also no income ceiling.

Plexus Products

Whether you’re looking to try and improve energy levels, add a healthy does of protein to your diet, or just wanting to balance your blood sugar to prevent those afternoon crashes, Plexus can help.

Personally, I’m most excited about their new MetaBurn they just released last month. It is said to help support fat burning, promote energy, and improve mood, and who doesn’t want all of that? Sign me up!

If you’re interested in making an income from home and getting healthier alongside friends and family, then Plexus may be for you! Comment below with an email address for more info, or click one of the above links.

I’d love to have you join my team. And I’d love for you to experience the freedom that working from home, and getting healthier, provides.

Comment below or email me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

*Plexus statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not meant to cure or diagnose disease. Visit Plexus to learn more.*

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Learn how to become a Plexus Ambassador so you too can be a Plexus Slim before and after success story! Get weight loss tips and weight loss motivation from a Plexus Ambassador. #Plexus #PlexusSlim #HealthyHolisticLiving #WeightLossTips #ReachYourGoals #BestWorkFromHomeJobsForMoms

Learn how to become a Plexus Ambassador so you too can be a Plexus Slim before and after success story! Get weight loss tips and weight loss motivation from a Plexus Ambassador. #Plexus #PlexusSlim #HealthyHolisticLiving #WeightLossTips #ReachYourGoals #BestWorkFromHomeJobsForMoms




  • Malik

    Hey really great blog.. I like to say Thank you.. great post.. you are doing great job perfectly.. keep it up! and one more thing.. i got some meal plans and menus and also some diet systems which are helps to weight loss and build muscles.. if you have interest on that.. just checkout.. here is my link.. https://www.rights2gain.com hope you like that…

    • BlessedAndBusyFamily

      Hey Malik, Thanks for the kind words. I definitely appreciate it. And thanks for providing your link. 🙂 I’ll have to look into it.

  • Francis

    Hello Tara,
    The products that you are recommending are great for your personal well being. Im very interested especially in the weight management products that Plexus is offering.
    This is a very helpful article that you wrote and hopefully everyone considers that health is more important than anything else that must come first

    i will share this information

    • BlessedAndBusyFamily


      I definitely appreciate you taking the time to comment. Yes, Plexus has been a blessing to my family in so many ways. Probiotics and gut health are so very important. In recent years I’m seeing more and more research being done on the impact of the good bacteria in our guts and our mental health, too.
      And yes, sacrificing our health now ends up costing more on down the road.
      “If you think health is expensive, consider the cost of disease.” Very true. 🙂

    • BlessedAndBusyFamily

      Leigh, Definitely! I’ve personally done essential oils, Beachbody, and all forms of eating healthy and exercise combinations, but Plexus really works! Who knew that gut health was so important? My link to join Plexus is https://mysite.plexusworldwide.com/Theblessedandbusyfamily where you can look around at all that Plexus has to offer, and I’d love to help you figure out what would be best for you since everyone’s different and has different goals. I normally encourage everyone to at least try the Plexus Tri plex, which is Plexus Slim to help regulate blood sugar, Bio Cleanse which is to help remove unhelpful bacteria, and ProBio 5 which helps restore GOOD bacteria. They’ve done experiments where they place ProBio 5 in yogurt and let it set for a day or two and it eats the lactose and breaks down those enzymes which is INCREDIBLE! Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook @ http://www.Facebook.com/TheBlessedAndBusyFamily/ if you have any questions or email me @ TheBlessedAndBusyFamily@gmail.com Again, I want to help you choose what’s best for you and help you reach your goals to become healthier! And, for April, every new ambassador gets THREE FREE ENROLLMENT CODES to share with friends and family! Message me for yours so you don’t have to pay the annual enrollment fee ($39.95 value!!!) AND you’ll get $10 off a $199 Welcome pack of your choice if you’re interested. Looking forward to helping you on your health and wellness journey 🙂

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