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Is Plexus about weight loss? Well, yes, that too. Because weight loss happens to be a happy side effect of getting healthier for a lot of us. While we are not a ‘weight loss company’ Plexus Slim, aka our pink drink, actually is clinically proven to help you lose weight! And while I’d love to tell you that the Health and Happiness company is about getting healthy from the inside out, and it’s about balance, I’d venture to say that a LOT of people care more about their weight and fitting into a certain size than perhaps some other health issues! Would you agree?

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Plexus and Weight Loss

A lot of my friends, me included, have actually lost weight while on Plexus. Not just Plexus Slim, although as I mentioned it is clinically proven to help you lose weight- hence the name. But also our other Plexus products too. And you know why? Because with Plexus, it’s about getting healthy. It’s about nutrition and balance and gut health- all that.

When you balance the body to create healthy functions, yes, you’re bound to lose weight if you were at an unhealthy one. Yes! And yes, we have some amazing products you can add to your regimen to aid in weight loss! Here are some of those products: 


Metaburn is a revolutionary multi-action blend that helps boost metabolism. I have personally taken this in conjunction with Plexus Slim and saw AMAZING results. I dropped almost to a size two and kicked my coffee habit completely while taking the two in combination.

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Metaburn helps reduce stubborn fat from hips, thighs and waist. It also helps support healthy energy and mood. Yay! And that’s actually why I started taking it- for energy and mood. I’m also on Vitalbiome as well due to the mood boosting benefits. Both are through Plexus.

What sets Metaburn apart is that it features a unique blend of exotic botanicals, adaptogens, and extracts. This all natural combination offers a ton of benefits when taken as a part of a healthy diet including exercise. 

Benefits include better-fitting clothes. Fewer pounds on the scale. Plus, with a mild energy boost, you’re sure to be in a more positive mood and have  sharper mental focus while on Metaburn.

By the way, Metaburn comes in SEVERAL of our amazing Welcome Packs at 60% savings when you sign up as an Ambassador! Or, you can buy it by itself. 


Another incredible product that’s been around a while is Accelerator. If you’ve been wanting to kick start your weight loss efforts by suppressing appetite AND increasing your metabolism, Accelerator can do just that.

It also contains 5-HTP which promotes patience- which we all could use more of, am I right? Plus, it’s a natural mood stabilizer! Win-win.


Plexus Boost is a thermogenic fat burner for those looking to decrease their body fat. But what does that even mean? It means that it boosts your heart rate and body temperature, while also suppressing your appetite and enhancing your endurance. 

Boost is best for intense exercisers. Which means it’s a great supplement for athletes and those leading otherwise active lifestyles.


Block is actually a product that several of my friends rave about, especially around the holidays. That’s because it helps control your cravings. It also helps BLOCK carbs every time you eat.

Block goes to work immediately upon taking to block the absorption of up to 48% of sugars and simple carbohydrates. This is great news for those of us who like to have our cake and eat it too. 

The clinically-tested ingredients in Block help to inhibit the production of glucose. Glucose means sugar. This in turn supports blood sugar levels already in the normal range. 

Block works by allowing the absorption of the beneficial nutrients your body needs while preventing excess intake of the things we don’t- like sugar.

With Plexus Block, you really can have your cake and eat it too. That and the icing. Because truly it’s your secret weapon.

And did I mention Block is available in a variety of Welcome Packs, too? Welcome Packs are nutritional and supplemental bundles focused on YOUR goals, whether it’s energy, weight loss, or overall health, and all of them are priced at over HALF OFF RETAIL. And they’re only available to ambassadors. Woo hoo!

Lean Protein Shakes

A lot of us love our smoothies and shakes. And shakes can be a great meal replacement full of vitamins and nutrients. Plus, they can even help you drop a few pounds without sacrificing taste, convenience, or nutrition!

With Plexus Lean, which comes in 3 delicious flavors, you can get 15 grams of satisfying, muscle-maintaining whey protein, along with 24 bioavailable vitamins and minerals!

Add in prebiotic fiber for gut health, a few essential amino acids, and your fill-you-up dietary fiber, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate healthy snack or meal replacement.

Plexus Lean is available in vanilla, chocolate, and mocha, and it’s perfect for helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Mocha is made with vegetarian protein, too, for all of us out there who don’t like the taste of whey, or can’t stomach it.

Weight Loss with Plexus

While weight loss is an excellent and much desired side effect of getting healthy, Plexus is overall about balance.

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Having said that, which of these supplements sounds like something you may want to try? Block? Lean? Accelerator? Or all?

Be sure and check out all the combinations for weight loss supplements and so much more available in our amazing Plexus Welcome Packs! All are priced at over HALF off so you get an incredible product at an incredible value.

Ready to get started with Plexus for more than just weight loss? The Plexus opportunity is something I share with EVERYONE I know because working from home has provided freedom for my family in many ways. Check out my post here on how to get started with Plexus THE RIGHT WAY. 

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