Plexus really does work! Start changing lives today! Become a Plexus Ambassador and get paid to get healthy and change lives!
Plexus,  Working From Home

Want to Become a Plexus Ambassador and Better Person? Learn How to be Confident as Both!

Does Plexus really work? Are Plexus products worth the price? How can I join Plexus and what’s the Plexus 60 Day Money Back Guarantee? These are typical questions you’ll get when friends find out you’re a Plexus ambassador and you want them to join Plexus.

What they don’t realize is that Plexus is more than a work from home opportunity (although it is that!)

It’s about getting paid to get healthy. Plexus is about balancing your blood sugar. Improving your gut health. And Plexus, the Health and Happiness Company, above all, is about becoming a healthier, happier version of you.

If you’re ready to become better from the inside out while getting paid to get healthy, sweet friend have I got an awesome deal for you. Join Plexus with me and start changing lives for the better, starting with your own friends and family. But if that’s not reason enough to join Plexus, here are some other reasons you need Plexus products in your life.

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If you were looking for a sign to join Plexus, this is it. Join Plexus. Gain friends, increase energy, improve mood, and make new friends with Plexus. The Plexus Opportunity. Get Paid to Get Healthy thanks to Plexus health benefits and gut health facts and learn how to be happy. Plus, learn how to be confident while you get paid to get healthy. Get paid to get fit with plexus slim before and after and the plexus slim benefits. Plexus as part of a sugar detox plan can improve gut bacteria and improve gut health. #affiliate

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Plexus Slim Before and After and My Plexus Slim Benefits

I was an exhausted work from home mom to six kids the summer I began Plexus.

Since I was already working from home, I wasn’t looking for another job. I joined Plexus out of desperation for a change. Sure, I wanted to get paid to get healthy. Don’t you?

But like many people, I’m sure you already have a jam packed schedule- just like me. Working, juggling priorities like your spouse, kids, extracurriculars, appointments, church- it’s a lot. So when considering that Plexus is a work from home opportunity, that aspect may not be appealing.

What was appealing to me was that it actually worked.

I Needed to Know How to Be Happy – Plexus Helped

No longer was I drinking three cups of coffee to get through my day. Plexus Slim gave me energy. Caffeine free, all natural energy. And unlike those three cups of coffee with cream and honey, and it didn’t leave me shaky afterwards.

Plexus Slim, the pink drink, was a Godsend.

You don’t realize how cranky you are when you’re without energy, until you finally have energy again! And thanks to Plexus, I was back on my game within the week. I was knocking out my to-do list. I was back playing with my kids rolling around in the carpet, going outside to play tag with them. If they asked could I go play, I could. I didn’t have to excuse myself for a hot coffee with a slow drip before picking up and going.

The pink drink was a game changer.

Click Here to Join Plexus

Plexus Health Benefits, Gut Health Facts, and Why I Became a Plexus Ambassador

Again, I wasn’t sold on another business opportunity when it came to joining Plexus ambassador status. For me, it was a simple math equation. How could I save the most money?

Become a Plexus Ambassador.

The $34.95 yearling membership to grab those deep discounts (now $39.95 yearly membership) also meant that I was welcome to a Welcome Pack. And also, I have to state here that my super sweet sponsor reimbursed me my membership price (which, by the way, if you email me and want the same deal for signing up under me with Plexus, I’d be more than happy to offer it). Just sign up here and email me your receipt for having become an ambassador at

*Limited time offer, open only to those who have never before been an ambassador and sign up under me as your sponsor with a $199 welcome pack.*

Get Paid to Get Healthy with Plexus and Work From Home

The welcome back though, let’s go back to that. A welcome pack is a $99 or $199 pack of super discounted probiotic goodness. And they come in various kinds depending on your need.

If you’re looking for Whey to lose weight, they have one for that.

Just want a balanced gut with some extra energy, try the Tri Plex combo with Plexus Slim.

Plexus has so many options, so many quality products. And believe it or not, Plexus is for everyone. As is working from home.

Get Healthy with Plexus Slim as Part of a Sugar Detox Plan

For me personally, I don’t buy a lot of sugar- not even for my kids! And truthfully, so often I think I’m doing something sweet (pun intended!) for my children in buying them a small candy as a treat, but honestly, it’s right the opposite since it’s bad for them.

Excess sugar is bad for your gut health, teeth, and really EVERYTHING. So I have to skip buying it. Can’t bring it in the house.

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Thankfully, Plexus Slim helps regulate blood sugar- so less chance of it spiking and causing those all too familiar crashes in the afternoon. I know for me it’s really helped me avoid the afternoon shakes, for which I’m thankful.

And on Wellness Wednesday this week, my friend and fellow Plexus ambassador Asia Corbin actually reminded me about the dangers of TOO MUCH SUGAR!😳

Plexus Slim Can Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

As Asia pointed out, sugar once in a while is fine (in moderation). But as a general rule you can leave it out of your diet COMPLETELY. And here’s why!

“Sugar consumption has steadily risen in recent years and the USDA now reports that the average American consumes around 150 pounds of sugar per year. [1] Sodas are a major source of refined sugars in the American diet. Energy drinks are close behind, and even fruit juices are working against us. Don’t let the word “fruit” fool you. Some of these fruit drinks are stripped of all nutrients and have more additives and sugar (as much as 90%+) than soda.”…/health-concerns-of-r…/

150 pounds of sugar?! That’s more than I weigh! And that’s way too much of a BAD thing. Which is all the more reason that if you decide to sign up under me with a $199 Welcome Pack, I’ll refund your Plexus enrollment fee of $39.95- I’m that passionate about people getting healthier!* But it’s a limited time offer.

Best Supplements for Women and Importance of Gut Health

Asia included THESE TOP REASONS that ALL OF US could stand to do without this unnecessary ingredient (sugar) in our lives.

🌿For one, sugar consumption has been linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer, inflammation, acne, depression and SO MUCH MORE (makes sense!) We could go our entire lives without sugar and be A OKAY in fact.

🌿We all know that sugar affects our GUT HEALTH! And more and more studies are justifiying the need for us to take care of our guts to get to the root of various diseases. Sugar feeds yeast and bad bacteria in our bodies. And sugar can work against all the good things we are putting in our body (like healthy foods and even supplements!).

🌿 When it comes to Plexus AND staying away from sugar and processed foods? It’s a formula success!

Best Nutritional Supplements That Improve Gut Health

This seems like such an obvious thing, but I myself have fallen into doing this  Using PLEXUS is not a cover up for eating unhealthy and avoiding exercise AH! Yes, this has been me! Guilty!

But the truth is that supplements will never take the place of healthy eating and being active! All are important for optimal health.

If you would be interested in joining Plexus, getting paid to get healthier, and start a health and wellness journey worth doing, you can click my link to join- or better yet, start a conversation. Message me, email me, or find me on social media and I”ll walk you through signing up as a Plexus ambassador, because it truly has been a game changer for my family.

To Become a Plexus Ambassador and Start Changing Lives Click Here

Or comment below for more info and I”ll be sure and send it your way.

And remember- for a limited time, if you sign up as an ambassador under my sponsor ID with a $199 Welcome Pack, I’ll refund your $39.95 registration fee! Win-win PLUS all Plexus products come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

So you have NOTHING TO LOSE except perhaps some extra weight. Go for it!

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Become a Plexus Ambassador and Get Paid to Get Fit.

Learn how to become a Plexus Ambassador so you too can be a Plexus Slim before and after success story! Get weight loss tips and weight loss motivation from a Plexus Ambassador. #Plexus #PlexusSlim #HealthyHolisticLiving #WeightLossTips #ReachYourGoals #BestWorkFromHomeJobsForMoms

Learn how to become a Plexus Ambassador so you too can be a Plexus Slim before and after success story! Get weight loss tips and weight loss motivation from a Plexus Ambassador. #Plexus #PlexusSlim #HealthyHolisticLiving #WeightLossTips #ReachYourGoals #BestWorkFromHomeJobsForMoms

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