Expert Secrets Pinterest Guide for Bloggers

Pinterest Guide for Bloggers: Includes Expert Secrets That Will Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog Via Pinterest

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Are you a blogger? If so, you need a Pinterest Guide for Bloggers. Why? Because if you’re like me, you started a blog for money. You started a blog, anticipating that you would write and they would come and the money would just start flowing in. But after months (or even years) of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice, you found yourself…. still struggling.

Struggling to drive traffic to your blog. Frustrated that you’d poured so much time and money into what was quickly becoming an expensive hobby slash FORMER business. And after a year, or perhaps years, of hard work, you were considering quitting altogether. Because your blog for money? Was a blog out of money.

Expert Secrets a Pinterest Guide

STOP! Don’t quit! If you’ve been looking for the secret to driving traffic to your blog, new or old, then read this Pinterest Guide for Bloggers. It’s the first of a several part series on how to drive traffic to your blog with PINTEREST. In essence, it is the secret expert Pinterest guide for bloggers that you’ve been looking for- and I’m sharing it only with my readers. So get comfortable, grab a pen, and let’s dive into how you too can drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog. You’re welcome.

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click these links and make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. It’s how I keep my blog up and running and supporting my family. So thank you in advance. And you can read more about my affiliate and privacy/disclosure policy here.*

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Insider Secrets on How to Drive Epic Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest

Why You Need a Pinterest Guide for Bloggers in Your Blog for Money Blog Traffic Strategy

Pinterest is a visual search engine. I’m not going to get into which vanity metrics, like Pinterest followers versus monthly views matter, but for the time being let’s assume that page views = profits in terms of a blog. Meaning, the more blog traffic, the more you’ll see an increase in sales. Now, that’s now always true, but I find it hard to believe that a blogger who gets 10+ million monthly views on Pinterest would say that page views don’t matter. If that were true, she wouldn’t be putting forth the effort required each month to get those views. See where I’m going?

If she has over 10 million people viewing her pins on Pinterest, and the majority of her pins are from her blog, and it’s monetized in at least one of the ways I described in my post on blogging for money, she’s going to have a pretty hefty cash flow coming in.

Which is why, as a blogger, you need to know about Pinterest and how to use it. You need a strategy to use this FREE RESOURCE to drive traffic to your blog. Which is another important point in and of itself. Pinterest is FREE to use. That may change in the future, but as of right now, much like YouTube, anyone can post any kind of content they like on it. And it’s driven by pictures. Visuals.

Pinterest Guide for Blogging Beginners

The Importance of Pin Worthy Visuals

I previously wrote two posts talking about the importance of making your posts pin worthy, and how to use apps like WordSwag and Canva to create pin worthy images to post. The idea behind these two posts is that important.

Your brand, your blog, your images. They all need to pop, to draw attention. While content may be king, and that’s not going to go away, visuals are probably the second biggest reason people will be drawn to your blog. The images draw them in, but the content keeps them coming back.

The importance of beautiful pin worthy images is that if you don’t have anyone drawn to your site, that content is going to sit stagnant. So invest the time to learn an app like Canva and make each pin count. For every post, a good rule of thumb is to do at least 3-4 pin worthy images to go with it.

Before I invested the time into researching what kinds of images drive traffic to your blog, I was creating some really sad, sad images. Now, even after learning what works (mostly white backgrounds for example, with pink, gold, purple, and black easy to read text) I’m sometimes surprised by the pins that people love and that go viral. Which is why I’m glad that for every post, I’ve made SEVERAL pin worth images to post along with it.

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Drive Traffic to Your Blog with These Pinterest Tips

Who Needs a Pinterest Guide for Bloggers?

Now that I’ve taken the time to research what works and what doesn’t, I’m willing to share that knowledge with other bloggers. But I’m also about to share an unpopular opinion. Blogging isn’t for everyone. Nor is Pinterest for everyone.

Well, Pinterest is for everyone who wants to see beautiful pin worthy images. But it’s not for every blogger. Say what?

This Pinterest guide for bloggers is an excellent tool. But it does require work. A lot of work. Didn’t I mention that I had to do research which involved trial and error as well as reading post after post after post and guide from other bloggers before I discovered what worked? Yeah. It is work. So if you’re wanting a get rich easy blog for money Pinterest guide, this isn’t it. But. I can almost guarantee that if you implement the strategies I’m describing here and you put in the work to create some pin worthy images, you will drive traffic to your blog.

So who exactly is this Pinterest Guide for Bloggers for?

One, you need a blog already up and running. A self hosted blog, I should say. Because as I’ve mentioned many, many times in the past, you have to have a self hosted blog in order to monetize that blog. And the web host I always recommend due to their excellent customer service is Siteground.

I even wrote a post here telling you how to get started with Siteground and I went further into my reasons as to why I’ve used them and only them for the past year and a half I’ve been blogging. They will work with you if you have a problem, and I’m not just talking blogging related. And a web host company that will work with you is worth their weight in gold.

At one point, the bill came due for my blog and I couldn’t make the payment. It just wasn’t in my budget. But I wasn’t willing to give up blogging after all those months invested, so I contacted them, completely expecting the cold shoulder, but no. They went ahead and set me up with a payment plan I could afford! For that, and their continued excellent customer care, they’ve earned a customer for life. So get Siteground.

Two, this is not for anyone expecting overnight success. I’m not promising that. There is no Pinterest Guide for bloggers out there with that secret. Believe me, if there were, I’d have subscribed to it by now.

The only way to rank better in Pinterest is to create beautiful, pin worthy images, and quality content, and to continue that trend. Once is not enough. And you cannot rely completely on a Pin scheduler like Tailwind then walk away. You need to have time almost DAILY to pin at least some images manually to drive traffic to your blog.

Blogging for Beginners Guide to Pinterest

Pin Schedulers versus Manual Pinning

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I love Tailwind. And not just sort of love, or just like. No, I really love it. Because Tailwind saves me so much time as a blogger!

Tailwind is a pin scheduler that you can set and forget. For the most part, or at least every week or so.

And with an annual plan, like what I have, you can pin UNLIMITED pins daily which saves so much time. And if you use my link, you’ll get a $15 credit to use for a FREE MONTH TRIAL OF TAILWIND! A FREE MONTH! Which gives you plenty of time to get accustomed to the boards, tribes, smart loop, and other features that Tailwind offers. Win win!

Before Tailwind, I was already aware of how important Pinterest was in driving traffic to my blog. But in order to increase traffic to my blog from Pinterest, I was pinning every day. Multiple times a day (as there are peak times for every facet of social media). That was hours on Pinterest which, don’t get me wrong, it was fun. But as a blogger, it was cutting into my precious time that I normally spent creating quality content. Due to the time required to up my monthly views, I was having to choose between pinning for the sake of driving traffic, or content creation. While with Tailwind, I don’t have to make that sacrifice.

With Tailwind, I spent one evening a week, normally Sunday evening, setting out my most recent blog posts on my Tailwind calendar. I always shuffle the schedule when I add new content.

And since I’ve been doing this so long, I’ve got several images lined up for every post to the point that I pin about 10 times a day with Tailwind, plus a few during my free time when I’m stuck in the car waiting to pick up and drop off my kids. So even on the days I don’t have time for manual pinning, I’ve got Tailwind pumping out quality content to several important social media profiles.

Blog for Money Pinterest Guide

Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram

Tailwind is no longer just for Pinterest, although the Pinterest feature alone makes Tailwind worth it. Now, you can also use Tailwind for Instagram, and even connect it to Twitter. How awesome is that?

I use it alongside Blog2Social, which is another auto scheduling tool I’ve only recently been made aware of.

Blog2Social, much like Tailwind, allows you the flexibility to auto schedule posts. And it even has a wordpress plugin so that you can post a new post immediately upon completion. Just hit publish, then go to the Blog2Social app and you can send that brand new post out to every social media channel you’re a part of.

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I’m personally on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, BlogLovin, and Pinterest, but YouTube will be up next.

Tailwind is How Top Bloggers Succeed

Pinterest Boards and How to Set Up Your Pinterest Boards Correctly

Thus far, we’ve covered the basics of who this pinterest guide for bloggers is for. After you launch your blog with Siteground, you get 10 or more strong pillar content posts published. Why 10 or more pillar posts? Because content is king. And you need posts, several posts, to drive continued traffic to your blog. And you’ll need to continue writing posts because everyone, meaning readers and search engines alike, love fresh content.

Then, you create at least 3-4 (preferably more) pin worthy images for each post. Then you sign up with Tailwind to auto schedule your posts (and you get a $15 credit for a FREE MONTH for using my link).

At this point, you’re on the right track.

  1. You’ve got a blog.
  2. Pin worthy images.
  3. Pillar Content
  4. Tailwind for Auto Scheduling

But wait. You also need to set up a Pinterest for Business Account.

With a Pinterest for Business Account, you can then enable Rich pins on all your pins to get them to rank higher.

And after you’ve got this set up… You’ve got to do your boards.

To set up your Pinterest boards correctly, make sure you have at least 10 (preferably more) boards set up. These should all have something to do with your blog, but they can overlap. And you do need at least one board that is strictly for your best content- your blog’s best content.

For example, I’m a blogger. So I have a Blogger Tips board. But I also have a Best of Blogging and Pinterest board, since I utilize Pinterest. And then I have a separate board called Pinterest for Professionals. Three boards that deal with similar aspects of my blog content.

Web Hosting

I also have a board dedicated to my blog, The Blessed And Busy Family.

In addition to the above, I have several other boards, I think it’s close to 100 now, although there is no set amount that works best. As long as you have several that deal with your content you should be good. And when in doubt, it’s my opinion that more is better. The reason being, that if you’re a blogging about blogging, for example, you don’t appear to spam your own board with the same pin multiple times. Instead, you pin it to various boards. So when I post on blogging, such as this one is about, I’ll put it under all 4 of the boards I just mentioned. Same images, same post, but different boards, so it’s spread out. Because bear in mind, some people only follow some of your boards. Not all. This way, the content gets in front of them regardless.

Create Amazing Pins and Drive Epic Traffic to Your Blog

Tailwind Tribes and Group Boards

Let me take a moment to say that the best way to drive traffic is to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible. It’s one of my blog for money strategies I outlined earlier this week.

Which is why in my Pinterest Guide for Bloggers I stress the importance of doing both automated pinning and manual pinning. Tailwind and free time utilization. Just pin.

Using the same principle of getting content in front of as many people as possible, utilize both your Tailwind Tribes and Group Boards.

A group board is a board in which two or more people contribute content. Therefore, instead of getting in front of only the eyes of the say, my followers, it gets in front of the eyes of every contributor’s followers. Max eyes for little effort.

Improve Your Business with a Pinterest Business Account

Want to Join One of My Group Boards?

I myself run a few group boards including:

Blogger Tips

Web Hosting

Best of Blogging and Pinterest

Pinterest for Professionals

and I’ll be adding others in the future. In fact, I’m about to start messaging some fellow ESSENTIAL OIL bloggers about joining my Natural Remedies and Essential Oils board, because one of my favorite direct sales companies I’m a part of is essential oil based. And you can check them out here.

So if you want to join one of my group boards, message me on Pinterest here, or email me a request or comment below, and I’ll let you know my group board guidelines and if I think you’d be a good fit for them.

Ah, yes, there are guidelines. Rules for each group board, by the way.

For example, my Blogger Tips one is self explanatory as far as content. It’s got to be about blogging. But I’m also very picky about images.

I prefer vertical images, the longer ones since they tend to do better. And I also prefer white backgrounds with clear bold writings.

I recently thought to try and join a group board owned by a blogger whose images were AWFUL. Just, AWFUL. They were so bad in fact that regardless of how successful she was at blogging, I wasn’t interested in following her or being added to any of her boards because she lacked pin worthy images. The images were old, unclear, bad lighting, just everything that you could do wrong, she was doing it with her images. And I know it has to be hurting her Pinterest traffic.

Now THAT is bad. So if you’re interested in joining one of my boards, please know there are rules, but I welcome anyone who is willing to adhere to a few basic tips I’ve outlined in this Pinterest Guide for Bloggers post to apply.

Master Pinterest Rank Higher and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Tailwind Tribes are the New Group Board

Web Hosting

Tailwind tribes are supposedly the new group board. They’re in fact very similar to Pinterest group boards but you go through the Tailwind app. And like group boards, you apply to be in them. And most of these have similar rules about the kinds of content they allow and the size and color images they allow (so I’m not alone- bad images will get you denied access).

But, for me personally, I’ve yet to see as much success from the tribes as I have the Pinterest group boards. But that could just be me.

I’ve heard a few bloggers say they’re getting more traffic this way, so I think it’s definitely worth a shot. Certainly can’t hurt. And it’s included with your membership so why not use it? You get to join 5 tribes on the basic membership. Make sure and join tribes with content similar to your own. And if you start seeing success with them, you can add more tribes for an additional fee.

Get More Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest Guide for Bloggers, End of Part 1

I’m going to close for now, despite having so much more to share with you guys when it comes to blogging traffic through Pinterest. It’s just that at around 3,000 words this is probably top 3 longest, most informative posts I’ve created on The Blessed And Busy Family and I know it’s a lot to digest.

So I’ll let you soak in the information I’ve provided and know that the second part of this series will be up within the week so be on the look out.

If you’re afraid you’ll miss it, go on and subscribe to my newsletter. Not only will I let you know when I post the second part of this Pinterest Guide for Bloggers series, I’ll also send you OTHER tips on how to create a successful blog and business from home. So subscribe! And comment below which tip you found most helpful. And let me know which group board you’d like to be a part of. Thanks!

Top Pinterest Secrets Revealed


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    • BlessedAndBusyFamily

      Ace, thanks for the comment. Yes, AdSense by Google seems to be a pretty popular source of advertising. I personally use Amazon, Siteground banners, and AdSense, and the mix seems to work pretty well for me. And yes, content being king is a definite. I agree. Lots of good points. Thanks again for the comment!

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