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No Sugar November

No Sugar

Living a no sugar lifestyle, I’m quickly discovering, is near impossible.  And don’t get me wrong. I’m trying. In fact, my goal was to have a No Sugar November. So in preparation, I started a smaller goal of 14 days no added sugar.

Almost a week ago, I decided to get a jump start on one of my annual New Year’s resolutions. My resolutions to eat healthier, get healthier, and get organized.

Living Well Planner

I decided that for two weeks, just two weeks, that I’d eat zero processed sugar. Zero chips. Nothing unnatural or processed. This would also in turn FORCE me to eat more fruits and veggies by default. It would ultimately usher in an entire month of clean eating. Thus, No Sugar November.

Too Much Candy is Harmful

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No Sugar November

Boom. Double win and double whammy in regards to getting healthier. Because honestly, this year hasn’t been one of my best in regards to my health. I’ve let my meal prep and healthy daily Lean Shakes fall by the way side. 

I’ve started actually buying my kids sugar cookies. Okay, to be fair, it’s Annie’s organic sugar cookies. And I got them on sale for just over a dollar per mix, which was a great deal.

But. Even that has to stop. Deal or no deal. Organic sugar or not.

And for five days, I did AMAZING. Amazing.

Stuck to my super foods shake. Took my coffee black. Drank a LOT of water. And I cut out the excess. The unnecessary. Things like the Pringles my son has with lunch. The crackers he brings home leftover from his snack at school. I wasn’t even having dessert in the evenings. I was taking hot tea. Yum.

But then, yesterday’s Trunk or Treat happened at church.Too Much Sugar


Goals Derailed

I was able to withstand the call for the red velvet cake, and the chocolate chip cookies while at the church. And even as my kids were sorting their candies on the floor, swapping among themselves, I was fine. Not even a mint until after we started the bedtime routine. And yes, it was A mint.

Thought I was still killing it.

But then, this morning, things took a turn for the worst. And I fell off the wagon.

The Fall Off the Wagon

See, this morning was rough. Rough.

Everyone got to bed late last night. Plus my youngest didn’t sleep well. She’s teething.

And less sleep equaled grouchy kiddos AND parents.

So when we all woke before the sun, I wasn’t ready. No one was.

We all felt sluggish and irritable. Not at all like ourselves.

But everyone had places to be. Work. School. Life goes on. So I started fixing snacks, unpacking the van from the night before, and getting everyone geared up and ready to go out the door.

Too Much Sugar

In my less than awesome mood, I decided I wanted, no NEEDED, a jolt of energy to get all these tasks completed.

I was starting my day feeling behind. In a fog.

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And normally, I’d just do my Shake, although it doesn’t provide the jolt I was looking for. Or, I’d grab a NingXia Zyng from my Young Living stash of goodies. No Sugar November is just around the corner, after all.

But the shelf where I keep my all natural energy drinks was empty. My husband had grabbed the last one, having had a similar sleepless night. And my kids stash of Halloween treats? It looked tempting. Like just what I needed. Simple sugar to get that wide away feeling.

Fruit Is Good For You

So I grabbed a PayDay. Peanuts and nougat. Figured it was some protein and sugar, shouldn’t be too bad.

But then, I know me. I know how quickly one candy bar leads to another. And another. And before I knew it, I’d eaten 4 mini candy bars and with coffee in hand (with creamer) was calling that a breakfast.


Sugar Intolerance

Sugar is pretty much sugar, unless it’s in a fruit. A real, honest to goodness, still has the peel on it, fruit.

And it wasn’t just the excess sugar that disgusted me. I was disgusted with myself.

I’d broken my goal. To be able to go 14 days without processed sugar. The PERFECT opening to my bigger goal of a No Sugar November.

You can do anything for 14 days. That’s why I’d set the goal of two weeks. Not two months. Not the rest of 2018. I’d purposefully broken my long term goal of getting back down to a size two into the short term goal of going without sugar for two weeks.

Within half an hour, I’d broken it.

Raw Honey

I was disgusted. With myself.

If I’d really wanted a simple sugar, a quick energy boost, you know what an acceptable alternative, in my mind, would have been? A teaspoon of raw honey. Which we just happen to have in the pantry.

Seriously. Raw honey.

How hard would it have been to reach for the honey and a spoon over a piece of sugary Halloween candy? Not hard. Not at all.

But I went for what was easy and bad for me.

Small Choices Big Changes

Now, I have two choices. Because I always have a choice when it comes to my health. And you do too.Pecan Pie Sugar

I could decide to throw in the towel completely. Say, hey, I fell off the horse. Might as well just succumb to my craving for cookies and Halloween candy. There are only a couple of days left in October. I could still indulge my sweet tooth for a couple of days then hit it hard on November 1st.

No one would be disappointed in me, or even surprised. None of my family members or friends would judge. They’d understand.

Hey, the holidays are THE toughest time to start a weight loss goal, after all. This just proves it. Because even prior to the Trunk or Treat, how many times have I been tempted in the past five days to break my goal?

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Ice Cream is Bad For You


But it’s not like I ate an entire pie or anything. It was just a few fun size bars. No biggie.

All of the above sounds rational.


It also… sounds like an excuse.

An excuse to do less than my best. In terms of my health, and my goals.

Remember Why You Started

If I’m honest, I’m tired of having to start over. I’m tired of having to press the reset button my lifestyle.

Do you remember me saying there was power in your why? Remembering why you started that business, or set a goal to get out of debt? The same applies here. Remember why you started.

I encourage others to do and become better all the time. It’s part of my job to encourage, educate, and inspire them to eat healthier and live healthier lifestyles. And the best way to do that?Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

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Be a good role model.
Prove it can be done.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m opting to do better, instead of tossing in the towel.

Four pieces of candy down. But my reset button my healthy goal starts now.

Who is with me?

Day one or One day. You decide.

And if you’d love to join me for No Sugar November, I’d love to have you.

Let’s start our New Years full of healthy, attainable goals that we’ve been working towards even during the holidays.

Instead of using the holidays as just one more excuse.

Sugar Cookies


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