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No School Sponsored Prayer

CYA. It means Cover. Your. Assets. Having worked in the public school system for two years I came across this advice more than once. Although this particular rule is a good one to follow regardless of where you’re employed. For those that have never been told to CYA, it’s a nice way of saying keep everything. Paper copies. Records. Receipts.

Beware *cough* I mean, be Aware.

And it applies, as I said, to any company.

A company that takes you under their wing assumes at least a LITTLE responsibility for you- although I’ll say this too, that if your ship is going down, you’re probably on your own. It’s a dog eat dog world and you’re replaceable. Expendable. Don’t EVER think yourself too important to replace.

And that goes for presidents, vice presidents, and CEOs of companies of all shapes and sizes.

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So, as I’m mentioned or implied heavily, in times of the past, I’m not a fan of public school.

Public school is in fact one of the strangest commodities of our time. It’s become a kind of necessity, but it’s still strange that we think it best. Think it “normal”.

Think on it. Desk Mat

We shuttle our 5 year old off to a building full of other 5-12 year olds starting in kindergarten (which didn’t even exist less than 100 years ago, by the way). We leave them in the hands of a complete stranger, in a class of mixed behaviors and academic skills, and we say, “Have a good day. See you in about 8 or so hours.” And we leave.

It’s my opinion- on a side note- that the entire reason we have kindergarten is in fact not because it’s best for kids, but because so many parents work and need some place to drop their child for the day, and childcare/daycare is overly expensive no matter how you slice it- and YET, when you think about it, it’s still UNDER priced. The price tag itself is expensive (for example, my youngest is $250/WEEK for her to be out of my care) but then you have to consider that our children are our most precious resource next to time.

They are our FUTURE. The next generation. Orange Children's Outfit

And while we are away at work, we’re paying someone else to RAISE THEM.

That upsets a lot of people who immediately want to say, “NO, I’M RAISING my child” and yet, for 8, and more often along the lines of 10, hours a day, you my dear parent aren’t there. You are paying for care of your child, but you are not RAISING your child. Because as sad as it is, there are only 24 hours in a day, and if for 10 of them you are away, and 8 of them, at least, you and your child are asleep, at best, you have 6, count them, 6, hours to make an impact.

And, again, let’s be honest, of those 6 hours, most of that time, if your child is “typical” or “average”, they will be in front of an electronic device that is actually BABYSITTING your child while you cook and clean up and continue working from home to the tune of returning phone calls and getting ready for the next day, and then you shuttle your young one off to bed so that you can grab a couple of hours for yourself in front of said “learning/electronic device” catching up on Game of Thrones, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

What has happened is that we have outsourced parenting.

We have. Parental Guidance Andy Stanley

I’m not different, and for that I’m ashamed, but I admit that I do, like many of you, are not home schooling my child. I’m not “schooling” my child at all, I’m leaving that up to the public education system.

The same system that flies in the face of what I hold most dear. Or should.

My faith. My religion. Childrens Bible


How often do kids go to church? Once a week? Twice a week? Occasionally THREE times a week, when a special event like KidStuf is in session. But is it for 6, 7, or 8 hours at a time, as is school?

No. It’s far less. Normally 2 or 3 hours AT MOST.

So who. Or what. Is raising our children? My children. Your children.

And does that same institution share your values?

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Does it?

Upon checking the main page, the “About” section of a local school in our district (for which I was merely looking for the school operating hours), this was near the top. One of the first sentences I see.

Page 5 of an 87 page document, to be specific.

Prayer and Period of Silence

There shall be no school-sponsored or school-directed public prayer at any school-sponsored or school directed activity-

But a period of silence will be observed.

A period of silence.

What exactly is this period of silence, if not a time for prayer? A time for reflection?

And again, let’s be honest because I’ve taken part in this “period of silence” and I’ve seen it happen in schools throughout a FEW districts.

It’s so SHORT, it’s more like THREE TO FIVE SECONDS of kids just waiting for the “period of silence” to be over. Done with. So they can get on with their day.

It’s not observed. It’s not respected. It’s a PAUSE. A mere PAUSE. Before getting on with the rest of our day.

I understand that there are many religions and many non religious folks and children taking part, working, and attending our schools.

I understand that religious preferences should not be forced on another. I’m not disagreeing.

But what I do know is that what should be as important- no, MORE important- than my child’s physical, emotional, and academic skills, health, and what have you, is my child’s SPIRITUAL health. The health and future placement of their SOUL.

As a CHRISTIAN, that is what is most important.

And where I place my children for the vast majority of their day, year after year, is NOT a reflection of that. It’s not.

And I understand WHY. I understand what has to happen before I can take action for the other.

Which is WHY I’m not giving up. Why I’m not tossing in the towel with my writing.

Why I continue to strive for more and better for my kids, and I don’t mean materially.

The most important thing I can give them is my TIME. Cross watch

It’s why I was SO thankful for this week out of school. This extended holiday break due to the unavoidable, the inescapable. The snow.

I was thankful to have my kids home so that I could pour into them. Talk to them. Work and play ALONGSIDE them.

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It’s something I don’t get to do often enough- and even after such a long break, after being stuck inside due to the weather, I still crave more of it. More time with them. Time to talk and instill OUR values into them.

Because dear parent don’t kid yourself. If you aren’t teaching your child to follow Jesus- or whomever or whatever you worship- the world is going to teach them not to.

Food for thought. What do you think?

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