Miracle Morning

Early to Rise… or Fail?

Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning. It’s on my Audible list currently, just waiting to be listened to.

Early to rise

I recently asked several of my friends for recommendations for my next Audible book. I was looking for something inspirational. Perhaps geared toward my not so inner entrepreneurial spirit. And I’m always looking for faith based readings, too.

Currently on my list are Go Pro, Living Well Spending Less, Reclaiming Irresistible, and Girl, Wash Your Face. All of them make my favorites list for books, and all were based on recommendations, by the way.

Andy Stanley Irresistible

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And while I love having paperback copies of my favorite books so I can re-read and highlight in them. Make notes about things that jump out at me. I also am constantly on a time crunch as a busy mom and entrepreneur. And Audible allows me to make the best use of my time in the car, hands down.

It’s that amazing. I highly recommend it.

By the way, Amazon is currently doing a deal where if you try Audible FREE for the first 30 days you get TWO FREE credits for books to see if it’s really for you. That may change in the future, so I’d advise taking advantage of that offer soon. I personally can’t say enough good things about Audible.

Any way.

The Miracle Morning

The premise of The Miracle Morning is that the most successful, happy, i.e. awesome people get up early. And not just wake up with the crack of dawn and drink their coffee. They get more done before breakfast than many of us get done all day.

Successful Morning

Which is why I, knowing early mornings are a key to success- not the late nights I’ve recently been putting in- decided to get up before daybreak this morning.

I had every intention of making today the first miracle morning of many.

But may I remind you that I’m a busy mom of six?

Make The Most of Your Day

Life happens.

This morning was no different.

I always have the best of intentions. Don’t we all?

But even by 3:30am my goal to get a lot done before dawn seemed doomed to failure.

First, my husband also had the same idea. By 3:23am, he was up and in the shower.

I was already awake with my youngest as she’s still waking at night to nurse. And knowing that he was going to be wanting to get his lesson plans done on my desktop, I almost threw in the towel.

In fact, I did sink back into a half sleep for almost another hour. Partially out of an attempt to put my youngest back to sleep. Part of it was also the feeling of defeat.

Before 4:30am, I was back up. This time changing a soaked through diaper. But I didn’t hear my husband clacking away on my computer, so I went to investigate.

He was sitting on the sofa, coffee in hand, scrolling through Facebook on his phone.

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He’d left his much needed curriculum at work over the holiday break, so despite his waking up early, he wouldn’t be able to get much accomplished.

I decided to take advantage of the free computer.

Financial Guardrails

Miracle Morning Fail

Epic fail. As my husband decided to try and take advantage of the fact I was up to get me to join him in wasting time on the sofa window shopping from his phone. When I tried gracefully to decline, my husband decided to try and engage in discussion, get me to cuddle, and as I kept referring to my ever growing to do list, he then tried to scrap my entire morning and suggested I get back to bed.

A short battle ensued as I tried to encourage him to do something other than scroll through the Facebook yard sale sites, looking at items we had no money to purchase. My reasoning being that if he was being unproductive, then he was going to try and get me to join him in the same. So before I dove into my work, I was going to need to occupy him. Otherwise my miracle morning was going to be a miracle fail.

And while I love spending time with my husband, I hadn’t gotten up  before dawn so that we could scroll Facebook planning a Christmas for some far off year in the future when money was growing on trees.

I suggested he watch some Andy Stanley biblical life lessons. Or read his devotional. I suggested he pull out some Thieves cleaner and get to work or listen to some Audible.

Really, with the house quiet and the kids still in bed, the options should have been endless.

But then we heard the pitter patter of little feet. My oldest boy was up sick. Bless him.

So I filled up the diffuser, got him some water, a cool wash cloth, and made him a pallet on the sofa of plush blankets. When You Give a Mouse a Cookie comes to mind, because after I was already up and moving, I started the laundry. Unloaded the dishwasher. Started breakfast so it would be ready when my kiddos hopped up.

I checked on my oldest boy again, then began going through the clean pile of clothes fresh from the dryer to find school outfits for everyone.

Then I got book bags packed and ready.Be Productive

Was My Morning a Flop?

True, I was getting a lot accomplished, but it wasn’t what I’d intended. I had intended on writing on my blog. Posting some affiliate links. Drinking coffee in silence. Typing some notes as I listened to some of my favorite books, like Living Well Spending Less. Yet none of that was happening.

My miracle morning was turning into a flop because suddenly it was 5:15am and by that point, over half my crew was up and going. Poor planning concerning the school year and dropping to one vehicle has meant my kids and husband (and often our younger ones and myself) are in the car and out the door by 6:30am. Making rounds, dropping one at middle school, journeying to the elementary, and dropping my hubby at work.

It’s early. And it’s a lot. And while I was busy since the time I woke up, I was not another similar, but far more important term.

I was not being productive.


Sure my morning was busy. Stuffed to the brim with activity. But was every step taking me closer to my goal? Was I getting the most out of my early morning wake up?

No. No I wasn’t.Working at home with baby

There’s a saying we used to use in the Army that said no plan ever survived initial contact. Boy, did it never.

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But at least I had a couple of things right.

One, I had a plan. It may not have gone as expected, but I had a plan.

Two, more important that simply making a plan was executing it. I had done that, despite obstacles. Obstacles like my husband getting up before me, my son being sick, and the rush that ensues every school day.

Three, I kept going. I persevered. Despite the obstacles. Despite life getting in the way. I kept going.

I kept going.

And while I may not have gotten everything I wanted accomplished in my miracle morning, I did get it done before noon.

Yes, after everyone was off to school, I made use of my Amazon account and streamed Sesame Street for my younger two for less than an hour so I could finish up the post I had started at the crack of dawn.

I added some affiliate links.

Even finished downloading Living Well Spending Less so I could open it up later in the day and listen.

I kept going.

Web Hosting

Which is what I would encourage you to do, too.

I’d had the best of intentions this past weekend and pushed through until midnight Saturday night updating a post. I had a goal to get a post out before Sunday, and by golly I stuck to it.

And that’s really what you have to do, too, if you want to be successful.

It’s not all about a miracle morning. Fitting it all in before noon. Although it does help. It really does.

Success is also about consistency. Showing up and pushing through despite obstacles and trials. Despite sickness, upended schedules, and the constant struggle to get it all done and be everything to everyone.

Remember why you’re doing it.

Your why.

Family Greatest Blessing

My why, as I’ve mentioned before is time. Time economy. With my kids.

And as rough as this morning was, it was worth it.

Because they’re worth it.

As is this dream I’m following.

Everything in life worth anything is worth fighting for.

So I’m going to continue fighting the good fight.

Miracle morning… or not.


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