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Minecraft Christmas

Are you stumped about what to get your kids for Christmas this year? Looking for some Christmas gift ideas for boys? As a mother of four boys, me drop a hint for Christmas. My boys are all about Minecraft. Minecraft is the new big thing. So when I asked them weeks ago to make a Christmas list, it appeared from glancing at their wish lists that it was destined to be a Minecraft Christmas.Minecraft Game



In case you don’t have time to watch your kids play, Minecraft is a pretty neat game. You can do creative mode and build anything you can imagine. It’s similar to building with Legos, by the way. Digital blocks make up everything from the people to the homes to even the landscape. Or you can do survival mode and battle withers (black skeletons), enderman, zombies, and other villians. And the goal of the game is to get diamonds apparently. Hence the name MINE craft.

Nintendo Switch minecraft

Minecraft is popular not just with my kids, but the kids at their school and apparently hundreds of thousands of other gamers. Judging by the amount of content on YouTube currently, it’s not going away any time soon. Minecraft livestock

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My kids watch music videos with popular songs turned parody and then there are endless game clips that show other gamers completing levels and building elaborate homes and even roller coasters. There’s even a Minecraft Christmas movie that they wanted to watch on Amazon Prime -but I personally didn’t care for that one.

Minecraft Christmas

Minecraft Christmas

Looking over the boys Christmas lists, I’m seeing Minecraft everything. Minecraft shirts, Minecraft hoodies and pajamas. They want Minecraft bedding, Minecraft decor for the walls. It really does look like a fantastic way to redecorate. Lots of green and black, which happens to be two of my middle boy’s favorite colors. And if we did the walls in gray, one of my personal favorites for the home, it would pull the whole look together perfectly.Minecraft Comforter Set


Decorating aside, I find irony in that more than just the digital version of the game, my boys want (wait for it)….

Minecraft LegosLego Minecraft

Real blocks to build with as opposed to just the digital blocks. Creativity on the computer meets old school Lego fun. But at least this kind of fun won’t interrupt sleep with the blue light being emitted.

What’s even more appealing about the legos is the super cool little known fact that the Minecraft Legos sets actually stick / go together. So together, they make up one big Minecraft scene. How awesome is that? Well played, Lego, well played.Lego Minecraft

A Very Minecraft Christmas

If you’re looking to really add cool points behind your parenting badge this Christmas, especially with boys, I’d suggest investing in some Minecraft. Whether it’s on the more practical side with shirts and hoodies, mugs for hot cocoa, or on the creativity side with Legos, personally I think they’re a worthwhile investment.

Minecraft TNT

And hey, if you already have the game, there are gaming guides to help your child move through the world building bigger and better things. Check them out, and have a very Minecraft Christmas!

Minecraft Gaming Guide

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