10 Best Birthday Gifts for Little Boys
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10 Best Birthday Gifts for Little Boys

February at our house is the most special month of the year. It has always been my favorite month even before I had kids. But after having had three of my children during the month of February, this month is even more special to me.

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In addition to Valentines Day, with all the pink, red, and white heart decor, which I LOVE, and my own birthday falling towards the end of the shortest month of the year. We also have three additional birthdays to celebrate. It’s a party all month!

Add to that the fact that Super Bowl Sunday occurred in February this year, so Super Bowl parties, too? Hot dog!

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So what do I get three of the most special people in my life on their special days? I had to ask.

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. Which means if you click them, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. It’s how I keep The Blessed And Busy Family up and running and supporting my family. Thanks in advance. And you can read my full affiliate disclosure policy here.*

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

As I mentioned, three of my children have birthdays in February. My youngest daughter celebrated her birthday first (she just turned two!). And we did a Baby Shark / Pawpatrol theme. Though honestly, she slept through the party and we had all the relatives and her siblings waiting almost 2 hours to cut into her big cookie. It was torture for my older ones. Or a lesson in patience, I should say.

Then I have two boys celebrating with lots of cake and decorations and confetti. And every year, I ask my boys what they want for their birthdays (since at two, my youngest, eh, we knew it was destined to be Baby Shark. No question needed.)

By the way, are you familiar with Baby Shark? Of course you are. But here’s a link to the catchy song just in case.

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This year, I asked my boys, the typical pre-birthday questions to get a feel for what kind of celebration they wanted. I asked what kind of cake do they want? What kinds of gifts do they want? Do they want to go out somewhere special to eat, like Cracker Barrel for dinner? Cracker Barrel is my soon to be 6 year old’s favorite place on Earth, by the way. He takes after his grandpa, obviously.


And this year, as I was helping them write their birthday lists, I saw, as a I often do, a pattern.

In past years, that pattern manifested itself in the form of everything Slugterra, a Canadian show with cute, colorful slugs that take on evil. If you haven’t seen Slugterra, you can grab one of the movies here and it’ll fill you in on everything you should know about the world beneath our feet.

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One year it was Paw Patrol (which my youngest daughter is now in love with).

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For two years in a row it was Pokemon. Which have been around forever since I remember playing with these amazing collectible card sets when I was younger. Back when there were only 150 Pokemon, whereas now there are probably 1,000. Talk about an upgrade.

And one year it was Ninja Turtles, the action figures. Still a huge hit in this house. Though I’ll admit I was a bigger fan of the figures that came out in my youth. These new ones really are mutant.

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Each year it’s a little something different for each child.

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Except Pokemon, which has been a hit for EVERYONE for a couple of years straight. Wow. Go Pikachu.

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But this year? The theme seems to be…


Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

Minecraft and Nintendo Games Gifts

Our home is currently being taken over by the craze that is Minecraft. And it’s only in part due to Nintendo. In fact, the Christmas lists for my kids looked only slightly different from their now updated birthday lists. They included everything Minecraft, everything gaming (which you can read about here). I appropriately titled the post “Minecraft Christmas” because that’s what our holiday was.

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For Christmas, my one and only red head was gifted a very generous present by his dad. A Nintendo Switch Pokemon case featuring Eevee. And inside that case was, of course, his very own Nintendo Switch and his favorite video game of all time. Minecraft.

You would have thought the heavens had opened, the smile on my little boy’s face was that big. His very own handheld gaming system, and his very own Minecraft game.

Note, if you’d like to purchase any of the items I just mentioned for your little guy, the links are below for your convenience. And as I mentioned earlier, yes. *This post obviously contains affiliate links. Meaning if you click them, I may receive a small compensation at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. It’s how I keep this amazing blog up and running and supporting my family. So thank you!*

Nintendo Switch Eevee Case: Here or click the photo to go straight to Amazon. Isn’t it cute?! I love Eevee!

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Nintendo Switch: Here or click the pic. It’s the perfect size for even little hands. My almost 8 year old is the one that was lucky enough to receive this at Christmas and he loves it. Hours of entertainment. And considering how many people are filming gameplays on Minecraft and getting paid via YouTube? I hope he keeps it up!

Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue Joy Con #Affiliate

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch: Here or again, click the photo to go straight to Amazon. Affiliate link, yes. Is the game itself super awesome and worthwhile? I believe so. So start building!

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Minecraft and Nintendo Switch are Top Gifts for Boys

After the gift to top all gifts was exchanged, I have to honestly say that hours upon hours of creativity ensued. My son has built multiple worlds, been a good brother and shared some of those worlds and their building and crafting with siblings. And he has taken such good care of the gaming system, that I’m amazed.

We’re still very blessed that my ex husband thought to buy the extended warranty plan on the Switch though. Accidents do happen and I have four boys, remember? Though I hope we’ll never have to make good on the warranty. And at this rate of care, we won’t have to.

So it appears that the Nintendo Switch was a great gift to use in teaching responsibility. An added bonus since I’m sure his dad thought he was just buying him a beloved past time. Win-win, no matter how unintentional. I love it.

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Which brings us to now, two months later, and I’m happy to report that the generous gift has not lost any of its appeal in the eyes of my son. He still loves it. He’s doing his chores daily to earn time on it. It’s just been a really good motivator for him to get things like homework and housework done and done right.

So now I’ve got his list sitting in front of me for his February birthday. And Minecraft and Nintendo Switch stuff comprises the bulk of it. See for yourself.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

Top Gifts for Birthday Boys 2019 Include Minecraft and Nintendo Switch

My soon to be 8 year old requested the following: (and yes, if you’re wanting to buy any of the items he listed, the links are in the pictures)


Mario Kart (for Nintendo Switch)

Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch #Affiliate

Another Joy Con (for the Nintendo Switch so he and his brothers can play together, aww)

Joy Con for Nintendo Switch #Affiliate

Minecraft Plushies (so, so cute! All of my kids love these- we’re starting our own mini collection)

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Minecraft Creeper Plush #Affiliate

Minecraft Books (hey, he’s excited about reading- I’m happy!)

Minecraft Guides Set #Affiliate

The Notebooks of Doom (if you have not read this series, get a few. They’re short novels, perfect for 2nd graders)

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(Another) Minecraft Creeper blanket (we already have one and it is so super soft and plush- they LOVE it)Minecraft Creeper Blanket #Affiliate

Plants v. Zombies Pea Shooter toys

Plants v Zombies Peashooter Toy #Affiliate

And a phone. And no, he’s not getting one. He’s too young, in my opinion. He really only wants one because our oldest daughter has one. And all she uses it for is games anyway.

iphone #affiliate

So there you have it. From the mouth of a soon to be 8 year old. What a boy wants.

Minecraft and Nintendo Switch. Eh, and a few other things.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

Minecraft and Nintendo Switch plus Ryan’s Toys Review Toys

Now for my soon to be 4 year old’s list of birthday requests. But first, you have heard of Ryan’s Toys Review Toys, right? If not, pause right now. Go to YouTube, and check them out. It is so super neat. I wish I’d thought of it.

Ryans Toys Review Mini Egg #affiliate

Ryan’s family is on their A game. The parents earn money doing what all parents should be doing. Playing with their kids! Spending time with their children! I love it! And so does my almost 4 year old. He’s hooked.

Ryans World Toys #affiliate

Ryan’s family also created a whole line of cool toys for their son, things you’ll soon see on my son’s birthday list. And I’m hoping since Ryan’s twin sisters Emma and Kate just got in on the filming action that some super cool girls toys will be coming soon. So Loann, if you’re reading this, have Emma and Kate start a brand, too. My little girl would love it!

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

Okay. Here’s the birthday boy’s list.

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Minecraft Plushies (yes, see? They love ’em!)

Minecraft Zombie Plush #affiliate

Slime Blaster (Ryan’s Toys Review)

Mystery Egg Slime Blaster Ryans Toys Review #affiliate

Mystery Squishies (Ryan’s Toys Review)

Ryans Toys Review Combo Surprise Pack #affiliate

Mystery Slime Packs (Ryan’s Toys Review- seeing a pattern here? So cute!)

Ryans Jelly Squishies Toy #affiliate

Mystery Putty (again, Ryan’s Toys Review)

Ryans Toys Review Slime Squishy and Putty Combo #affiliate

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Dino Molecule (haha, I don’t think my son even really knows what this is, but he wanted me to put it)

Ryans World Orb Molecule Dino #affiliate

Combo and Gus (characters from, you guessed it, Ryan’s Toys Review)

Ryans World Combo Pack Plush #Affiliate

The Best Gifts for Young Boys Summed Up

As you can see, if I get even half of what my boys asked for on their lists, they are going to have a super blessed birthday month! Love it!

From Minecraft and Nintendo Switch to Ryan’s Toys Review, the power of positive advertising lives on. In fact, to further prove that point, let me say that Ryan’s Toys Review did a video about Little Cuties, Clementine Oranges that we watched yesterday (check it out here) and my son immediately asked if I could get him some oranges to eat after viewing it.

Healthy and sweet. I’m all for it.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

Which of the gifts my boys are asking for would your children love most? Perhaps some Mystery Squishies, Mystery Putty, or Mystery Slime? Or a Nintendo Switch game with an extra joy con so the whole family can share in the fun? Comment below and let me know!

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