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Making Money From Home Selling Pictures

There are a wide variety of ways to make money from home/work from home. That’s due in very large part to computers, so thanks technology!

And even if you don’t have a computer, of have no service in your area, with smart phones, especially, the options for working from home are every growing.

While blogging is obviously one area of income for my family here at The Blessed And Busy Family, I do dabble in several, and I do mean SEVERAL, other areas.

One such area I’ve had luck with only recently, though I’ve been doing it for some time, is photography.

Specifically, taking pictures with my phone, such as the one seen below.

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These were some of the supplements I take regularly, like the DoTerra capsules pictures, as well as probiotics, ASJ, and the others are for digestions (again, through DoTerra).

And then I upload them onto an app called

And you can find me there as Pretty_And_Practical

Since The Blessed And Busy Family was too long.

How I got started was, I recognized early on the need for stock photos. Mostly for my site.

So I had asked my friend Angela over at Angela Elliott design

Because, as you can see, she does amazing work.

And I inquired with her as to if she ever sold any of her pictures as stock images-

And she suggested I check out which offers a LOT of absolutely beautiful work for affordable prices.

I was actually just telling another entrepreneur friend about the site tonight and I wanted to make sure they were EXTRA affordable before I mentioned it to him, and I’m not positive if they are ALL “affordable”, but tonight I scanned several different genres-





Just a sampling, to see what the prices were. And ALL of the ones I personally saw were $10.


That’s it.

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Especially considering the quality.

I saw SEVERAL pictures, just in scanning, that I wanted to purchase on the spot to use in future posts.

Or honestly, as just decor in my home.

It’s just that good.

So back to the making money not spending money from home.

How do I do it.

Well, for me, I’m constantly taking pictures with my phone. My kids, my meals when I’m doing recipes and healthy eating, the outdoors (since we’re currently miles from suburbia).

And I downloaded the FREE app, Foap.

And when I log in, I can upload as many pictures as I want, I add a description, put some tags, and voila.

They’re out there waiting for someone to buy, and it’s taken me all of 5 minutes to do what I’d be doing even without the app.

Taking pictures and uploading pictures.

The cool thing is that for every picture sold, you make $5. Just like that.

And other people can even share your pics, and they’ll make .25 if a picture sells, whereas you’ll make the $5.

And there are missions you can join, that are specific to certain brands, and you can win big money that way.

For example, a recent mission wanted people to submit pictures of their (insert specific brand) house shoes.

Yes, house shoes.

Another was for gloves.

One was for chocolate.

So there are always missions going on, and hey, it’s open to anyone.

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You don’t need any fancy equipment. Just a phone and go.

Also, if you’re in the market to BUY pictures, as I mentioned I am, currently.

You can visit the site at and browse literally MILLIONS of pictures from your computer.

Super easy and it’s a win-win.

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