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Incredible Edible Silly Putty Frosting

The theme this week is edible arts and crafts, obviously. So I’ve been experimenting with various mediums in the kitchen with my kids and this edible silly putty made with cake frosting is awesome.

Part of it is simply they need to take a more active role in what lands in front of them at the table. Read into this: My kids need to learn to cook. But in their defense, they may be a little young. And today were just looking for some fun, indoor activities. So edible art it was.

While I’m a fan of Jiffy because they’re “just add water,” instant biscuit mixes aside, we’ve been trying some sensory items, like edible sand, play doh, and slime. Because, what child isn’t enamored with slime? Mine are obsessed!

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Today was edible silly putty from Pillsbury frosting.

Let me state first that I don’t usually measure things in the kitchen. Not liquids, powders, mixes, none of it. Sometimes, it works out well.

Sometimes, it doesn’t work out at all.

Twice this week it’s been great. But we’re also down the same number of times, so, you know. It’s my own fault.

Silly Putty Frosting

So let me tell you what we did today. Edible silly putty frosting. I’ll then give you the recipe I was given, and you can see which works out best for you. Measuring it out exactly, or just guessing, like I did.

Hint hint. My money’s on needing to measure for this recipe. Silly putty frosting is yummy whether it’s sticky or dry, but it’s absolutely more fun when it’s just the right consistency.

Live and learn. Tomorrow’s a new day.


I took two large scoops of agua colored funfetti frosting and put them on wax paper. This particular edible silly putty recipe called for only two ingredients, by the way. Cake frosting or icing and powdered sugar.

Being as how I was reluctant to use the powdered sugar in the pantry that someone else had bought, I decided to just use stevia. Fyi, I would not advise this in regards to taste as I personally think stevia has sort of an after taste. But if you’re only doing this to make play worthy silly putty, not tasty edible silly putty, go ahead and use stevia.

We had the scoops of frosting laid out on wax paper. Then I dumped, yes, dumped, stevia on the scoops. I had the economy sized bag open so I wasn’t worried about running out.

Supposedly, had the stevia actually been powdered sugar (2 cups of sugar to 1 cup of frosting, to be precise) I would have then been able to just mix the two together by kneading and voila! You’re supposed to knead until it’s no longer sticky and bam, you’ll have silly putty.

With the stevia substitute? Eh, not so much.

The stevia actually turned this recipe into another kinetic sand recipe, not putty. The only difference between this experiment and one we tried earlier in the week was this time our edible sand was blue.

Pretty. Agua. The kids liked it.

Where It Went Wrong

I had read that if the mixture became too crumbly that a little coconut oil would soften it up, so we could have tried that. But we didn’t. Honestly, the kids didn’t care one way or the other, they were STILL having a blast playing in BLUE “sand” a the kitchen table. But I decided against the coconut oil because that didn’t sound super tasty. Though perhaps I’m wrong. I use it all the time in muffins in such, right?

Lesson learned is that in case you try our recipe at home, measure your ingredients. Measure! And I will say the edible silly putty is a TINY bit more difficult to clean up than our edible kinetic sand recipe from a couple of days ago. This was mostly due to the food coloring in the frosting. Think blue everywhere. Hands. Tools. It’s food coloring, after all. It stains. So keep away from fabrics.

The blue on our skin was nothing a little water won’t fix, so we hit the showers after our experiment. And in the case you aren’t in a place where you can readily wash off, I’d say skip the food colored frosting and perhaps just do the white frosting, sans food coloring.


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Edible Silly Putty Frosting Recipe

1 cup frosting

2 cups powdered sugar

Mix until soft, but not sticky. Mix should be mold-able, but not adhere to hands. If need be, add more sugar. And if mixture becomes too dry, add a small amount of coconut oil to soften.


If you do try this recipe, let me know how it worked out. And if you have any other fun ideas for edible art, send those my way too.


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