Blogging Income Reports

Income Reports

Income reports. They can be inspiring or daunting. And for a beginner blogger, they’re often more of the latter.

Because, let’s be honest. No one is clicking on the Pin that says, “How I made $52 my first month blogging” or “My first month of blogging-a magical $2.50”. A Dollar From My Blog

No. If we’re honest, and if I’m honest, I normally click on the ones that say something outrageous. Like the blogger that made six figures in a MONTH. Not a year. Or the blogger who made $50,000 on Black Friday. I mean, wow. Because those aren’t just inspiring, they’re what I’m aiming for.

Blogging Income Report

Again, using honesty, I would love to break records like those. Blogging has absolutely no income ceiling- so you’re paid on performance. And for a self starter like me, that’s motivation I could use.

Web Hosting

Because what could a six figure income do for a mama of six? A lot. Income Ceiling None

We’re talking paying off debt. Buying a second vehicle. Paying off our current vehicle. It would mean buying all healthy groceries and being able to increase our monthly grocery bill to more than our current $800 allowance. Most of which, especially towards the end of the month, gets spent on budget friendly, less healthy options like carbs.

When I first started blogging, I knew I wanted to one day share my own income reports. Not so much to brag but to inspire. To show others, moms especially, that an income from home was very possible.

That you could have a family AND still contribute financially to your family’s bills.

A year and a half into my blogging journey, that’s still my hope. My goal.

I want to share my income reports. But… I’ve yet to. Why?

Bloggers have varying opinions on whether an income report will hurt or help your business.

Personally, I think it could help. It could inspire. And illustrate.

One of my favorite bloggers that I only just started following is Mrs. Jennifer Maker of . She runs a DIY Craft Blog and has begun posting more and more to YouTube, which I love.

And if you join her email list, she shares her income reports.

Where Did All Your Money Go

What’s most helpful in her income reports is that she breaks down exactly where the income is coming from and then where it’s going. Because a business costs money. And even if you’re bringing in a six figure income from your blog, you have to pay for ads, and blog maintenance, and at some point, help. At least, a lot of us do.

I know I intend to. believe you'll succeed

Why Publish Income Reports

Income reports were one of the very things that made me think to go after blogging. That, and Ruth Soukup’s, “Blogging for Profit- Without Selling Your Soul.”

If all these other people were making that much money writing, journaling, and sharing from home, what was to stop me from going after this dream?Working from home and raising a Family

There are so many inspiring people out there writing from home and making six figures that were once exactly where I am. They had pursued the American dream “the right way” after getting a degree from college and collecting a lot of student loans, and yet at the end of the day, they were either unemployed, unhappy, or just plain stuck in  their current circumstances.

Many, like Ruth Soukup at LivingWellSpendingLess had turned to blogging as a hobby. Others, like Rosemarie Groner of TheBusyBudgeter turned to blogging in desperation.

They were grasping at a way out. A way to make their dreams come true. And blogging provided that.

Perhaps they stumbled across blogging, much like I did. Perhaps they noticed an income report on Pinterest and decided to check it out. Regardless, a lot of the people I just mentioned now publish their own income reports. As do other bloggers just like them.

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Would you be inspired to read an income report? Would it fuel you to the point of following suit and pursuing this dream job called blogging?

Working from Home with Kids

Let me know in the comments below- and perhaps you’ll be seeing reports from this blogger sooner than you think.

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