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Best Money Saving App that Helps Save Money on Groceries: Download the App Ibotta

Do you love to save money? Are you looking to make money and even earn cash back with EVERY purchase? With the Ibotta app for your smartphone, you can do BOTH just by buying items you normally use! How cool is that?

And for a limited time, get a $20 Welcome Bonus just for signing up! That’s $20 in FREE MONEY to use however you want on ANYTHING YOU WANT, but hurry! It’s only for a limited time!

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click on them, I may receive a small compensation at NO COST to you. You can read my full disclosure on affiliates policy here. Win-win!*

Ibotta: Earn Real Cash with one of the best apps to make money. Make money from home, earn extra cash, and get cash back, Ibotta apps make money. Better yet, it's one of the apps that make you money. One of your must have apps and best money saving apps. Get paid to shop online with Ibotta today.

Best Money Saving App that Helps Save Money on Groceries

Yesterday I sang the praises of SiteGround and why EVERYONE should start a blog to earn extra income from home.

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*So if you’re interested in becoming a blogger, click here for my step by step tutorial to start a blog.*

But today I’m going to show you that making money in your spare time is even easier than starting a blog thanks to Ibotta, the app that gives you cash back with every purchase.

So how exactly does Ibotta work? For starters, Ibotta is a FREE APP that saves you money and gives you cash money whenever and where ever you shop!

Ibotta is a money saving app that works with popular stores in your area. You earn extra cash by shopping where you normally shop and buying what you normally buy. But with Ibotta, you also have the option of adding offers to try new items and get money back on your purchase.

How to Earn Extra Money and How to Save Money Fast with Ibotta

For example, on my Ibotta app, my recommended retailers are Wal-Mart, Kroger, Target, and Publix. But don’t worry if you don’t normally shop at any of these stores. YOU get to choose your recommended retailers. These are just my top four because they’re convenient for me and I’m always on the lookout for great deals at these stores. And in truth I’m always looking for a great deal anywhere, so if you sign up and claim your $20 Welcome Bonus with Ibotta now, that’s better than a $20 coupon- and we could all use more money, am I right?

But as far as other stores that Ibotta works with, your choices include Harris Teeter, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Whole Foods (yum!- I wish we had one close by!), and The Fresh Market. Just to name a few. And trust me, I only named a FEW. Because all told, Ibotta offers deals at over a HUNDRED stores nationwide. So you literally get paid to shop for YOUR groceries, personal hygiene items, beauty items, even wine!

You get pick where you want to shop. No hassle. And Ibotta even offers cash back at online retailers like Amazon, Boxed, and more!

How to Earn Money from Home and Get Paid to Shop with Ibotta

One of the great things about Ibotta is that Ibotta works with all sorts of brands (and stores). Big label ones like Proctor and Gamble, Yoplait, Toms’s of Maine, Clif Bars, Mom’s Best, and literally THOUSANDS more.

There are also “any brand” offers. So you could buy, say, a gallon of organic milk, any brand, and get cash back.

You simply buy the items you normally would and then upload your receipt to get credit for your purchase. Which brings me to a great point.

How do I get the cash back?

Top Apps to Make Money : Download the App Today to Start Earning Money

After you’ve made a purchase at your local store, you’ll have the option to redeem it IMMEDIATELY or up to a week later. Your choice.

First, pick the store you shopped at. For example, Target. Plus, if you use the Target app with Cartwheel you can save even MORE when shopping here. Boom! That’s double the savings!

On my Cartwheel alone, I’ve accrued a lifetime savings of $73.14 with only 80 offers! That’s almost a dollar per offer SAVED! And combine that with my lifetime savings on Ibotta? I’ve saved almost $400 with these two apps alone! That’s better than a whole pocket full of coupons!

But back to Ibotta.

Ibotta Earn Real Cash Ibotta: Earn Real Cash with one of the best apps to make money. Make money from home, earn extra cash, and get cash back, Ibotta apps make money. Better yet, it's one of the apps that make you money. One of your must have apps and best money saving apps. Get paid to shop online with Ibotta today. #affiliate

I choose Target from my recommended retailers and I scroll through the current offers. From there, I can go to Find Offers, or just start scrolling down. There are various categories like Buy It Again, What’s Hot, and New Offers. Personally, I check through ALL of them to find the best deals. Often I’ll come across a deal I’ve never used before and I’ll add it.

Today I see Larabar has .50 cents back and YQ by Yoplait has .25 cents back. I can click the add button for both of those. And also, PERFECT Kids is doing $4.99 back which makes it a steal! I LOVE the PERFECT Kids bars, by the way. And the $4.99 back makes these FREE. FREE FOOD AND FREE MONEY! Win!

For some offers, I can buy only one of that item, like with the PERFECT Kids bars. But with the Larabar, I can redeem it up to 5 times. That means I’d get up to $2.50 back. Wow!

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I make my purchases, add the items bought to my specific retailer, then upload the receipt. But remember, it must be within a week of purchase to receive credit.

Download the App and Earn Extra Cash

For most retailers, I have to take a picture, or pictures, of the receipt to prove I bought what I said I did. For Walmart, all I have to do is scan the QR code.

After I click upload, and take the pictures, Ibotta will ask me which items I bought and how many. So I go through and click.

Often times, Ibotta makes an educated guess from my receipt pictures and goes ahead and adds up my items. But just to be sure it got everything, I usually go back and check manually.

Then, depending on the clarity and which store I shopped at, I may need to scan each individual item’s barcode to confirm I bought it.

If there’s ever any question as to if it’s the right item, you can even scan the product’s barcode BEFORE purchase. This has helped a LOT. Believe me.

Get Cash Fast : How to Make Money with Ibotta

Once you’ve redeemed your offers and submitted your receipt, it may take up to a day or so to have the money credited into your Ibotta account. Although it’s always nice when  it is instant- which does happen on occasion. Always a blessing.

From there, you can withdraw funds into a Venmo or PayPal account. (I use PayPal for the same reason I use SiteGround for my blog’s hosting by the way- GREAT customer service). But you can also choose to have it sent to you as a gift card to your favorite retailers.

The only small catch here is that you do have to have at least $20 in your account to withdraw. But if you claim your $20 in FREE Welcome bucks for signing up, not a problem.

Cash Back Apps Make Money from Home

In short, do I think Ibotta is worth using? Absolutely! I love saving money and getting cash back every time I shop!

In fact, I made over $100 during the summer in only one month alone just from using Ibotta! That’s $100 back in my bank account just from buying groceries- which made a lot of those items FREE. Free food and money back? AWESOME!

Top Must Have Apps : Get Paid to Shop Online and Earn Extra Cash

Want to get even more money from using Ibotta? Of course you do! So here’s how: share it! No blog necessary.

EVERY Ibotta user gets a referral code they can send their friends. Often it comes with $10 for your friend, and then the user who referred gets cash back too! Normally it’s $5-$10, but Ibotta has been known to do a LOT more as incentive to share the app- like with their $20 Welcome Bonus for New Ibotta Users.

So you get $5 for every referral. And your friends can do the same! Simply forward your unique code to all your friends and family- but only the ones that LOVE  saving and making money!

You can send the code via text or email or just write it down and hand deliver it. The choice is up to you! But for every person you refer to Ibotta, that’s cash back in YOUR pocket. So they get Welcome Money and you get a Referral Bonus. Free money all around! And the savings and incentives don’t stop there.

Best Apps to Make Money Back

Ibotta offers crazy good incentives just for saving more and more money each month in the form of Bonuses. Check out the Bonuses section to see how you qualify after you sign up and claim your $20 Welcome Money. Because remember, it’s only for a limited time.

Most months you just have to redeem 10 offers and $10 dollars, more or less. And you’ll get a .50 cent credit, or more, just for meeting that milestone. Other months, it’s if you buy 3 of a certain product. Or if you buy the same item on two shopping trips. It’s really just free money sitting there waiting for you.

That, and as I’ve already mentioned, you can use other money saving apps ON TOP of using Ibotta. The Target app with Cartwheel is one of my favorites, but Wal-Mart has a savings catcher app, too. So if you’re shopping at these retailers and NOT using these apps together, you’re leaving money on the table.

A LOT of money.

Best App for Making Money to Get Cash Fast and Get Paid to Shop

Do I think Ibotta is worth it? Of course I do or I wouldn’t be using it!

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My time is valuable, and so is yours. Which is why I’m picky about which apps I use to earn and save money and time. Ibotta works for my schedule, area, and family, so it makes the list.

So if you’re interested in downloading the app and making cash back, download the app using one of the above links while on your smartphone. You’ll get a $20 credit just for signing up. And you don’t even have to USE the app to start earning money. You can simply send the referral link to YOUR friends and when they sign up, YOU’LL get paid!

Getting paid for opening an app and inviting friends? Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Sign up today and comment below when you do. You’re also welcome to leave YOUR referral link in the comments, too. Share the wealth.

Be a blessing.

Make Money from Home and Earn Extra Cash Fast with Ibotta

If you’d like to know how to make even more money from home,  check out my post on why I became a blogger. I tell you why I started a blog and what a blessing it’s been to my family, as well as why I chose SiteGround for hosting. I get paid to write and even pin on Pinterest- all from the comfort of my home, the local coffee shop, the park- or wherever I happen to be with my children on any given day.

If you too would love to work from anywhere, and getting paid to pin and earning extra cash for writing sounds good, you can! It really is possible to make money from home. Who knew?

Comment below with your favorite take away. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Be Blessed!

And remember to save this post on Ibotta, The Best Money Saving App to Earn Extra Cash to your favorite Pinterest board!

Looking for the best apps to make money? Try Ibotta! The best money saving app for saving money on groceries! #AppsMustHave #MustHaveApps #Affiliate #MoneySavingApps #BestMoneySavingApp #BestMoneyMakingApps

Looking for the best apps to make money? Try Ibotta! The best money saving app for saving money on groceries! #AppsMustHave #MustHaveApps #Affiliate #MoneySavingApps #BestMoneySavingApp #BestMoneyMakingApps

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