The Secret to Winning Friends and Arguments
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Love Conquers All: The True Secret to Winning Friends and Arguments

This past presidential election caused a civil war. Friends unfriended friends. Families divided.

And the division was just over who voted for who. Hillary or Trump. Democrat or Republican. It was about something much bigger than the candidates.

Who voted for who really didn’t matter… or did it?

And believe me, I know there were a lot of hot button issues at stake. As a Christian, I know who will always be Lord and King. But president, that’s a different issue entirely. And the fate of my beloved nation seemed at stake.

John 16:33

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Hot Button Issues

Some of the biggest issues on the table in terms of candidates were as follows:

LGBT rights. The border. Immigrants. Federal funding. Education. And Abortion.


Like I said, a lot was on the line and continues to be. The election wasn’t the end, in fact it may have only been the beginning.

Mixed Emotions Only the Beginning

But when the smoke cleared, and the election results were in, a bigger issue was revealed. Because families divided over who voted for who. The truth of the matter went deeper than where each candidate stood on an issue. The deeper issue, was a heart matter.

Can I still Love You if We Disagree?

As a Christian, I believe love conquers all. Just like it says in 1 Corinthians 13. Faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love.

Which means at the end of the day, or at the end of the year, who I voted or didn’t vote for, doesn’t matter.

And some of you will disagree.

But when families stopped talking, and friends stopped meeting, that’s what really got me. I saw it within my own friends circles and family.

Do you realize that we’re nearing yet another presidential election and the hurt feelings and disgust remain? Years later, there are still families that aren’t talking. Bridges that were burned that have gone without repair.

I should think that would bother you. Because it bothers me.

Guard Your Heart

Forgiveness is Powerful and Love is the Ultimate Answer

Some of you voted for Hillary. So let me say this.

I still love you.

Some of you voted for Trump.

I still love you.

Some of you didn’t even vote!

But I still love you.

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love matters

Love Should be Unconditional

Love should not come with conditions. Because conditional love isn’t really love.

If you agree with me, awesome. I want people in my corner.

But if don’t agree with me?

That’s ok too.

I still love you.

You can agree with me. You can disagree with me. Sometimes you will do both, because we’re all a little different. We all believe something a little different.

And it’s okay to disagree.

It really is.

It really is. And it should be.


Agree or Disagree, I still Love You

In the days and weeks to come, I’m going to be stating my opinion on some of those hot button issues I just mentioned. And as I just said, if you agree with me, that’s great. But if you don’t, you can let me know that too. And it won’t affect how I feel about you. Or how I treat you.

But I am going to ask that you do me a favor. And that when you engage in a conversation with another, you do this too.

What I am going to ask of you is that you not unfriend me.

That you not insult me.

That you not belittle me.

Because I’ll respect your opinion, and your time, and love you despite our differences. But I expect the same in return.

Be respectful. And if that seems too much to ask?

Then maybe there’s a far deeper issue than who voted for who at the center of it.

Society Discourages Guardrails

Issue of the Heart

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The issues I mentioned, those hot button topics, those topics meant to make your blood boil, to suggest that somehow, some way, we don’t see eye to eye-  they are but a sampling of the issues we’re currently facing in our world.

Our nation.

And as a Christian, I believe something that others may not.

That there’s a far bigger  war being waged. A battle of good and evil.

And no, I’m not even kidding.

Prejudice, discrimination, and divide…..

those things are alive and well in society today.

Tolerance doesn’t exist. (Did it ever?)

I recognize that. Its nonexistence. I do.

But I also recognize that-I can’t change anyone else’s mind… or behavior.

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You heard me right. I can’t.

But just as I can’t change anyone else’s mind or behavior, nor can anyone change me.


Our Differences Are What Make Us Unique

There are just some characteristics and traits that define me that don’t define some of my closest friends and family. For example:

  1. I’m a Christian.
  2. I’m pro-life (not just anti abortion -there’s a difference).
  3. I’m pro-homeschool (but I don’t currently practice).
  4. I’m a straight, heterosexual female.
  5. And much more.

Those traits define ME. But they don’t define all my friends.

And while they don’t define all my friends……. that’s ok.

I can’t change them. And they can’t change me.

But what I can do, is change my own attitude and behavior. And hope it catches.

Coming full circle, my point is this.

  • If you feel I’m ignorant on an issue, enlighten me.
  • You think I’m wrong, tell me why. Go for it. Share your experience.

But before you do, all I ask is that you treat me as you yourself would like to be treated. (That’s biblical, btw).

God commanded His followers to love one another, and to forgive others as we were forgiven.

I just ask that you please be respectful.

And I’ll do my best to do the same.

May the conversations begin.

Lots of love, always,

And I’ll talk with you soon,

The Blessed And Busy Family

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