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Guardrails: Money Matters Continued

Guardrails Money Matters

Guardrails series

Is your spending getting out of control?

Do you have too much debt?

Too large a car loan, too much house payment. Too much educational debt, perhaps?Serving Two Masters

Or maybe it’s not your fault.

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Someone lied to you, left you, laid you off.


What happens, regardless of whether we call ourselves Christians or not, when we meet financial troubles? Or I should say, what ought we to do?

We should pray.

The Power of Prayer

Whether we created it, or someone else created it, when we find ourselves in a financial bind, we invite God into our finances.

Financial GuardrailsWe need a loan!

I want mercy at work!

I need another job!

We need …!

At least, we think we need it. We do need it, don’t we? Or does it need us?

Maybe we chose the wrong master. And now money owns us, instead of us owning it.

And it is at this point that we pray for God to get into our finances. When there’s a problem.

But why do we not invite Him in BEFORE then?

Invite Him in NOW, BEFORE there’s a problem!

We need ….to re-prioritize.

Are you mastered by money?

Living as if God has no interest in that area of your life?

Living first, Giving last?

Most people are living by the principles of

Live – Save – Give

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I’ll spend how I want, live how I want, save a little if I remember, and give, but only if there’s any left. That, my friends, is GREED.

Money Matters

THAT is what it’s like to live when you are mastered by money.

To have your money own YOU.Society Discourages Guardrails

But …

If you’re a Christian (and even if you’re not)….

You should be living by the principles of

Give – Save – Live

Give at least 10%. Save at least 10%. And then live off the… rest.

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace

If you want Jesus to be Master of your life then you need to Master.Your.Money.

Master Your Money.

Give first. Save second. And live off the rest.


Lesson in Money

Andy Stanley says that when his three kids were younger, they put 3 jars in each of their rooms. And every time Grandma sent birthday money, or they got Christmas money, or did chores, the 3 jars, with their nickels and pennies and dimes, were split up to represent the give, save, live dynamic.

The give jar would go up and down, but it always got filled first. The live jar would go up and down, and it was filled last. But the save jar kept going up and up. And he started it for them early.

Why? Because, as he states, I do not want my children to be mastered by money.”

And neither should you.


Life does not equal stuff.

Those who live as if there is no God, who are driven by their appetite for stuff-

You will run out of time before you run out of stuff.

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Your life is your time.


Use Your Time Wisely


God is not just for emergencies.

Be Rich in Good Deeds

Invite Him into every single area of your life.

For the rest of your life.

Money and stuff will compete with Jesus for your heart for the rest of your life.

I don’t want money to win!

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Money or personal peace?

Acquisition of stuff or family?

Don’t be a slave to consumption.


Trust in God

So many of us are worried about what we’re going to eat. What we’re going to wear. But God tells us we shouldn’t. Because when we worry, it consumes us. It’s all we think about. And when we worry, we close our hearts, and our hands.

We are less generous. And we reveal a lack of trust in God.

Your heavenly Father loves you. Cares about you.The Message

Our heavenly Father knows what we need.

He knows what I need.

He knows.

We are generous if we truly believe He knows.

But when we don’t, we hoard, consume, and worry.


What To Do

Seek first the kingdom of God.

Rearrange priorities.

Seek God’s kingdom. Put others first.

For God so loved the world, that He GAVE His only son.

Give. You won’t regret it.

Make sure your money doesn’t have you.

Seek first the kingdom of God.

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Tithe to a local church whether you attend or not, whether you think they need your money or not.

If you love God, make Him the most important thing in your life.

And guard your heart. Set up guardrails.


Give. Save. Live.

Pick a percentage to give, so first thing when you get paid, it’s the first dollars to leave your account.

Support a church even if you don’t attend church because one day, you’ll need a church, and they’ll be there for you.

Don’t wait to be asked. Be better than that.

Send money regardless of if they ask, before they ask, and before there’s an emergency.

And thank you, in advance, for your generosity.


*For those who may not be a part of a local church, I would highly encourage you, if this message hit home in any way shape or form, and you’d like to extend some generosity to a highly deserving church, to give to my church, Woodstock City Church, a satellite campus of the North Point Ministries in Alpharetta. Our church is doing great things locally and abroad, and we would love to have you be a part of our mission.*

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*This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a product and make a purchase, I may receive some compensation at NO charge to you.*

***(Guardrails is a series from North Point Ministries and its pastor, Andy Stanley. The following is a summary of the original message, in my own words, injected with opinion and paraphrasing. The original message in its entirety can be seen here or at: )***



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