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Family: Giving Credit Where It’s Due

When I first began to envision doing the blog, The Blessed And Busy Family, gratitude came to mind.

Giving back. An attitude of gratitude? ALWAYS worthwhile.

You see, God has blessed me 100x over with the people, the friends, and the family He has sent us.

Our church, Woodstock City, is family.

A lot of my friends, are family.

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My prayer group? Family.

And my kids- OBVIOUSLY family.

So when I talk about “my family”, or “my church”, sometimes I mean those terms to be synonymous.

Family is about more than just blood. It’s about the people in your life who build you up, when others tear you down.

It’s about the people who are there for you when you need it the most.

The people who help, sometimes without you even asking.

Family loves you for you.

So we have a large family.

And our family of believers? Fellow Christians?

Yes, they’re family too.

So when I thought about how I was going to get my blog off the ground and growing, not just going, I knew that gratitude would be involved.

Giving credit where it was due. And shining the spotlight on friends that deserved it. Be it in regards to their faith, their journey, their attitude, family, or business.

So over the next several weeks, and hopefully months, I’m to ask some of my fellow entrepreneurs and fellow Christians to write on the blog about what they’re doing in their lives and their businesses. Their stories are more than worth your time.

And their products, services, and books? I can attest to their quality and authenticity, from having known these individuals for years. Many of them for over a decade. So if they’re offering something. Whether it be a product. Coaching. Web design. Or other.

I can guarantee. That it is worth your time, as well. The Blessed and Busy Family seal of approval. If you will.

Nobody becomes poor by giving.

And I want to give back.

Starting now.

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