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Edible Kinetic Sand

I’ve been trying various Pinterest inspired ideas lately. Partly out of curiosity to see if they really are as good as they sound (cool beans, thus far, most are). But it’s also partly to entertain, while simultaneously educating, my kids.

I think back to when I was in elementary school. Preschool. And all that jazz. And I think about all the fun I had. Playing dress up. Going on dinosaur digs. Dancing around the classroom with the chairs pushed against the walls while we had a Cinderella’s ball and watched the movie.

Good times.

But times have DRASTICALLY changed, I will say that.

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Nowadays, it’s all about the test.

Test, test, test. You can’t tell me it’s not. I’ve taught in these systems. I’ve seen what my own kids are expected to do and are doing.

It’s a lot.

So taking time to make something fun and simple like edible kinetic sand? It’s a no brainer. Pun intended.

But in all seriousness, play IS school for young kids.

Importance of Play in Early Childhood

This activity? It was all about sensory. Building those “skills”. Because honestly, where else and at what other time would my kids be allowed to make a mess, have good “clean” fun (I know, I’m pulling all the puns- I mean, punches- on this one) and really just stick their hands in flour for the sake of purely seeing what that’s like?

Nowhere else.

So for those who are curious, the recipe is all of three ingredients.


Lemon zest (we used lime and it worked just as well)


wait for it….

Coconut oil.

That’s it!


The recipe I was reading off of said 2 cups flour (and we used bread flour, though I doubt that matters) to 1/3 cup coconut oil. And the zest of one lemon- er, in our case, lime. And-

Personally, between you and me?

I didn’t measure.


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I just sort of eyeballed it, but you know what?

It turned out great, regardless.

My younger boys had a blast.

They could squeeze it as hard as they could and it would hold its shape.

They were having fun making “rocks” out of this stuff.

And the best part?

All natural.

Not that they were eating it. It probably wouldn’t taste good. But if they had, as young children sometimes do, I had ZERO worries.

It was all baking ingredients. No harm, no foul.

After Math

We kept “most” of it (read- SOME of it) in a simple mixing bowl.

But I also put down parchment paper. Wax paper. Same deal. For easy clean up.

You could also use a table cloth, even disposable, like one left over from a birthday, for easy clean up as well.

And this craft worked so well btw that not only are we planning to do it again some time soon, but it could also be called “Summer Snow Balls” because that’s really what the balls looked like. You could very possibly take this activity outside and throw it around. At each other, or at the trees.

Affordable. Fun. Edible/Nontoxic.

It was a blast.

Try it!

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