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Dash Buttons: Convenience Or Laziness

We, in the U.S., live in a very blessed, first world country in the 21st century. Which means…

Technology is rampant.

Part of our daily lives.

When I talk to my kids about a time before cell phones, they have no idea what I’m talking about.

When I talk to them about a time before the internet existed, or a time before tv, it’s again, hard for them to comprehend.

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Because for them, these things have always existed. They’ve grown up around them.

It’s kind of like when my parents would talk about a time before there was indoor plumbing.

I’ve grown up with it (thankfully!, right?!) so I have a really difficult time picturing a time when it didn’t exist.

A time… before my time.

And with technology going the way it is, an unintentional consequence of that is, unfortunately, isolation.



Call it what you may.

I like it, too, the convenience part of it, but I also realize the “vantage” of this kind of lifestyle.

Disadvantage. Advantage. There are both.

For example, I’m currently in love with Amazon. Why? Because I’m only a click away from having all of my heart’s desires delivered right to my door.

And not just that- but with FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING.


Two day.


It’s both awesome and frightening all in one!

Not only can I get anything I want, but it can get to my house FAST.

And I need never leave the comfort of my house.

Or sofa.

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Or bed, even.

And if I’m too lazy or tired or bored to walk to my computer?

I can just reach beside me and grab my phone off my bed stand where it (should be) charging.

And if I don’t feel like spending two minutes loading the internet via my Google Chrome, I can just log into my Amazon Prime app.


(It gets even scarier- I mean- BETTER!)



If I am so (*LAZY*) that I don’t feel like reaching over for my phone and pulling up the app for Amazon Prime to order/re-order my stuffs, there is a solution.

That solution lies in the form of a little “button” that Amazon came out with which I can currently purchase for (more or less) $4.99- which is, btw, immediately refunded/credited to my account as soon as I use it the first time.

This button is item specific to, for example, Tide Free and Clear (a common item in our home).


So, again, rolling ahead with this whole idea that logging onto my phone and using the app, or, logging into Google Chrome, opening Amazon Prime, and scrolling down-



Rolling with the assumption that all of the above would INCONVENIENCE ME because, hey, I’m a busy mama entrepreneur, I have no time for such trivial things but- I do still need my Tide. Or Charmin. Or some wet wipes. Anything! (Which, btw, ALL of the above are made from Procter and Gamble, so obviously this company is one I should own stock in, as well as Amazon- go figure!)

So. Back to the dash buttons.

I’m so lazy, I can’t be inconvenienced with trivial things like ordering Tide online. For shame! But poor me, how to get it, because I really do NEED it, and in this home, laundry has to be washed daily. DAILY!

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What to do?

Well, Amazon has these little dash buttons. That, should I be in the laundry room filling the tub and discover, oh gosh, I’m almost out of Tide, instead of having to take the time to write that on my awesome magnetic to do list on the fridge- which is all of two feet away- I can, instead, just press my


And Amazon, in all of its amazingness, will automatically ship me another tide, with free two day shipping, thanks to my all encompassing PRIME account.

Wow. How awesome(ly lazy) is that?

But it works!

And I’m in.

And I love it!


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