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Cleaning Hacks: Why the iRobot Roomba is the Only Vacuum You’ll Ever Need

A day or so before I originally wrote this post, I spoke on convenience. The convenience that technology like the internet has allowed us. And my blog is a perfect example of just that isn’t it?

No commute necessary, no car or gas needed. I work from home as a blogger using Siteground and get to stay home with my children (which you can read about here). My children are “My Why”. And because of my flexible hours and income as a blogger, I get to be home raising them and work around their schedule. It’s been a real blessing in so many ways. I’m so thankful I started blogging, and I’m on a mission to let other moms and would be 9-5 workers know about this kind of freedom. Because blessings are best shared, don’t you agree?

What Could You Do As A Work From Home Mom

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Are You Looking for Convenience?

I’ll admit that even with the income and schedule flexibility of being a work from home mom, I could use help some times. Because life as a mom is a full time job in and of itself.

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I sometimes need help getting a healthy dinner on the table, and help doing the dishes. Which is why Amazon Fresh, with unlimited grocery delivery is such a blessing! And you can check them out here.

And while Amazon does offer home services alas, a full time maid is outside my comfort zone. Although Amazon continues running great deals on Home Services like the ones found here. The price might be right in the future, but right now a stranger in and out of my home with my little ones underfoot isn’t for me.

A cleaning helper, or rather robot though? I’m all about that.

Cleaning Robot Convenience You Need

Hence, the iRobot Roomba. The vacuum that saves me time. And saves me money when you consider how much some of those other maid services cost. Wow.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum #affiliate

A Cleaning Robot That Saves Me Time

Gone are the days when I have to go to a physical, brick and mortar library to spend hours completing research because all the reviews I need are a click away. Just check out Amazon!

The iRobot Roomba 690 has almost 3,000 reviews right now is ranked 4/5 stars! Now that’s quality!

And just as there’s need to go anywhere to work because my home is equipped with Wi-Fi, same goes for the iRobot Roomba. It too runs on a Wi-Fi connectivity, how awesome is that?

Truly, these are wonderful, convenient times. And as such, even our cleaning methods and equipment have gotten an upgrade.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum #affiliate

Welcome, the Roomba. The robot vacuum with wi-fi connectivity.

Why Is the iRobot Roomba Consistently Given Great Reviews?

The Robot Vacuum You Love. The Clean Home You Need

You may be asking yourself the very questions I was a few months ago. Why is the Roomba consistently ranked so well when there are so many other vacuums on the market?

It’s because of quality and the fact that appliances like the irobot roomba make my life, and the lives of so many others, easier.

Because, let’s face it. As a mom to six wonderful children, cleaning takes up a whole lot of my time. Any way to get a clean, healthy home without breaking my back or the bank is welcome.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum #affiliate

Which is why I’m so grateful for a Roomba. It truly does make keeping a clean home, even with six kids, easier. And the fact that it has powerful, quiet suction, means I can run it even when my little ones are napping or the whole house is sleeping. We often set ours to run after everyone has gone to bed. It’s that quiet!

Get Some Sleep while the roomba cleans

Chores Don’t Have to Wait But Neither Do You

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With a Roomba, chores don’t have to wait, no matter how busy your schedule. With a roomba, set a timer, or just set it running as you’re running out the door. Chores can’t wait, but then neither do I! I set the roomba to cleaning, and I run out to run errands and get on with my life.

Build relationships build your business

If I want to go to a local coffee shop, restaurant, or just stay in bed and work from my cell phone or laptop, I can. And my home is getting cleaner without any extra effort from me. Running a roomba? It’s that easy.

I don’t even have to go to a store to purchase it, either. With shipping to my door availability through programs like Amazon Prime, I can get “virtually” (pun intended) anything I want delivered to my homestead within days, if not mere hours. And the Roomba was no different. I ordered it from my phone and it was on its way. Thank you, Amazon!

iRobot Roomba Vacuum #affiliate

Is the Roomba worth it?

Cleaning robots, the most popular one being the Roomba, the vacuum robot, are a time saver! But cleaning robots don’t just vacuum. One also mops! It’s called the Braava.

iRobot Braava Jet Robot Mop #affiliate

I have a friend who recently published a short video showing an early Christmas gift to her husband, an iRobot Braava, the “wet jet” version of the roomba which mops, and wow. Makes me want one. Social proof at its best.

I mean, imagine a typical morning at your house. Where you’re all running to get to ready for work and school in the morning. And the inevitable happens. A cup of juice, a mug of hot coffee, or a glass of milk spills all over the kitchen floor just as everyone is running out the door. What do you do? Risk being late for work to stay and clean up the mess? Not with the Braava! Just run over to the Braava wet jet mop robot, turn it on and continue out the door. The floor will be clean when you return!

Same goes for the iRobot Roomba! You’re running out the door and someone knocks over a bowl of dry cereal. Or you notice at the last minute that the hardwood floors are covered in pet hair and you have company coming over for dinner! Set the iRobot Roomba going, and continue on your way. You don’t have to slow down to clean, you just press a button on your robot vacuum and go. It’s convenience you deserve.

And yes, it’s excellent for pet hair, hardwoods, and carpet. And you don’t even have to switch the settings. It’s a smart vacuum, remember?

The iRobot Roomba is the Only Vacuum You’ll Ever Need

Years back, my roommate had an older version of a Roomba in our home, and it was still marvelous despite lacking the newer features available now. The newer ones have a memory of sorts where they learn the rooms in the home, you can set them on a timer, and when they’re done, they just return to their docking station. Incredible, right?

iRobot Roomba Vacuum #affiliate

And a Robot That Cleans Carpet, Hardwoods, and Pet Hair? Yes, yes they are. Roombas clean on just about every surface. We personally have two cats that shed everywhere and it’s been great for getting up the cat hair, not just on carpet but on the hardwoods, too.

Having made clear that I think an iRobot Rooma is a worthwhile investment for every home, let me tell you all a quick story to entertain. It is a story of not one, but TWO roombas and the love they had, not just for cleaning, but for each other.

You see, when my former roommate was a bachelorette, she had a roomba. And her fiance, now husband, having had great taste in technology, and women like my friend, he too, had a roomba.

IRobot Roomba Because You Deserve a Clean House

So when they wed, the two roombas came with them. And after uniting in holy matrimony, and moving into one house, as is customary following the exchange of left hand rings, they now had two cleaning robots. As well as several duplicates of other items which took up space in the basement (things like Shark vaccuums which are excellent manual vacuums, by the way).

At the time, my oldest girl was about 7, and she was enamored with the roombas. So after watching them run into and along the edges of the walls and furniture while cleaning, she noticed them ultimately knocking into each other in what appeared to be affectionate embraces. Being the creative spirit that she is, she illustrated a story showing the roombas surrounded by hearts. Kissing.

It was quite comical, and cute. Everyone loves a clean home apparently, even robots.

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A Clean Home Starts with a Roomba

The roombas are still kissing and cleaning to this day, by the way.

Don’t Waste Your Life Cleaning

Thinking on how much my life has been made easier with this simple invention makes me think about the time I used to waste cleaning. Time that I’d have much rather used playing games with my kids. Making memories. Who knew a robot vacuum could free up so much time?

Invest in time with your kids. Or invest time in hobbies. Or a job you love. Don’t waste it vacuuming or even mopping when there are gadgets like the robot for that.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum #affiliate


If you’d love to get your own Roomba you can get one here. It really does make cleaning your home, your hardwoods, and carpet a breeze.

*Note, this is an affiliate link to Amazon. Which means a purchase results in me getting a small compensation at NO COST to you. It’s one of the many ways I’m able to keep The Blessed And Busy Family up and running.*

And when you do get a Roomba, comment below to let me know! Snap a picture of your newest cleaning blessing and post it in the comments. And if you don’t already have one, let us know below how you’d most like to use one! Roombas are great for so many rooms in our home, it truly is a worthwhile investment.

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